American Boxer Club Lifetime Achievement

Many attending the ABC National have had the opportunity to visit the area in the hallway where pictures and information of the ABC Lifetime Achievement and Hall of Fame award winners are displayed. Each of these people have been elected by their peers for their contribution not only to the Boxer Breed, but also to the American Boxer Club.

These Awards were initiated by John Connolly and Suzie Campbell in the 90’s to recognize the contribution of these individuals that have impacted the growth and development of the ABC thru their efforts.

All members of ABC are offered the opportunity to nominate an ABC member for the Lifetime Achievement. In order to be nominated, the person must have contributed to the ABC as well as the Boxer Breed. Please write a brief resume detailing the contributions and the name will be submitted to the LA/HOF committee. A ballot of three nominees names will be sent to all Lifetime members for their votes. The winner will be announced at the Annual Dinner.

Eligibility & Qualifications

Requisites for NOMINEES For the Hall of Fame and the Lifetime Achievement Awards must be ABC Lifetime Members.

The ABC HALL OF FAME nominees must be a Lifetime Achievement Recipient.

To nominate an ABC LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT recipient, the candidate must be an ABC Life Member and have given extraordinary service to the ABC AND the Boxer breed in multiple facets. A brief description must be included in nomination.

To nominate an ABC SPECIAL AWARD recipient, the nominee NEED NOT be an ABC member, but someone who has served and contributed extensively the BOXER breed outside of service to the CLUB.

Please send all nominees with a brief biography of nominee by February 23, 2024. Please feel free to ask for additional information.
Virginia Shames, Chairman

These HALL OF FAME AND LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT awards are designed for current and recently deceased LIFETIME MEMBERS

A committee will select the top three nominations in each category for the final vote for the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AND HALL OF FAME VOTING WILL BE OPEN to ALL Lifetime ABC Members

2024 Lifetime Achievement Nomination Form PDF

Lifetime Achievement Recipients:

Francis Styers Abercrombie – STYERCREST
John & Margaret Archibald – JAMARC
Joyce G Campbell DVM – BOX RUN
Bobbi Compton – SCHOENTAL
Robert D Conrad DVM – BALDR
Peggy Newhall Davis – CANYONAIRE
Patricia Edwards – MOSSWOOD
Stan & Jane Flowers – EVERGREEN
Erwin O. Freund – TULGEY WOOD
Ed & Jeren Garich – JERED
Dr. Dan Gordon – BLADAN
Eleanor Haeberle – ELDIC
Linda & Jerry Huffman – HUFFAND
Larry & Marion Hughes – CONNEMARA
Dr. James & Priscilla Kilman – HEART ACRE
Jeanne & Bruce Korson – LAUREL HILLS
Margaret O. Krey – KREYON
Alvin & Ruth Lee – WAMEDA
Tony & Mary Louwerse— TO-MAR
Armando Miro – DE MIRO
Sandy Orr – ORRKID
Robert & Betty Jo Phillips – BRETTENDALE
Marjorie Rankin – HUCK HILL
Keith & Cheryl Robbins – CHERKEI
Larry & Janet Sinclair – BOX-SIN
Beatrice & George Stacy – CHEROKEE OAKS
Sharon Steckler – RONARD
Judson L. Streicher – GALANJUD
Wesley & Ann Tomhave – WESAN
Rick Tomita – JACQUET
Willie Vicens – WILL-VE