American Boxer Club Sires of Merit

The American Boxer Club presents awards for the following accomplishments for Boxers. A DOM (Dam of Merit) is a female Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced 4 AKC Champions. A SOM (Sire of Merit) is a male Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced 7 AKC Champions. A POM (Producer of Merit – no award is given at this time) is either a male Boxer registered with the AKC or a female Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced a SOM or a DOM. SOM, DOM and POM first appeared in print by the ABC in the 1987 ABC Specialty Catalog.

SIRES of Merit(Verified by the ABC Sires and Dams Committee)
CH. Adellin’s Simply NantessCH. King’s Mojave
CH. Adellin’s Twitter.comAM/CAN CH. KJ’s Box-Sin Rebel of Ruffian
CH. Aimeebee’s ApoppinCH. Kobang of Sirrah Crest
AM/CAN CH. Amerglo Bell Ringer, UDCH. Kreyon’s Easy Money
CH. Apollo of San JoaquinCH. Kricket’s Jonathan
CH. Araby’s Black WatchCH. LaRich Stars to the Maxl
CH. Araby’s ShortstopCH. Laurel Hill’s Evening Star
CAN CH. Aracrest’s EpicCH. Leblanc’s Back Door Johnny
AM/CAN CH. Aracrest’s JeredCH. Lewgin Lane’s Whizz Bang
AM/CAN CH. Aracrest’s KaylibGCHS. CH. Liston’s Hi-Tech DaVinci Code
CH. Aracrest’s Talisman, LOMListon’s Ritchie Valens
GCHG. CH. Archangel’s Ring Keeper of Vincenza, CA, RATNGCH. AM/CAN CH. LRM Gold N Rock
CH. Archduke of ValcarAM/CAN CH. Logan Elm Runs At Heart Acre
CH. Arriba Talisman Ego, LOMICH. Lustig von Dom of Tulgey Wood, LOM
CH. Arriba Talisman EpitomeICH. Mahderf’s El Chico
CH. Arriba Talisman SatisfactionGCHG. CH. Marburl and Illyrian’s Lone Ranger
AM/CAN CH. Arriba’s Associate of KarjeanGCH. CH. Marburl’s Brazos of Shadigee
CH. Arriba’s Cherkei Oh BoyCH. Marburl’s Hidalgo, LOM
CH. Arriba’s CrescendoICH. Marburl’s Joshua, LOM
CH. Arriba’s FootlooseCH. Marjack’s Golden Windjammer
CH. Arriba’s Knight RevueCH. Marquam Hill’s Comanche
CH. Avalon’s Code RedCH. Marquam Hill’s Traper of Turo, LOM
CH. Avalon’s Excalibur of TuroAM/CAN CH. Marquam Hill’s Trigger of Turo
Avalon’s Justice of WindsongCH. Mar-Ray’s Dashing-Lee
CH. Avalon’s X-FactorGCHB. CH. Mason Hill’s Eye of the Tiger
CH. Avalon’s X-StaticCH. Maxl’s Golden Boy, LOM
CH. Baldr’s Black Tie and TailsCH. Maxl’s Premiere of Dreamweaver
CH. Baldr’s Sun SmokeGCHS. CH. Maxl’s Stay Gold
CH. Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, LOMMazelaine’s Kapellmeister
AM/MEX/CAN CH. Bar-K’s Tribute to Barlow TTCH. Mazelaine’s Masterpiece
GCH. CH. Barbiloc’s Dart Image at Happy Tails, CD, RA, NA, NAJCH. Mazelaine’s Zazarac Brandy
CH. Barisle’s Dash of MagicCh McCoy’s Hide Your Hearts
CH. Barisle’s Special PremiumMe-Don’s Special Revue
ICH. Barrage of Quality Hill, LOMCH. Mel-O-D’S Living By The Word
AM/CAN CH. Bayview Clean SweepAM/CAN CH. Memorylane’s Avenger
