American Boxer Club Dams of Merit

The American Boxer Club presents awards for the following accomplishments for Boxers. A DOM (Dam of Merit) is a female Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced 4 AKC Champions. A SOM (Sire of Merit) is a male Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced 7 AKC Champions. A POM (Producer of Merit – no award is given at this time) is either a male Boxer registered with the AKC or a female Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced a SOM or a DOM. SOM, DOM and POM first appeared in print by the ABC in the 1987 ABC Specialty Catalog.

DAMS of Merit(Verified by the ABC Sires and Dams Committee)
CH. 3R’s 4D Tin LizzyK-9’s Twister
Ackland’s SheherazadeGCHS. CH. Kaja’s Ruby Red Rascal at Maximus
CH. Ada v. Trauntal of BarmereCH. Kalua De Miro
CH. Adellin’s Annie with Luv by BridgerKami-Ko N’Kini Black Mischief
CH. Adellin’s Black Diamond’s JewelCH. Katandy’s Kameo
CH. Aeronay’s Lady BonevaCH. Katandy’s Magic Pixie Dust
CH. Alcyn’s Bayou BijouGCH. CH. Katandy’s Time to Shine II
CH Alerissa’s Play the GameKarizma Seaside Cooberpedy
GCH. CH. Alerissa’s Reflection of CharronCAN CH. Karjean N Heart Acres BLK Crystal
Aljo’s Beauty Spot of ArmacAM/CAN CH. Karjean’s Abilene at Heart Acres
CH. Aljo’s Stardust of LaRichKar-Neil’s Karma Kelly
CH. Allstar’s GeminiKaseba’s Show Girl
Amber Lady III, CDXKeilann’s Newfound Legacy
CH. Amity Hall’s MariposaAM/CAN CH. Keil’s China Doll
GCH. CH. Amity Hall Raineylane Tardy For The PartyCH. Keil’s High Society
CH. Anchic’s Passion of TuroKeil’s Katrina
Anitra of MazelaineAM/CAN CH. Keil’s Renaissance
CH. Aries Golden TiffanyCH. Kelly’s Darlin Deidra
Aries Just Too CuteKenbru Flaming Star
Armaugh’s Kashmir of NotelracCH. Kiebla’s Tradition of Turo
CH. Arriba’s CherKei Fancy FreeCH. Koawood’s Winter Holiday
CH. Arriba’s Lady RevueKonchita of Cross Acres
CH. Arriba’s Obladee of HuffandKP-Burlwood’s Shut Up N’ Drive
Ch Arriba Talisman IsisCH. KP’s Caught Ya Lookin’, DOMG
Arriba’s UltimateCH. KP’s She’s Got the Look, DOMG
CH. Arriba’s ZechinCH. KP’s Made You Look
CH. Artistry’s Give me S’More LovenGCH. CH. KP’s No Turnin’ Back
CH. Asgard’s Southern BelleCH. KP’s Turnin’ Me On, LOM
CH. Avalon ‘N Windsong’s Ooh La La, LOMCH. Kreyon’s Delta Dawn II
CH. Avalon’s Windsong, LOMCH. Kreyon’s In a Heart Beat, CD
CH. Backwoods Shakin’ My BootyGCH. CH. Krismyth’s Spirit at Red Fern
GCH. CH. Baibrook’s Gold in a Penny ArcadeKrismyth Wriiten in the Stars
CH. Bainridge O’ Suzana of KarlynaCH. KT’s Crème De Cacao
Baldr’s Angela ShorelineGCH. CH. La Pawz Good Luck Charlee, DOMG, CGC
CH. Baldr’s SuperchicLady Charlotte of Box Run
