Mentor Program

A few of years back AKC changed the requirements for someone to become a judge. Mentors are more important now then in the pass so the ABC Board decided to open up mentors to ABC members that are high quality breeders and handlers as well as Boxer judges. We want mentors across the United States so perspective judges can have easy access to them. If interested in becoming an ABC Mentor please request an application from one of the following:

Pat Healy – Chairman
Sandy Orr
Pat Boyd
Charlie Vose


  1. Individuals must have a minimum of 12 years’ experience breeding and exhibiting Boxers
  2. Mentors must be American Boxer Club members
  3. Mentors must have attended an ABC Judges Seminar
  4. Mentors must apply and be approved by the Judges Education Committee
  5. MEANINGFUL MENTORING is required reading


  1. Name, contact information and location
  2. Date of ABC membership
  3. How many Regional Specialties have you attended?
  4. How many National Specialties have you attended?
  5. How many Judges Education Seminars have you attended and where?
  6. Have you conducted any Judges Education Seminars and where?


  1. Number of litters bred
  2. Number of Champions bred
  3. Professional handler or owner handler (or both)


  1. Sweepstakes
  2. Specialties
  3. All Breed shows
  4. Match shows
  5. Stewarding


  1. A Boxer breed standard (and an illustrated standard when completed) and laminated breed card shall be a part of every mentoring
  2. If mentoring at a show Mentor shall not be exhibiting at the show at which mentoring takes place and must or follow AKC guidelines for mentoring at a show
  3. Hands-on with multiple dogs shall be a standard part of mentoring. The following demonstrations shall be a standard part of each mentoring:
    1. Show proper examination of the bite
    2. Proper way to examine a Boxer
  4. Record of each ringside mentoring and/or kennel visit shall be sent to JEC with mentor’s comments on the mentoring or kennel visit
  5. Mentor must promote the Boxer standard and not a the mentor’s or any other person’s breeding program
    1. Mentor from a positive viewpoint
    2. Always discuss the good points of each dog before its weaknesses
    3. Never say you don’t like a dog instead indicate what you would like changed

Hallmark of a Boxer and Essential Breed characteristic refer to the laminated breed card.