CH. Bayview Strides Ahead, LOMAM/CAN CH. Mephisto’s Rosenkavalier
CH. Becrelen’s ImportICH. Mephisto’s Soldier of Fortune
CH. Bee-Mike’s One Night StandICH. Mephisto’s Vendetta, LOM
CH. Belco’s Coppertone, RNCH. Merrilane’s April Fashion, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Belco’s Longkiss Good KnightCH. Merrilane’s April Holiday
AM/CAN CH. Bellcrest Just Watch MeCH. Merrilane’s Holiday Fashion
CH. Benjoman of 5T’s, LOMCH. Merrilane’s Knockout
AM/CAN CH. Bentbrooks Image of Highnoon, SOMG, LOMCH. Merrilane’s Mad Magic of Jofra
AM/CAN CH. Bentbrook’s Time to AscendICH. Merry Monarch
CH. Berena’s Gemini Splashdown, LOMGCH. AM/CAN CH. Mi-T’S Believe It or Not
CH. Berena’s Tribute to Fa-FaICH. Millan’s Fashion Hint, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Berlane’s Causin An Uproar. CDX, LOMCH. Milray’s Winsome of Will-Ve’s
AM/CAN CH. Berlane’s High VoltageCH. Mistyvalley’s Curtain Call
AM/CAN CH. Berlane’s Joint VentureICH. Monarch’s Ego of Garakonti, CD
CH. Bix-L’s Richochet to GreyhawkCH. Moon Valley Main Attraction
AM/CAN CH. Bjay’s Traveling ManCH. Moon Valley No Doubt
CH. Bladan’s U-ChetnikCH. Moon Valley No Foolin’
CH. Box M Irving De KeeferICH. Moon Valley’s Solar Flare
CH. Boxrmor N Renno Here’s JohnnyICH. Moon Valley’s Sun’N Shadow, LOM
CH. Braemerwood Happy TracksCH. Moon Valley’s Sunsation
CH. Brandiwine If By Chance at MinstrelCH. Moreleen Meralota v Imladris
GCH. AM/CAN CH. Bravo N Sunset Stealing TimeCH. Moreleen’s Al-Le-Lu-Ia, LOM
CH. Brayshaw’s MasqueraderICH. Moss Wood’s Zinger Zapper, LOM
CH. Breezewood’s Equal TimeCH. Murbe Chew Irondale Just Josh
CH. Breezewood’s Lord of Wystmont, CDX, RE, CGC, TDI, PSOM, LOMCH. My-R’s Haybinder of Holly Lane, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Breho I Bee Shinin’CH. Mystery’s Show BIS
AM/CAN CH. Breho Sanjac E Z TravlinAM/CAN CH. Naja’s Enterprise of Summer
CH. Breho Some Legends Are Told, RNGCHB. CH. Naja’s Mi-T Alliance, SOMG
CH. Breho You Will Remember Me @ MarburlCH. Nantess Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
CH. Brettendale’s Gold MedalCH Nantess Drizzling Zeppole at Rico’s
CH. Brettendale’s StampedeGCHG. CH. Nantess Foolin Around
CH. Bridgewood’s B K Kahuna, LOMCH. Nantess Just Try It, SOMG, LOM
CH. Brookwood’s Dream Dancer, LOMCH. Nantess Myde High Roller
CH. Brookwood’s Full MoonCH. Nantess Royal Flush
CH. Brookwood’s Place of DreamsGCHS. CH Nantess Royal Hot Rod
CH. Brookwood’s Mystic WarriorCH. Nemrac’s Ali Bey
CH. Bropat’s Red Alert of AsgardNiklof’s Columbo
CH. Bubbling Over of Lilac HedgeCH. Norhaven’s Gladiator
CH. Budsobrav’s Happy Days CDCH. Notelrac’s Major Beau
AM/CAN CH. Burlwood’s Drive ‘M Wild DreamweaverCH. Ohana Laki’s Far Beyond Driven, CGC, TKI
CH. Burlwood’s LoverboyCH. Omega’s Rockfire
CH. But Good of Lilac HedgeCH. Omega’s Solid Gold