CH. Banta-Riegel’s Sizzlin Sensation, CD RNLady Margaret IV
CH. Bar-K’s One and OnlyCH. Lattalane’s Cover Story
Barbiloc’s Autumn Splendor, CD, RNGCHS. CH. Lattalane’s Irish Pot of Gold
Bavaria’s Breakfast at Tiffany’sCH. Lattalane’s Wild Irish Rose of Tralee
CH. Bavaria’s Take a Chance on MeCH. Lazy K’s Dolci Baci
Bayview Kona Extra FancyLeblanc’s Just Allas
CH. Bayview Tequila Hi of CherKeiAM/CAN CH. Leblanc’s Just Nicole
CH. Bayview Tips the ScalesLegacy of Clover Downs
CH. Beate’s SabrinaLemko’s Euro Star
CH. Beacon’s By Way of a StarCH. Liberti’s Knells Bells
Beacon’s Fueling the FireCH. LinMar’s Kitty Hawk
Beaupix’s ShennanigansLinMar Love Always O’Philadel
CH. Belco’s Reflection of Two CsListon’s Hi-Maintenance
AM/CAN CH. Berlane’s Mirror ImageCH. Liston’s Lucky Charms
AM/CAN CH. Berlane N Bravo Hear Me Roar, DOMG, LOMCH. Lonestar’s Tallahassee
CH. Berlane’s N Rosend’s DivaAM/MEX CH. Lonetree’s Good Girl for R and G N’ Belmar, DOMG
AM/CAN CH. Berlane’s Wish Upon A Star, LOMCH. Lonetree’s Phoenix Rising for Balmar N’ R and G
CH. Bitwyn’s Star of Kings Pt.Luckyjade’s Vision X Standing O, LOM
CH. Black Dymond’s French GirlCH. Lucy’s Gold Thread
Blanka v. Fohlnhof se SumbulaCH. M R Boxer Gingerbread Genny, DOMG
Blue Monday’s All American GirlManor Hill’s Lady Ann, CD
CH. Bonita of Cross AcresCH. Marburl’s Eclair
CH. Brookwood’s Majestic StarCH. Marburl’s Scarlet Cord
Bourbonhill’s Summer MistICH. Marjack’s Golden Mist
Box M Cover Girl of SeawestMarlene v. Burcham
CH. Boxerton Crown ImperialMarlow N’ Eleve’s Epic Journey
CH. Boxerton Hollyhock, CDICH. Marquam Hill’s Flamingo
CAN CH. Boxrmor Butler’s Rant and RaveCH. Marwal’s Satisfactual
GCH. CH. Boyle’s Destiny Dream Girl of NantessCH. Maxl’s Bombshell
Braemerwood Comin’ ThruGCHB. CH. McCoy’s & Cancia’s Cross My Heart
CH. Braemerwood Joy of HeritageMcCoy’s Farther Along
CH. Breezewood’s Diamonds R ForeverCH. McCoy’s Melt Your Heart
CH. Breezewood’s One Mo’ TimeGCH. CH. McCoy’s Tonic for the Heart of Rico
GCHB. CH. Breho Cadance Have You Heard, BN, RA, AXP, AJP, CGC, TKICH. McCoy’s Winstar’s Angelic Heart
CH. Breho Emerson Shock’n Y’allMcKarge’s Irish Jade
CH. Breho Emerson Voodoo Doll, DOMGAM/CAN CH. Mephisto’s Black Sabbath
GCHP. CH. Breho Fortuity Shared Treasure, CD, RI, RATO, CGCA, CGCU, TKA, CACH. Merrilane’s Hot Pants
CH. Breho Heldenbrand E Z Lovin’, CDMerrilane’s Mad Passion, CD, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Breho I Bee BlazinMerwin Hill’s Gibson Girl
AM/CAN CH. Breho I Bee Jam’n at KeepsakeMillan’s Miss Palmyra
CH. Brettendale’s Sidekik KaralotMinstrel’s Half O’Chance
