The Boxer by John P. Wagner
321 pages. Complete Information on the History-Development-Characteristics-Breeding-Feeding-Care and Management by John P. Wagner, illustrated, Orange Judd Publishing 1947. The author is a man who breathes optimism in every breath,who loves dogs above personal preferment, and has made a study of the problems of successful breeding and management of Boxers for many years.

My Life With Boxers by Friederun von Miram-Stockmann (1968)
236 pages. For over sixty years, Friederun von Miram-Stockmann bred Boxers. No other breeder has had such a great influence on the making of the Boxer breed as she did in her long life. Her Boxers are the foundation of the gene pool in every country of the world.

My Life With Boxers by Friederun von Miram-Stockmann (1999)
Calvin D Gruver (Translator, Foreword, Introduction)
333 pages. For over sixty years, Friederun von Miram-Stockmann bred Boxers. No other breeder has had such a great influence on the making of the Boxer breed as she did in her long life. Her Boxers are the foundation of the gene pool in every country of the world. In this newly-translated American edition, there are over seventy pages of essays about Boxers written by Frau Stockmann that have never appeared in English before.

American Boxer Club: 50th Anniversary Album
482 pages. (Limited Edition) Reissued 1996 1,500 copies were printed in 1985.

Illustration of the Standard of The American Boxer Club
27 pages. Illustrations by Kozel-Lemist & Eleanor Linderholm-Wood, Ann E. Keil, Editor. A visual study of the AKC Standard. Approved by the American Boxer Club Board of Directors in 2018 as the New Illustrated Standard.

AKC Champions Books by Sturlene Arnold
These scrapbooks are a dream come true for the author! Now her dream is a reality….and she is able to share it with anyone interested in the Boxer and its many, many champions. Loose leaf binding for updating.

AKC & CKC Producers of Merit Books by Sturlene Arnold
These scrapbooks are loose leaf binding for updating.

AKC & CKC Sires & Dams of Merit Books by Sturlene Arnold
These scrapbooks are loose leaf binding for updating.

A New Owner’s Guide To Boxers by Richard Tomita
160 pages. A wonderful Boxer book written by a well known Boxer breeder!

A Quest For Adam by Ann Gilbert
152 pages. A Quest for Adam shares the story of a special dog and reminds us that it is possible to find good in every bad thing that may happen to us along life’s journey.

Bad To The Bone Boxer (Pet Trouble) by Tui T. Sutherland
176 pages. Michelle’s new boxer is a handful. He’s huge, he has tons of energy, and he chews everything in sight! Worst of all, Michelle’s best friend Rosie doesn’t want Tombo playing with her poodle, Buttons. Michelle wants to prove to everyone that her new pet isn’t bad — but how can she make him be good?

Bark If You Love Me by Louise Bernikow Harvest
206 pages. Louise, while running along Manhattan’s Hudson River she found an abandoned Boxer and did exactly what her mother always told her not to do – she brought a strange male home. In this off-beat and comical story of their first year her new escort Libro, introduces her to the world of dogs, dog runs and a local dive where the bartender pulls pints from the tap and dog biscuits from the drawer. She gets to know her eccentric dog loving neighbors and the wonders of life with a Boxer.

Billy the Brave Puppy A Working Partners Book, MacMillan Children’s Books, London, UK. Printed and bound in Great Britain by MacKays, 1999.
61 pages. Inside illustrations (black and white) by Frank Rodgers, cover illustration by Jacques Fabre. The book is in excellent condition. In the story, it doesn’t say which breed Billy is. But from the pictures, at the cover as well as inside, it seems clear that Billy is a Boxer pup!

Bold Boxers (Dog Daze) by Anders Hanson
24 pages.

Boxer (Dog Owner’s Guide) by Andrew H. Brace
80 pages. Professional breeders and trainers provide proven and valuable advice with simple tips to ease a puppy’s transition to its new home, games to play with dogs as they develop, and how to spot health problems.

Boxer (Top Dogs) by Charles George and Linda George
32 pages

Boxer Blueprint by Daniel A. & Jean M. Buchwald
101 pages. Great line drawings give detailed breakdown of AKC standard. With a forward by Phoebe Harris (Sirrah Crest Boxers) and a special Appendix on evaluating Puppies and young dogs.

Boxer Breeders Handbook compiled by Suzie Campbell and John Campbell
Loose leaf binding for updating.