CH. C-Era Dar’s Keil’s MarleyCH. Omega’s Tycoon
CH. Cachet’s Casablanca of TuroCH. Paramount’s Boogie Nights
CH. Cachet’s Mad Max of Turo, LOMCH. Pearlisle N Standing O Risk Factor, LOM
CH. Cachet’s Turn’n on the CharmCH. Pearlisle Standing-O for Bix-L
CH. Cajon’s Calling CardGCH. CH. Pheasant Hollow’s Kryptonite
CH. Canyonair Hickory Dick, CDCH. Pheasant Hollow’s Macho Camacho
CH. Canyonair’s Man on FireCH. Philanderer of Woodcrest
CH. Canzonet’s Musical MatineeCH. Piccolo v.d. Stuttgarter
CH. Capri’s Woods End Spellcaster SOMG, LOMCH. Pinebrook’s Innuendo
CH. Capriana’s BragaboutCH. Pinebrook’s Radiation
AM/CAN CH. Capriana’s RenegadeCH. Pinebrook’s Unique Blend
CH. Captain Lookout of ThorhallAM/CAN CH. Pinepath’s Night Watch
CH. Carillon’s Number One Draft PickCH. Popham’s Firebrand
CH. Carlwen’s Sean of ErinAM GCH. CH./MEX CH. PRO’s Original 501 Blues, TT
GCH. CH. Carma’s Nightwatch at LattalaneCH. Nantess Drizzling Zeppole at Rico’s
CH. Castro’s Midnight SpecialCH. Quisto’s Cornerstone
CH. Cava-Lane Moving OnGCH. CH. R and G’s Mystical Dancer, SOMG, LOM
CH. Caymans Black BartGCH. CH. R and G N’ Aloha’s Wild Knight, CD, BN, RA, CGCA
CH. Caymans Texas RangerCH R and G N’ Belmar’s Noble Knight
CH. Cedar Hill’s Capital ClassicCH. Raineylane Jubar’s Acquisition
CH. CherKei’s DesperadoGCH. CH. Raineylane-Studio DaVinci
GCHP. CH. CherKei’s Dick TraceyCH. Raineylane’s Marshall Dillon
CH. CherKei’s High CottonCH. Raineylane’s Paladin
CH. CherKei’s Son-Of-A-GunCH. Raklyn’s High Stakes at Ivylane
CH. CherKei’s Ultimate HighCH. Raklyn’s Showboat
GCHB. AM/CAN CH. Cinbar’s Just Call Me HandsomeCH. Raklyn’s Stealing the Show, LOM
CH. Cinnibon’s Know When to Hold’umGCH. CH. Raklyn’s the Bronx MVP at Third
CAN CH. Cinnrhee Hiriveroler HeartacreCH. Regal Hitech Picasso of Darvick, RN
CH. Cochise of Cherokee OaksAM/CAN CH. Renee’s Brooklyn Bruiser
CH. Crysto’s Image of ArribaCH. Renno’s Country Kid
Danrick’s Done it AgainGCH. AM/CAN CH. Rikar’s Crime of the Century, LOM
CH. Dapper Dan III, CDAM/CAN CH. Rikar’s Renegade Law Man
CH. Dauber of Tulgey WoodGCH. AM/CAN CH.River Ridge Man About Town
CH. Debut’s Desperado, CDCH. Rochil’s Call of the Wild
CH. Dempsey’s Copper GentlemanCH. Rochil’s Grande Marshall, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Doggone Ounce Of GoldCH. Rockalane’s Country Sunset
CAN CH. Doll Announces Veni Vidi ViciCH. Rockett’s Red Glare
AM/CAN CH. Donessle’s CassinoRonin Plainly Wrapped
ICH. Dorian v Marienhof of Mazelaine, LOMCH. Rosend’s After Midnight
CH. Dormac’s GunslingerCH. Rosend’s Bo Diddley
AM/CAN CH. Dornlea’s Free SpiritCH. Rosend’s Booker T
AM/CAN CH. Draymia’s Total Package, CDAM/CAN CH. Rosend’s Corporate Raider
CH. Duba-Dae’s Buster BrownCH. Rosend’s Key Largo, LOM