CH. Brier Court’s IndependenceCH. Mircoa’s Glitters with Attitude for Skyview
CH. Britlyn’s O’WendyMiss Raheba of May-Will
GCH. CH. Britlyn’s Puttin’ on the Glitz @ Goss, CA, DOMGCH. Missy’s Debutante
Britlyn’s Steel MagnoliaCH. Misty Maid of Thorhall
CH. Brookwood’s Ivy in SnowMolyn Lay Lady Lay
CH. Brookwood’s Majestic StarCH. Moon Valley Smokin Hot
Brookwood’s Place Your Bets, LOMMoon Valley’s Summer Shade
CH. Bropat’s FandancerMoon Valley Who’s the Boss
CH. Bruhnwall’s VenusMoreleen’s ESP
CH. Brush Hill’s All Riled Up, UD RNCH. Morgenshern of Kresthallo
Brush Hill’s BellisimoMoss Wood’s Frosty Morn
CH. Buemar’s FlashdanceCH. Moss Wood’s Sadie Thompson
Buma’s Champagne LadyCH. Moss Wood’s Zing-A-Ling
CH. Burlwood’s Chick FlickMurbe Storm of the Century
CH. Burlwood’s Fame and FortuneNagerroc’s Boom Boom
Butler’s American Pie of We-RCH. Nantess Awsome Dawsome
CH. Butler’s One ShotCH. Nantess Get R Done at Adellins
C-Era’s Soul SerenadeGCH. CH. Nantess Hot to Trot
CH. Cachet Magic n’MoonlightCH. Nantess Sasha of Jo-San’s
CH. Cachet’s ReflectionCH. Nantess Simply The Best
CH. Cameliard’s Casting ShadowsCH. Nantess Southern Lady
AM/CAN CH. Cameliard’s Color Me GoneCH. Nemesis of Mazelaine
CH. Can-Cia’s Shake Your Bon BonCH. Newlaithe Enchantment
CH. Can-Cia’s Voodoo MamaCH. Nocturne of Mazelaine
Canyonair Diamond Lil, CDCH. Nu-Ros’ Ruffles and Flourishes
CH. Canyonair Honey ChileCH. O’Bravo N South Willow’s Red Hot Chili Pepper, DOMG
Carbara’s Sara Strike a PoseCH. O’Bravo N Starlyn’s Desert Sands
CH. Carillon Elegance Rummer RunCH. Oliver’s Solid Gold
CH. Carillon Ellie’s Grand FinaleCH. Olympic’s Healing a Heart Ache, CA
CH. Carlon’s Classy ChasisOmega’s Windfire
CH. Carlon’s Sassy N ClassyCH. Orrkid’s April Love
GCHB. CH. Carma’s Treasure at SapphireCH. Paddy v. Hohenneuffen of Barmere
Carlwen’s Joie de VivreCH. Parasol Moonwind Hallelujah
Carlwen’s Juliet v BarragePatcha’s Brocade
GCH. CH. Castle’s Miracle StoryCh Patriot’s Liberty Belle
Cava-Lane’s Velvet TouchPayne’s Romancing the Stone
Caymans Darlin MenaPinebrook’s Forever Amber
CH. Caymans Sweet NandiPinebrook’s Temptation
CH. Champagne Touched by an AngelCH. Pinebrook’s You Must Love Me
GCH. CH. Charron’s November RainPine Run’s Table Talk
Cedar’s One Special NightAM/CAN CH. Primeau’s Romancing the Rose
CH. CherKei Arriba Wicked CalitaCH. Pritchett’s Murbe Chew’s May-Ewe, DOMG
CherKei’s Hot IssueCH. PRO’s in Thy Image
CH. Chessel’s Calypso’s Song N DanceCH. Pure Pride and Prejudice at Wit’s End
Chessel’s Wild RumorsGCH. CH. Pure Pride’s Dos Equis Amber, BCAT
CH. Chocolatina de MiroPure Pride’s Cassiopia from Greenfield
CH Cinnibon N 4m’s All Time ClassicCH. Pure Pride Keenen How Can I Refuse, DOMG