Boxer: Your Happy Healthy Pet by Stephanie Abraham
144 pages. Packed with full-color photographs, this fun and practical guide gives you everything you need to make your relationship with your Boxer even better. Inside, you’ll find: Characteristics to look for when choosing a Boxer; a list of supplies you’ll need; advice on grooming, feeding, and training; a chart to keep track of important information. In addition, a bonus DVD shows you how to teach your furry friend basic commands and tricks, correct inappropriate behaviors, and understand his or her unique personality.

Boxers Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever) by Elaine Landau
32 pages. What’s that dog with the short coat, square build, and seemingly boundless energy? It’s the boxer! Boxers are kind-hearted dogs with keen intelligence and playful spirits. Their owners think they are the best dogs ever – and it’s easy to see why. If you’re a boxer fan, you’ll want to learn all about this breed, from its loyal personality and strong physique to its history as a herding dog in Germany. You’ll also want to find out how to care for the boxer. So check out this go-to guide for boxer lovers – and learn all about why boxers are the best breed there is!

Boxers by Beverley Pisano
160 pages. This book is filled with hundreds of Full Color & Black-and-White Photographs and illustrations on every page! It presents a sensible, easy-to-follow series of recommendations about selecting and caring for Boxers. It concentrates on giving readers the information they need and want — all given in an interesting and easy-to-read style.

Boxers by Constance and Wilson Wiley
By the owners of Wardrobes Kennels. Includes the author’s brief account of how they started in Boxers, also covers the modern Boxer, character, breeding, showing and choosing a puppy.

Boxers by Julie Mars
80 pages. Color photos by Isabelle Français.

Boxers for Dummies by Richard G. Beauchamp
220 pages. Boxers For Dummies® is the essential reference for Boxer care and training. Find out about Boxer history, where to find a breeder or other options, and how to show your Boxer. Get expert advice on puppy behavior and training, correcting behavior problems, socializing, nutrition and exercise, plus fun activities. Also included is information on health issues such as common illnesses and chronic problems found in the breed.

Boxers In Boots by Marc Raycroft, Ralph Reinhold and many other photographers.
32 pages. With an obsessional verve not seen since Buñuel’s Mexican period, “Boxers in Boots” unflinchingly depicts a gang of very tough boxers standing tall in a collection of very fancy cowboy boots. “‘Boxers in Boots’ draws a bead on the heart of the West and scores a knockout punch!

Boxers: Everything About Housing, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, and Health Care
by Johanna Thiel
95 pages. This companionable, quick-to-learn breed has long been a favorite among dog owners. Books in the Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals series present basic information for new or soon-to-be owners. Advice and instruction covers feeding, housing, health care, training, grooming, and much more. Texts emphasize pet care basics and are easy for all readers to understand.

Brutus The Wonder Poodle by Linda Gondosch
60 pages. Ryan is sure that his friend Tony’s boxer will win the neighborhood pet contest. After all, Rex is big and fierce.

Call Me Chestaloozy by Lord Chesterfield-Radcliff in collaboration with my master, Alan Radcliff

Dr. Ackerman’s Book of The Boxer by Lowell Ackerman
96 pages. An informative guide on the Boxer breed, both for owners and prospective buyers.

“Faraud et Chatounet” = “Faraud and Chatounet” written by Paulette Blony and published 1959 in France. The Book tells a charming Story of a Boxer Dog named Faraud and it’s best Friend the Cat named Chatounet.

Guard Dogs: Boxers, Alsations and Bullmastiffs by MacInnes
128 pages.

Guide To Owning A Boxer by Patti Rutledge
64 pages. A basic guide on Boxer dogs, informative for prospective Boxer owners and new Boxer-owner.

Hans A Dog of the Border Patrol by Colonel S. P. Meek.
253 pages. Cover illustrated by Morgan Dennis. This is the story of a courageous Boxer dog who serves with his master in the U.S. Border Patrol. It is their job to prevent aliens from illegally entering into the country. Stationed in Florida, Chet Hillyard and his dog Hans are assigned to the treacherous swamps where smugglers of aliens are suspected of operating. But the smugglers are not their only enemies. The swamp, with snakes, alligators, and quicksand hamper their work.

“Here Comes Santa Claus”
32 pages. The most adorable North Pole white boxer puppy dog illustrated throughout the book! The printed music to Here Comes Santa Claus is provided. This was the first holiday recording and big hit by the legendary singing cowboy Gene Autry! Illustrated by Australian, Bruce Whatley

How To Raise And Train A Boxer by Sara Barbaresi
64 pages. Covers the standard, buying and caring for the Boxer, showing, training and breeding.

How To Train Your Boxer by Liz Palika
96 pages. Liz Palika is a well-known expert on dogs and especially on dog training.

