Junior Showmanship Scholarship Program

The ABC realizes that our children are the window to our future. The primary goal of the program is to encourage and promote juniors to participate in the sport of American Kennel Club purebred dog events with Boxers. Our juniors are important to the future of the sport of purebred dogs and responsible dog ownership. The more our juniors learn, the more valuable they become to our society. The ABC will not charge Juniors for entries at any of our specialties and encourages all member clubs to do the same.

The values and responsibility learned through Junior Showmanship will serve our children well throughout their lives. By putting time and effort into learning about their boxer and how to train, groom and present, our juniors are rewarded with many of life lessons. Our Juniors are our future and the American Boxer Club honors and encourages them with the following scholarship and awards annually.

Scholarship Program

Established in 2015 the ABC is proud to contribute a $500 scholarship for secondary education to the Junior Handler with the most wins with a Boxer. The winner is determined by the AKC records covering competition from July 1 through June 30 each year.

Our Junior Showmanship Chairperson is available to answer all inquiries and offer advice to juniors and parents who are currently involved, or want to participate, in the sport.

Awards Program

In addition to the scholarship above, the Top Junior handler will receive a plaque with a Dannyquest Boxer silhouette and engraved with their name and year they won the award.

The Top 10 Boxer Junior Handlers each year will receive a neck ribbon and ABC medallion engraved with their name. A Junior who has won Best Junior three years will receive a jacket with the ABC logo and their name embroidered on it.

2023 Samantha Hutchins

2022 Samantha Hutchins

2018 – 2021 Salena McCloud

2017 Madison Rose

2015 – 2016 Mackensie S. Jones