GCH. CH. Cinnibon N 4M’s ShamelessCH. R and G’s Arizona Wildcat
Cinnibon’s Sweet SensationGCH. CH. R and G’s Brightest Star
AM/CAN CH. Cinnrhee Belle of Heart AcreGCH. CH. R and G’s Dash of Class
Cj’s Final AnswerCH. R and G’s Diamond in the Skye
CH. Cj’s Red Hot Chili PepperCH. R and G’s Diamond Lil
Claremont’s HickoryCH. R-J’s Twice as Nice
Clinaude’s Ginger SnapCH. Raineylane’s Mustang Sally
Clov Lan’s Miss Counter SueAM/CAN CH. Raintree’s Amazin’ Grace
CH. Conquest-Rosend’s Rich GirlCH. Raintree’s Sweet Dreams
Cora v. d. BlutenauCH. Raklyn’s Celebration, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Counterpunch’s Lucid Dream, DOMGRaklyn’s Raindrop
Country Time’s Archangel of Ardor, CGC, TD, READCH. Raklyn’s Showin’ Off
CH. CR’s Belle of the BallCH. Ramarco’s Liza of Paradocs
CH. Creekwood’s New BeginningCH. Ramasun’s Abi Hannah Montana
CH. Crona v. ZwergeckRaypat’s It’s About Time
Custom Designed by Bar-RowCH. Raypat’s First and Ten
CH. Cynra’s Chanel, LOMGCH. CH. Raypat’s Full of Grace, CA, CGC
CH. Cynra’s ConfettiAM/MEX CH. Regal X Ethiopian Princess TT
Cynthia v. TalCH. Regal’s Hearts Afire
AM/CAN CH. D’Nicmar Sparkling DiamondRegal X Night Crimson
CH. Dagmar of MazelaineCH. Regal X Ruby Woo
CH. Dar’s Divine Miss MCH. Regal’s Xtian Heart of Gold
CH. Darvick’s Dreams Never CeaseCH. Renno’s Believe in Magic
CH. Dasel’s Attitude is EverythingCH. Renno’s Precious Gem
Dasel’s Cristel StarRenno’s Tiger Stripe
CH. Dasel’s Spring Fantasy, CDCH. Renno’s TKO’s Izzy My Daddy
GCH. CH. Daybreak’s GlamorousREO’s Say it with Attitude
DC’s Alabama Girl from JericoGCH. CH. Rico’s Tonic Gives Her Heart To Hot Rod
CH. Debut’s Private DancerGCH. CH. Ripn T’s N Naja’s Just Like Fire
CH. De-Miro’s Rosa de LejosCH. Riverridge Freckled Playgirl
Den-Bar’s Highway RobberyCH. Robinson-McGee Tomorrow’s Hope
CH. Denbar’s Diamond DivaRochil’s Black Magic Woman
CH. Denbar’s Dolce VitaCH. Rochil’s Grande Connection
CH. Denbar’s Market MakerCH. Rochil’s Grande Tradition
Denbar’s Millenial Dream GirlCH. Rochil’s Kallista of Marburl
Denevi’s Ketel1 Chocolat Shak’NotstrdAM/CAN CH. Rochil’s Lady Slipper
CH. Desert’s All Summer LongRocket N Focal Point’s Written In The Stars
CH. Desert N Sundance’s SummertimeRocket’s Sky’s the Limit, CD, RN
Desert Winds Ace of BaseCH. Rococo’s Bright Magic
GCH. CH. Desert Winds The Joy of LifeCH. Ronard’s Grande Image
DiLiso’s OmegaCH. Rosend’s Sophisticated Lady
GCH. CH. DLG Rainbow’s End, LOMCH. Rosend’s Unforgettable
CAN CH. Donessle’s Miss FancyCH. Rosend’s Uptown Girl, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Donoway Wild Rose of MephistoCH. Rosewood’s Suncrest Silhouette