GCHS. AM/CAN CH. Duba-Dae’s Who’s Your Daddy, SOMG, LOMCH. Rosend’s Right on the Money, RN
CH. Duke CronianGCHS. CH. Rosehill’s Prime Time Crusader
Dusty Road’s Perfect WorldAM/CAN CH. Ruffian’s Alleged
AM/CAN CH. Echo’s Believe It or NotCH. Rummer Run’s High Noon
CH. Edjer of BaldrCH. Rummer Run’s Ticker Tape
CH. Ein-Von’s Causin KaosRummer Run’s Tug of War
ICH. Eldic’s DariusCH. Sajac’s Royal Savage
CH. Eldic’s LandlordCH. Salgray’s Ambush, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Elharlen’s YachtsmanCH. Salgray’s Balladeer
CH. Elixir of RaineylaneICH. Salgray’s Battle Chief
CH. Ell Bee’s Just Watch OutCH. Salgray’s Bojangles
AM/CAN CH. Ell Bee’s Sooner Bee TravlinCH. Salgray’s Expresso
CH. Ellis’ Laissez le Bon Temp RoulerCH. Salgray’s Fashion Plate
CH. Encore’s Atticus A-Braxx-UsICH. Salgray’s Flying High, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Encore’s Bismark, SOMG, LOMCH. Salgray’s Good Grief
CH. Encore’s Crimson TideICH. Salgray’s Hijinx O’ Thorn Crest
CH. Encore’s Ferrari, LOMCH. Salgray’s K.O. Aracrest
CH Encore’s Jazzman CDX SOMCCH. Salgray’s Market Wise, LOM
CH. Encore’s Judgment DayCH. Salgray’s Ovation, LOM
CH Encore’s MatrixCH. Salgray’s Royal Flush
CH. Encore’s Paths of GloryCH. Sam-El’s Maker’s Mark
GCH. CH. Encore’s Propaganda, CACH. Santi Me Hay Wire, NA NAJ
GCHB. CH. Encore’s RenegadeCH Sarkel’s True Grit
GCHP. CH. Encore’s SovereignCH. Scarborough Norman Knight
CH. Endymion of MazelaineCH. Scarborough Silversmith
CH. Ensign’s ArchitectCH. Scarlet Oak Rocco
GCHS. CH. Ensign’s JustifiedICH. Scher-Khoun’s Abednego, LOM
CH. Epitome’s Don’t Mess with TexasICH. Scher-Khoun’s Meshack
CH. Evergreen Big Shot ElanwoodICH. Scher-Khoun’s Shadrack, LOM
CH. Evergreen Krugerand ElanwoodCH. Schoolmaster of Mazelaine
CH. Evergreen’s BogartCH. Schoolmaster’s Easter Noah
CH. Evergreen’s Class ActICH. Seaside’s EWO Surf Breaker, LOM
CH. Evergreen’s OrionSergi’s N BJ’s Junior Strut
CH. Evo-Wen’s ImpressarioGCHS. (AKC) GCH. (CKC) AM/CAN CH. Shadigee’s
CH. EWO’s Nice and EasyCalculated Risk
CH. EWO’s Reflection of BreakerGCH. AM/CAN CH. Shadigee’s Protege
CH. EWO’s Tie Breaker, LOMGCHG. AM/CAN CH. Shadigee’s Sequel to Legends
GER CH. Fachinger v Neu DrosedowCH. Shadow’s Nairobi, LOM
GCH. CH. Faerdorn Dust BusterShalsade’s Handyman, TD
CH. Falmark’s Diamond MineAM/CAN CH. Sherilyn’s Sheridan
AM/CAN CH. Fiero’s Tally- Ho Tailo, LOMCH. Shieldmont’s Dimension
CH. Firestar’s Indian OutlawCH. Shieldmont’s Game Plan
CH. Flintwood’s Bag ‘n BaggageCH. Shieldmont’s Issues N Answers
CH. Flintwood’s LinebackerCH. Shieldmont’s Judge ‘N’ Jury
AM/CAN CH. Flintwood’s Rabbel RouserCH. Shieldmont’s Let’s Make A Deal, LOM
CH. Flintwood’s SundownerICH. Sigurd von Dom of Barmere
CH. Frazer’s Parade MeisterAM/CAN CH. Silverlane’s Excalibur
CH. Gaelic Greine O’BurksCH. Sir Galahad of Bladan, CDX
