American Boxer Club Unsung Hero Award

Beginning in 2010, the American Boxer Club has been honoring one person and one Boxer at the Annual Awards Dinner with its Unsung Hero Awards. To date, people have been recognized for efforts such as: volunteer work for Boxer rescue; establishment of Boxer blood banks; exceptional contributions behind the scenes to ABC events. Examples of Boxers that have been recognized for their work include Boxers involved in: search and rescue; certified therapy work to bring comfort and support as well as joy to someone’s life; their efforts as a good will ambassador of the Boxer breed, demonstrating to the public what a Boxer has to offer. These are but examples for potential recognition.

The process is quite simple and not at all time consuming. Nominations can be made by ABC members or member clubs. Submit your nomination, generally about 3-5 paragraphs stating who and why; email or snail mail it to the committe chair with a picture; bulleted nominations work fine as well.

Please include contact information (email AND postal address) for your nominees. The Unsung Hero Committee will contact the nominees to ensure their knowledge of the nomination. We will then compile the nominations through deadline time (March 15). The names and photos of all will be published via “In the Know” and within various other ABC communications. At the close of the nominations period, the Unsung Hero Committee members will vote to determine which person and which Boxer will be receive the Award which will be given out at the ABC Annual Awards Dinner.

We can tell you this in advance: If you do your job and submit nominations, the only challenge will be ours to choose among the many deserving recipients. The nomination process is also enlightening and educational as we learn the diversity of all of those who contribute to our breed and to our lives as a whole.

Previous nominees may be resubmitted. Awards to a specific person/Boxer will only be granted once across a ten-year period.

Gail S. Karwoski, Chairperson
Email:     Phone: 203-257-9576

Showsight Magazine Article – October 2021