What You Can Do

By Beth Downey ©

  1. Have flyers made quickly and include a photo of your dog. Post them everywhere, i.e. in grocery stores, convenience stores, vet offices, shelters, parking lots, etc. Put them in as many newspaper boxes or on neighbor’s doors as possible in the area your dog was lost or last seen. Offer a reward on your flyer to give people incentive. The greater the reward, the greater the incentive for many people.
  2. Call ALL the shelters and animal control facilities in your area; call them every day because they change employees and new dogs arrive daily. Send a flyer with photo to post in their office.
  3. Contact local school principals and ask if you can post flyers. Give flyers to as many local children as possible.
  4. Call ALL the Boxer Rescues AND All Breed Rescues in the area also. Send a flyer with photo to post in their office or on their website.
  5. Call ALL the veterinarians in and around your area. Send flyers with photo to post in their office and parking lots.
  6. Put up flyers with your dog’s picture all over your neighborhood and within several miles. Dogs can travel several miles on their own.
  7. Ask the local police and fire departments if you can put a flyer up where their officers will see it so they too can be on the lookout during their patrols.
  8. Besides Craigslist, put an ad in any local papers in your area as well as any local website listings in your area.
  9. Drive your neighborhood and surrounding areas EVERY day looking for your dog. Ask people if they have seen your dog and give them a flyer.
  10. Knock on doors in and around your area. Show people the dog’s picture and ask if they have seen your dog! Ask neighborhood kids who are out playing; they see a lot!
  11. Think of all the people who drive around your area (postal trucks, garbage trucks, pizza delivery drivers, UPS, Fed Ex, bus drivers, taxi drivers, etc). Give them flyers with a photo of your dog.
  12. This will be difficult, but call the county roads department and talk to the animal carcass pick up division. Ask them to ask their drivers if they have picked up the body of a boxer. It isn’t an easy call to make, but at least you would know.

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