I Wish I Had A Champion by Mary Hambleton
250 pages. The story of Mary and John Hambleton’s life together dedicated to the developement of the Boxer breed, and the story of Marbleton Kennels.

Judging The Boxer by Enno Meyer
39 page, Orange Judd Publishing Company, New York, 1945. An Illustrated Standard of the Breed, A Picture Study of Good Points and Faults. Pencil drawings illustrating the visual interpretations of the boxer standard, comparing side by side the correct and incorrect aspect of the boxer.

Keeper by Gerald Durrell
32 pages. Every day, Keeper, the Boxer says Good Morning to all the animals in the zoo. One day, while on his rounds, the Boxer chased away a bird who had attacked a baby Tamarin but the Tamarin was dropped into the lake. Keeper swims out and rescues the Tamarin which cannot swim. Keeper shows how well he deserves his name in the dramatic rescue which is all the more exciting because this is a true story!

Know Your Boxer by Earl Schneider
Covers Boxer beginnings, the Boxer “look”, training and health.

Living With A Boxer Edited by Sharon Hannibal (2002)
128 pages.

Lord Buff and The Silver Star by George A. Chamberlain
116 pages. Barnes Unique tale of a boy, a horse, a girl, and a boxer dog.

Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories About Boxers by Kyla Duffy and Lowrey Mumford
144 pages. Heartwarming, thought-provoking compilation of over 50 true stories which address the cruelty of animal neglect and abuse and the joy rescued dogs bring to their new homes. This book is a must-read for Boxer lovers and people who are considering adopting dogs.

Me and My Dog, The Pedigree Boxer and the Alley Kitten by K.F. Barker
96 pages. Illustrated by the author. Published 1961 in Great Britain. This book is lavishly illustrated with drawings of the Boxer and the Kitten on every other Page and tells the story of the authors boxer dog “Galliard”. The Boxer was leading a boring life until one day he adopted an Alley Kitten named “Miss Muffet” and they developed a curious and fascinating friendship.

My Eyes Have A Cold Nose by Hector Chevigny
273 pages. Mr. Chevigny recounts the sudden onset of his blindness and his subsequent training at Seeing Eye and his adventures with Wizard, the Boxer who shared his steps and his story.

Of Dogs and Duty by Derek E. Johnson (1970)
95 pages. Covers the humorous aspects of being owned by dogs. Written in a light-hearted manner by a former Royal Military Police War Dog Handler. Life in the British Army, the Royal Corps of Military Police and a bit about the British Dog Show world. Emphasis on Boxers.

Oh Diese Boxer Published in Germany in 1958.
62 pages. Illustrated with 36 large B/W Photographs of Boxer Dogs. This Book is written in German and shows the Portrait of the Boxer Dog Breed.

Our Friend The Boxer by Rowland Johns
96 pages. Covers the qualities of the Boxer, history, training and description of the standard. and much more. Great little book, no photos.

Pet Boxer by Mrs. Paul Newhall David (1958)
80 pages. Black and white photos and drawings. This book covers the character, history, exercise and enviroment, The new puppy in the home, grooming, training, boxers health (by Dr. Frank Lichlyter), showing your boxer, novice breeder, care of bitch with litter, the spaying question, care of the aging pet, tribute to a wonderful pal, clubs and the boxer standard.

Pet Owner’s Guide To The Boxer by Andrew Brace
80 pages. The author is an international Championship judge and examines the Boxer in all its aspects from choosing a puppy, training, and breeding and showing. Great photos.

Secrets of a Working Dog: Unleash Your Potential and Create Success by Bella the Boxer, Ellen Galvin, and Patrick Galvin
192 pages. This husband and wife team have tapped on a fundamental lesson. Dogs are great teachers and can impart valuable wisdom in just about every part of our lives. By applying a dog’s tactic to our own lives, we can take a journey of self-discovery that will propel us, compel us, and ultimately result in more successful encounters in work and in our personal path. As the book cover says, Bella the Boxer will indeed help you connect with your inner dog and step up as the leader of the pack. Those with dogs will immediately understand how they can use the dog as a teacher.

Sieg The Magnificent by Ann Gilbert
103 pages. Sieg’s love for his young master helps the boy recover from a terrible tragedy. Experience the struggle Scott and his parents endure as he fights his way back to the world of the living, and thrill with Scott and his boxer as they discover and conquer the world of dog shows.

Story of Jasper The TV Pup by Macdonald Daly
160 pages. Macdonald Daly (author of British boxers) owns Jasper the boxer puppy and introduces him on the British TV show “About the Home”. This chronicles Jasper’s first nine months of life and gives good advice about raising puppies and caring for them throughout their lives.

