Judges Education

The American Boxer Club Judges Education Seminars are set up for the purpose of helping to educate AKC licensed judges and prospective judges who want to learn more about the Boxer breed. No single written guide is ever comprehensive enough to be the only learning tool utilized in preparation for judging a boxer. We urge you to seek educational opportunities to broaden your base knowledge and to see and examine as many boxers as possible. Study Guides may be considered as educational tools to be used to enhance your knowledge; they will not replace seminars and educational components on an application.

The ABC Judges Education Committee provides guidance and educational tools. Our seminars cover the following topics:

  • History and Function
  • General Appearance
  • Profile
  • Unique Boxer Head
  • Boxer Bite
  • Eyes
  • Ears – Cropped and Uncropped
  • Structure
  • Movement
  • Boxer Temperament

For more information or location of the next ABC Judges Education Seminar contact the Committee Chair or Committee Members listed below.