CH. Donray’s Mist of the LakeAM/CAN CH. Royal Palms Smarty Pants
AM/CAN CH. Donoway Wild Rose of MephistoUKC GCH. Roxy’s Lucky Shooting Star, CGC
AM/CAN CH. Dorado’s Roses and ChromeCH. Rubyglen’s Freedom Rings
Dormac’s RisqueCH. Rummer Run’s Mary Jane
CH. Draco y Nantess Last DanceRy-Neal’s Vision of Perfection
CH. Dreamweaver’s Gold Lace O’ Maxl, CDCH. Rynwards Calendar Girl
CH. Dreamweaver’s Past PerfectGCH. CH. Ryzingstar’s Million Dollar Baby, BCAT
Ebony Image of Ellen’s AlleyCH. Ryzingstar Trouble Maker
CH. Eedee-K’s Moxie LadyCH. Salgray’s Auntie Mame
Ein-Von’s It’s a Dream AgainSalgray’s Autumn Years
Ein-von’s Kiss N TellCH. Salgray’s Call Me Madam
CH. El Encanto’s Chantaje JacquetCH. Salgray’s Jitterbug
CH. El Sirrah’s Cayman GoldCAN CH. Salgray’s Roulette
CH. El Wendie of RocklandCH. Salgray’s Star Duster
AM/CAN CH. Emerald Luciana at EastwindSandhill’s Meet the Press
AM/CAN CH. Emerald’s Mad About YouCH. Sans Souci of Kresthallo
CH. Encore’s Allure, LOMCH. Santi Me Encore Encore
AM/CAN CH. Encore’s ChiantiSapphire’s Tulane Trip
CH. Encore’s Coup de GraceGCHG. CH. Sapphire’s Violet Sky in Vegas of Streamline, LOM
GCH. CH. Falmark’s Thin LizzieAM/CAN CH. Sapphire’s Wild Pitch of Bur
CH. Encore’s ForbiddenSarazak’s Sister Smudge
CH. Encore’s GodivaCH. Sarazak’s Sizzle
CH. Encore’s HeirloomCH. Sarkel’s Promise of Cross Bar’s, CD
CH. Ensign’s ImpressionCH. Sarkel’s Promising Future
AM/CAN CH. Encore’s Jet SetterSarkel’s Step thru the Looking Glass
CH. Encore’s KitharaCH. Sarkel’s Setum Up Again at Nantess, DOMG, LOM
CH. Encore’s NotorietyCH. Savoye’s Goldana Royalé
GCHS. CH. Encore’s Over the MoonGCH. CH. Savoye’s Palomino Diamond
Encore’s UndeniableSavoye’s Savan Deville
CH. Encore’s XanaduAM/CAN CH. Savoye’s Shantilli Lace
CH. Encore’s Xquisite, CASavoy Sicilian Thunder Bunny
GCHEx. AM/CAN CH. Ensign’s Futura Vita of Tybrushe,Savoye’s Siren Song of Lattalane
DOMG, CDOM, LOM, LOMCCAN CH. Saywin’s Prescious Jewel of Sumbria, CAA, BCAT
CH. Ensign’s Supernova at Sei BellaGCH. CH. SBK Time to Shine with Hi-Tech
GCH. CH. Envision Talk About A Centerfold, CA, ITCH. Scarborough Living Proof
CH. Envision Talk is Cheap, DOMGScarborough Soliloquy
CH. Epic’s True TributeCH. Scarborough Takeittothelimit
Esta v.d. WurmCH. Scenicvu’s Southern Charm
Evergreen’s Bleeding HeartCH. Schoental’s Fraulein Krystal
Evergreen’s FlurryCH. Schoental’s Fraulein Monika
CH. Evergreen’s RebeccaCH. Schoental’s Fraulein Viktoria
Evergreen’s Wild ThingSchool’s Simple Addition
CH. EWO’s CrystalCH. Seaside’s Suncrest Sinner
Excalibur Rummer Run’s AliSeawest Athena’s Box M Madness
