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The Working Boxer

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“Other breeds have pronounced specialized talents . . . hunting, herding, trailing, and so on . . . but for a combination of the outstanding virtues of many, with the faults of a few, our Boxer is the most gifted of canines.” – John Wagner, The Boxer

Click to open the Working Boxer Brochure in PDF.“THE WORKING BOXER” offers a guide to activities for you and your Boxer. The American Boxer Club (ABC) hopes that you have the opportunity to enjoy the deep bond created by training for and participating in showing, sport, or service with this unique working dog.

The Boxer was introduced in the United States in 1904, and in 1935 the American Boxer Club was formed to steward the preservation of this fine working dog. The Boxer’s popularity as a show dog has grown alongside the breed’s employment as a guard, therapy, drug detection, and service dog. The Boxer is also a versatile competition sport dog. There have been many Agility, Obedience, Tracking and Herding Champion Boxers.

An exciting breed to exhibit in conformation, the Boxer’s many achievements are listed on the Westminster Kennel Club’s (WKC) web site. At WKC since 1914, the Boxer is notable for:

“Most Group wins–24, Most consecutive Group wins – 5 (1954-1958, 2009-2013), Most Group placements – 53, Most consecutive Group placements – 19 (1940-1958)”

Further information about how to participate in each activity can be found at the bottom of each page of this booklet. Enjoy your versatile working breed!

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