That Big Broozer by Benzell Graham and illustrated by Paul Galdone in 1959.
80 pages. In this amusing and touching story, a Boxer mix named Broozer gets picked up by the pound after escaping from his owner’s backyard one too many times. After Broozer’s owner’s retrieve him, they decide to give him to a young boy who befriended him while he was at the pound.

The (Popular) Boxer by Elizabeth Somerfield
186 pages. Black and white photos. Includes the Panfield line (author’s boxers) , the Dutch influence, standards, early boxers, and appendix of pedigrees. Earlier editions (c1955-1963) were published under the title “The Popular Boxer”.

The Book of The Boxer by Joan Brearley & Anna Katherine Nicholas
335 pages. Oversized book packed with photos. Covers early Boxer bloodlines, Boxers in England, a special chapter on Mazelaine Boxers, Boxers in the US, Canada, and Germany. Lots of information.

The Boxer by Anna Katherine Nicholas
288 pages. A very concise and complete guide recording the history of the breed, and showing your Boxer. Good information about the top kennels in England, Canada, the U.S., Australia, and Brazil.

The Boxer by Dan M Gordon
160 pages. Detailed reference for the breeder, Illustrated.

The Boxer by Kay White
96 pages. This book covers the history, standard, health, and caring for your Boxer from puppyhood to old age. Great illustrations.

The Boxer Companion by Paula Collins.
87 pages. Fully illustrated. eBook containing information beneficial for new & experienced owners or those seeking a boxer. Covers everything from choosing a breeder, puppy evaluation & training.

The Boxer Handbook by Joan Dunkels
118 pages. Covers origin and history, early show dogs, the standard, breeding, feeding and exhibiting. Illustrated.

The Boxer Handbook by Joan Hustace Walker
144 pages. The author: “Do you want to own a rump-wiggling, kidney-bean dancing, muscle of a dog called the Boxer? Or, would you just like to know more about the breed that you love? “The Boxer Handbook” is a 150-page guide to the history, care, and basic training of the Boxer. For this book, I worked with many noted Boxer authorities in both Germany and the United States to develop a comprehensive, Boxer-specific guide to this wonderful breed.”

The Boxer: An Owner’s Guide To A Happy Healthy Pet by Stephanie Abraham
158 pages. Covers aspects of ownership such as picking a puppy, breeders, kennels. Stephanie Abraham has been breeding boxers since 1970 under the kennel name Trefoil.

The Boxer: Family Favorite by Stephanie Abraham
224 pages. (170 color photographs) The Boxer is the ideal book for the pet owner, novice fancier, and veteran enthusiast alike. The reasons for the Boxer’s solid reputation can be recognized throughout this bright, new book. Those seeking information on the breed for any reason will find all their questions answered by one of the Boxer World’s foremost authorities.

The British Boxer by Macdonald Daly
79 pages. Detailed history of the British boxer and the influences of German, Dutch and American boxers. Discusses the boxer head, dark masks, shoulders, feet and cropped vs. uncropped ears.

The Complete Boxer by Milo G. Denlinger
304 pages. Detailed history of early boxers, a chapter on German grammar and abbreviations used on German pedigrees. Later editions include the Boxer in 15 countries and a chapter on West Coast Boxers.

The Complete Boxer by Tim Hutchings
176 pages. A must for any Boxer lover, this all-inclusive book examines every aspect of owning a Boxer, giving practical advice on feeding, training and exercise. The book also guides the reader with tips on showing his or her dogs, with the breed standard analyzed in-depth. Breeding is covered, too, with advice on mating, whelping, and rearing a litter. Other topics include origins and development, raising a puppy, training, managing adults, and health care.

The Dog Next Door by Keith Robertson
Story of a next door neighbors Boxer.

The Essential Boxer: Total Care, Training, Companionship, Feeding and Grooming Your Dog, Keeping Your Pet Healthy by Ian Dunbar
96 pages. Raise your pet like a pro with the Essential Guides. Packed with interesting sidebars, the books discuss the special characteristics of the pet; bringing your new pet home; the optimal way to feed your pet; how to properly groom your pet; and how to care for your pet’s health. The dog books feature expert training advice.

The Everything Boxer Book: A Complete Guide to Raising, Training, And Caring for Your Boxer by Karla Spitzer
304 pages. With their lovable personalities and easy-going attitudes, it comes as no surprise that boxers are such desired pets! Sweet, caring dogs that love their families, boxers make great and loyal friends. If you already own a boxer, or are looking into getting one, The Everything Boxer Book is your one-stop handbook for everything you need to know about owning and caring for a boxer.