CH. Excalibur’s Whitney’s StarSeefeld Limited Edition
CH. Exuberant of WoodcrestCH. Sergi’s Classic Design
CH. Fanfare Lady MarmaladeSergi’s N BJ’s Original-Design
Fanfare N’ Sonoran’s Bare Naked LadyGCH. CH. Shaddai N Charron’s Double Edge Sword
GCH. CH. Fanfare Spice It Up at South WillowCH. Shadigee’s Fashionably Late, DOMC, DOMG, LOM
CH, Fanfare N Ensign’s Steppin Out at BuckskinAM/CAN CH. Shadigee’s Lady Luck, DOMG, LOM
GCH. CH. Fantom’s Power Play GoalShalsade’s Cajun Show Girl, NA NAP NJP
GCH. CH. Firefly N South Willow’s Canadian TraditionCH. Sharledar’s Simply Divine
CH. Firestar’s Indian Summer, CD, RNCH. Sheer Magic of Jeamar, CD
Flintwood’s Banned in BostonCH. Sher’Ed N V Me Too
Flying Apache’s Santa AnaCH. Shilo’s Dreamboat Annie at Raklyn
FLB Sarmeda UnforgettableCH. Shilo’s Tequila Sunrise at JJN’s
CH. Flying Apache Up RisingCH. Shoreline’s I’m A Draymia Imp, RN
GCH. CH. Fourbears’ Never Hungry, DOMGSiegel’s Honey Babe
CH. Fowler’s Goodgolly Ms MollyCH. Silkwood’s Abyssinia
Fowler’s Sweet Surrender of JoshaAM/CAN CH. Sirrocco’s Do Applaud
Foxwood’s Katybeth of JaimaxCH. Sirrocco’s Far More Fair
CH. Foxwood’s Krystal Karosel, CDX, AXSirrocco’s Kiss ‘N Tell
GCH. CH. Galaroc’s Going Out Like That, CGCCH. Skidoo’s Charlie’s Angel
CAN CH. Gaymitz Dash O’ FireSkidoo’s No Frills
CH. GC’s N Schmidt’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off of YouCH. Skidoo’s Sincerely Yours
CH. Gerhard’s R’ n ‘R EncoreSouth Willow Chase N’ Fireflys, CAA
CH. Gerhard’s String of PearlsGCH/CAN AM/CAN CH. South Willow n Firefly’s
GCH. CH. Gingerbread Christmas Cookie, DOMG, CGC, RNMade You Look
CH. Glennroe AlexandriaCH. South Willow-Starlyn’s Goin’ Bananas, CA
CH. Glennroe IngenueSpring Willow’s My Tammy Too
CH. Glennroe OpensesameCH. Standing O Ladyluck of Shilo
CH. Glennroe Tequila SunriseStapleton’s Beau Allure
CH. Golden Glove’s CelebrationStarfrost Ermine N’ Pearls, DOMG
CAN CH. Golden Haze April ShowersStarlyn’s Vegas Ladye
CH. Gorgeous of JofraAM/CAN CH. Stevenstar’s-N-JEMS Crown Royal
GCH. CH. Gretel v. HohenneuffenCH. Strawberry’s Blythe Spirit
CH. Ha-Mar Hint of Shady LadyICH. Strawberry’s Flamenco
CH. Halcyon Garnsey RendezvousGCH. CH. Strawberry’s Golden Cinnibon, DOMG
Hallmark’s Chanel of BarisleCH. Strawberry’s Legacy
GCH. CH. Hancock’s Jess B Nimble Jess B Quick, CAACH. Streamline’s Life of a Mafia Queen
Hancock’s Sabatha of KameoSultan’s Diamond Belle
AM/CAN CH. Hansparke’s Fashion FairSummerbird Leading Lady
Haberl’s Florida EditionSummit View’s Blaze of Glory
Haberl’s Golden Child, BN, RN, DOMGAM/CAN CH. Summit View’s Mya of Ruffian
CH. Happy Tail’s & Marburl’s Edge of GloryUATCHX, U-CDX, ICH.
GCH. CH. Harmson N Standing-O Crazy in LoveSunchase’s Fashionably Late, PDOM, UD, BDA – CD, NAJ,
Harmson N Standing-O Telling SecretsOA, NAJP, NAP, OAJP, OAJ, AXJP, TDI, HIC, CGC, TT
CH. Hazlyn’s Zippity Do-DahCH. Suncrest’s Dreams of Gold
CAN CH. Heart Acres Dogwood Hot LineCH. Suncrest’s I’m a Knockout
CAN CH. Heartacre’s Cinnrhee of KadenzaCH. Sundarby’s Liliuckalani Bropat
CAN CH. Heart Acres Satin Lining, LOMSundawn Shine On
Heartstrings I’m No AngelSwagger of Mazelaine
Heigh Ho BrambleCH. Symphony’s Brand New Day
CH. Heldenbrand Raven Holly LaneCH. Symphony of Mazelaine
Heldenbrand’s Jetta JovinaCH. Symphony’s Pussycat Doll, DOMG
CH. Heleva Heart Stealer, CD TTCH. Symphony’s Summer Wind
CH. Herndon’s Desert FlyerAM/CAN CH. Syrr Run’s Gold Card
AM/CAN CH. Hi Desert N Mephisto’s LolapaloozaTadd’s Cowgirl Seranade
GCH. CH. Hi-Five’s N Midnight Sky’sTafkan’s Image in Time, CD
CH. Hi-Hill’s Rave ReviewCH. Talisman’s Arriba Sonata
CH. Hi-Tech’s Aurora of CynraTallassee’s Enough’s Enough
Hi-Tech Brisbane Diamond StarTara Farm’s Lady in Red
CH. Hi-Tech’s Coco ChanelTara’s Sparkling Diamond
GCHB. AM/JAP CH. Hi-Tech Hi-Drama of Sherry Shoot JPCH. Telstar’s and the Emmy Goes to…Rosehill
CH. Hi-Tech’s New HopeCH. Telstar’s Dancing in the Rain
CH. Hi-Tech’s SignatureCH. Telstar’s Moon Pebbles
CH. Hi-Tech’s StarletCH. Telstar’s Prudent Choice
Hi-Tech’s Stormy WeatherTenebo’s All Decked Out
CH. Hi-Winds Grand IllusionCH. Tenebo’s Sable Doll
CH. High Crest’s April Showers IITerra Oak’s Gal Sal
High Spot LettiThanque Poko
AM/CAN CH. Hillyard N Ablaze Put a Spell on YouThanque Yankee Doodle Joy
CH. Ho-Pa’s Penny For Your ThoughtsGCH. CH. TJ’s Breath of Life
Hollycrest’s Little Bit, CDCH. Thorwood’s Rubicon
CH. Holly Lane’s CookieTierarzt’s Heart of Gold
Holly Lane’s Spring BreezeAM/CAN CH. TJ’s Miss Parker, DOMG
Holly Lane’s TaskaloosaTNT’s Gracie Allen
CH. Holly Lane’s Windstorm, LOMCH. Touchstone’s Shaia
CH. Holly Lane’s Winter FantasyCH. Trademark’s Booming With Pride, AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP
Homeplace Dash-N-Dancer’s Mystical MaidenTrail’s End For One Reisling or Another
Howcurt’s Autumn JubileeTrefoil’s Flashpoint
CH. Huffand’s Arriba of KK N’KCH. Trefoil’s Lili Marlene
CH. Huffand’s CharadeCH. Triple Crown’s Alacazam
CH. Huffand’s Chi ChiCH. Trusty’s Crystal Ball
CH. Huffand’s Harley GirlTudosal’s Ruffels
CH. Huffand’s Obsession of ArribaCH. Turo’s Angel Fire of DJ
CH. Hy Hope’s Sweet StuffCAN CH. Turo’s Ebony of Anchic
CH. Illyrian and Marburl’s Cherry on TopTuro’s Katrina of Cross Bar
CH. Illyrian and Marburl’s Joie de VivreTuro’s Locket of Harelhaus
GCH. CH. Illyrian’s Charmed I’m SureCH. Turo’s Magic Spell