The Magnetic Dog by Bruce Whatley
32 pages. Imported from Australia, this book is a family story with a humorous twist featuring Skitty, the white boxer dog. Skitty is magnetic – she attracts food and people. Everyone knows a boxer like Skitty and will delight in this story and in Whatley’s soft, realistic illustrations.

The New Boxer by Billie McFadden
256 pages. Black and white photos. Examines the origin, history, and development of the boxer with sections on showing, training and breeding. Good history on top kennels.

The Playful Little Dog by Jean Berg
Story of a Boston Terrier that befriends a supposedly vicious Boxer.

The Story of the Boxer by Martha Mulvany
24 pages. These first volumes in the Dogs throughout History series introduce characteristics of and historical anecdotes about each breed. Boxer focuses mostly on the dogs’ ancestors, their sporting role in eighteenth-century Europe, and a few stories that reinforce the breed’s reputation as loyal and courageous (two spreads feature boxers in the World Wars, for example).

The World of The Boxer by Richard Tomita
592 pages. 1500 photos, contributions from over 60 guest authors. Boxers from all around the world, history of the breed, selecting a puppy, obedience training, showing and handling, completely illustrated chapter on breeding & whelping, photos of every American Boxer Club National Speciality winner since 1936, the illustrated Standard, and a complete roster of sires and dams of merit.

This Is The Boxer by Stanley U. Volpe
255 pages. Illustrated boards Many black & white photos. Gives detailed origin and history of the Boxer, genetics, breeding, nutrition, caring for the stud and brood bitch, and of course the standard.

Training Your Boxer by Joan Hustace Walker
176 pages. When correctly trained, the handsome Boxer is renowned for unswerving loyalty to its master and its fearlessness as a guard dog. Training Your Dog books teach ordinary non-expert dog owners how to train their own pets. Virtually every aspect of training is covered, with special focus on the distinctive traits of individual breeds.

Ugliest Dog In The World by Bruce Whatley
32 pages. Skitty the lovable boxer is the foil for outrageous comedy when the old joke about people looking like their dogs is taken to extremes.

“Urte und Jacky” = “Urte and Jacky” written by Barbara Degen and published sometime in the late 1950’s. Urte is a young Girl and her fondest wish is to own a Dog. Her Aunt brings an Album with many Dog Breeds and Urte has to choose the nicest one. The Girl opts for a BOXER and her Parents order and buy the Puppy from the Breeder. Urte names it Jacky. Both of them are inseparable Friends.

Vicki A Guide Dog by Helen Lossing Johnson & Margaret S. Johnson
The story of Vicki the boxer and how she became a guide dog.

“Von Hund zu Hund” = “From Dog to Dog” by Richard Katz, illustrated by Helmar Becker-Berke and published 1956 by Albert Müller Verlag.
It is an amusing and tender Story of a Scottish Terrier named Seppli (abbr. from Josef) and a German Boxer Nick. The Author, Richard Katz is a traveling Writer, who is emigrated out of Europe and lives in Brazil now. He wrote in behalf of his grand German Boxer a letter to Seppli from the Zurichberg in Switzerland. Seppli is a brave Scottie and a does well as mice catcher. He writes Nick that he calls his Masters – “He-Human” and “She-Human”, he supposes that he will not be taken on Holidays, he doesn’t want to be a lap dog any more, he wants to play in snow, but his owners mean it can be deleterious for his health. Nick is an excellent soccer goalkeeper, he proves to be bold and brave and rescues children from a disaster situation. Since then he is the Honour Dog of Rio. Nick’s Master is tired from the hot climate and returns with his Boxer to Zurich. Seppli is anxiously waiting for his Friend with a great bone as greeting gift. The Book is lavishly illustrated with black-white drawings.

Who’s Who In Boxers by Marion Mangrum
211 pages.

Your Boxer by Lorraine C. Meyer
128 pages. B&W photos. Covers: selecting a puppy, personality of the boxer, history of influential kennels, genetics and breeding.

Your Boxer’s Life: Your Complete Guide To Raising Your Pet From Puppy To Companion by Kim D.R. Dearth
336 pages. Your Boxer’s Life presents the crucial information owners need to establish a healthy, happy, and successful relationship with their Boxer–for life! From selecting the perfect puppy and socializing him properly to making sure he has the correct food and care, this book examines the critical issues owners need to consider in making a Boxer part of their family.

Compiled by Vickie Rounsaville-Millard