Illyrian’s Ready to Charm, LOMCH. Turo’s Tigger of Five T’s
CH. Impact’s Chantilly LaceCH. Turo’s Touche
CH. Imperial’s Texoma TilleyCH. Turo’s Truffian
Indian Bend’s CissyCH. Turo’s Vanity Fair
Indian Bend’s MariaCH. Turo’s Whisper of Five T’s
CH. Inspiration’s Envy of Hi-TechCH. Upstream’s Once Upon a Time, NA, NAJ, CA
CH. Inspiration’s Hush MoneyCH. Valkyrie’s Hera
CH. Interlude’s Barbwire-N-Roses, RACH. Valley Hi’s Rainmaker of Sunar
CH. Interlude’s Finders R KeepersCH. Vandown’s Black Velvet
Irondale’s Cheap TreatCH. Vandown’s Laguna Rose
GCH. CH. Irondale’s Jersey ShoreVendetta’s Charmed I’m Sure, CA
CH. Irondale’s Moment for Life, DOMG, LOMVerand’s Cloudy Dawn
CH. Irondale’s Pour Some Sugar on MeCH. Vihabra’s Magin’s Irish Gold
CH. Irondale N Rodela’s Flash ForwardCH. Vihabra’s Stardust
CH. Irondale’s What You GotCH. Virgo’s Destiny
CH. Jacaway’s Satin DollCH. Virgo’s Moon Zapper
CH. Jacquet’s Canterbury BelleCH. Von Schaum’s Panhandle Rose
CH. Jacquet’s Goldfield Rubi DouxCH. Von Schorer’s Miss Knock About
CH. Jacquet’s JolieCH. Warjoy’s Kismet
CH. Jacquet’s JousselineCH. Weber’s High Falutin
Jacquet’s Kiri te KanawaWesan’s Faith Alone
Jacquet’s Little Miss FaithCH. Wesan’s Sun Daze
CH. Jacquet’s PangeaCH. White Pines Brooke
Jacquet’s PerigalCH. White Pines Front Paige
Jacquet’s RouxAM/CAN CH. Wil-elen’s Fashion-Plate
Jacquet’s Shasta D ShamrockWilky’s Isn’t It Ironic of Ano
CH. Jacquet’s Sierra El EncantoCH. Wilmor’s Second Hand Rose Kan-To
CH. Janeda’s NokomisCH. Windsong’s Greatest Gift of Avalon
J-Lyn’s EZ Double TroubleWindwood’s Bec Mon Chu
CH. Ja-Rus’ Swamp FireCAN CH. Winfall I’ve Got Syle
GCH. CH. JenBur’s Justified Grace N GloryGCH. CH. Winfall JenBur’s Style an Grace
Jered’s Sky SirenGCH. CH. Wish-N-Wells Ticket Winner
CH. Jerelyn’s Kopykat of Har-VelWit’s End Total Eclipse, CGC
Jo-San’s SassyCH. Woods End Moon Whisper
CAN CH. Jocolu’s Charming FashionCH. Woodside’s Hypnotic Gold Fortune
CH. Just-A-Wyn’s Mustang Sallie CRXcel’s Portrait of a Lady
CH. Jojac’s Magic MomentCH. Yankee’s Homecoming
GCH. CH. Jokar’s Blonde Ambition’s of Happy TailsCH. Yller of Mazelaine
GCH. CH. Jokar’s N Happy Tail’s Blonde Moments, CD, RA, MX, MXJ
GCHS. CH. Jokar’s N Happy Tail’s Fergalicious
CH. Jopa’s Electrice Sensation
Jopa’s Tirnanog of Abbeylands
CH. Jopa’s Twilight Romance
CH. Jopa’s Weekend Fantasy
Julian Farm’s I’m A Bad Bad Girl
CH. Joy’s Joyous Lady
Jubar’s of Sandy Hill’s Ebony
GCH. CH. Just-A-Wyn Heart Acres Pink Cadillac
CH. Just-A-Wyn’s Celtic Princess, LOM
GCHS. CH. Just-A-Wyn’s Ferocious Ferrari
CH. Just-A-Wyn’s Four on the Floor
CH. Just-A-Wyn’s Luv Bug II
CH. Just-A-Wyn’s Tailgates N Tanlines