GCHG. CH. Galaroc N Ewing’s ShowdownAM/CAN CH. Sirrocco’s Sing it To Me
AM/CAN CH. Garnsey’s Mad MaxGCH. CH. Solidrock’s Major Ensemble At Pure Pride
CH. Garnsey’s Varsity BluesCH. Sorrelane’s Student Prince
CH. Gemstone’s Diamonds ‘N JemsCH. Sortilair’s Flaming Star
CH. Gerhard’s LamplighterAM/CAN CH. Spark Plug
AM/CAN CH. Glennroe Rob Roy of TelstarCH. Special K’s A Jet of My Own
CH. Glennroe Rum RunnerCH. Standing-O Dallas at Harmson
AM/CAN CH. Golden Haze Tuxedo, LOMGCHB. CH. Starlyn-South Willow’s Family Tradition,
AM/CAN CH. Gray Roy’s Minstrel Boy, LOMCAA, CGC, CA, ACG
AM/MEX CH. Guapo Soto, TTGCHG. CH. Streamline N Inspiration’s Crime Boss
CH. Hallmark’s Rumor Has ItCH. Storybook’s Page after Page
CH. Happy Ours Fortune De JacquetCH. Storybook’s Rip It Up, LOM
CH. Happytail’s Dart ImpactAM/CAN CH. Strawberry’s Caballero
GCHB. CH. Happy Tail’s Moment of Trust, CDX, BN, RI, MX,
AM/CAN CH. Strawberry’s Medalist
CH. Har-Vel’s Gold ExpressCH. Strawberry N Reo Gold Country
CH. Har-Vel’s Josh’s Gold, CDAM/CAN CH. Summer’s Blackjack of Shadigee
Haberl’s Love Over Gold, CDX, PCDX, BN, GN, RAE, CA, CGC, TKNAM/CAN CH. Summer’s Dash Riprock
CH. Harlyn Bee-Vee Regal HeirCH. Summit View’s Fuzz Buster
AM/CAN CH. Heart Acres Escort in BlackCH. Summit View’s Legal Tender
AM/CAN CH. Heart Acres Formal AttireCH. Sundarby’s Fleetwood Mac
CH. Heldenbrand’s HeartbreakerAM/CAN CH. Sunset Fonz of Five T’s
CH. Heldenbrand’s Jet Breaker, LOMAM/CAN CH. Syrr Run’s Line of Credit
AM/CAN CH. Helixview Noble KnightAM/CAN CH. Syrr Run’s Online Heart Acres
CH. Herndon’s Peerless PandaAM/CAN CH. Talisman Arriba Silverado
CH. Herndon’s Pure MagicCH. Talisman’s Vigilante
Heromiari Faust at Ronin CGCBCH. Tall Oaks Desert Dazzler
AM/CAN CH. Hi Desert Bend It Like BeckhamCH. Tejelo Reflection of Hunter
CH. Hi-Tech’s Back to the FutureCH. Telstar’s Claim Jumper
CH. Hi-Tech Current EventCH. Telstar’s Dixieland Band
CH. Hi-Tech Johnny J of Boxerton, LOMCH. Telstar’s Front Runner
GCHG. AM/JAP/CAN CH. Hi-Tech The King of Sherry Shoot JPCH. Telstar’s Good Time Charlie
CH. Hi-Tech’s Aladdin of CynraCH. Telstar’s Gorgeous George
CH. Hi-Tech’s Arbitrage, LOMCH. Telstar’s Handsome Harry
CH. Hi-Tech’s Aristocrat, LOMCH. Telstar’s Highflyer
CH. Hi-Tech’s Basic EditionCH. Telstar’s News Maker
CH. Hi-Tech’s Sound InvestmentCH. Telstar’s Starmaker
CH. Hickory’s Golden GloveCH. Testwood a Kind of Magic
CH. High River’s On FireCH. Tolfan’s Total Eclipse
CH. Highriver’s Taylor Made of Backwoods, LOMAM/CAN CH. Tradonalee’s Bismark
CH. Hollycrest’s Farm HandCAN CH. Tradonalee’s Classic Sensation
CH. Hollycrest’s Stage HandAM/CAN CH. Treceder’s Jazzy Jet, CD
CH. Holly Lane Flamboyant CarlonCH. Treceder’s Selection
CH. Holly Lane’s Baccarat TeohlinCH. Treceder’s Sequel
CH. Holly Lane’s Diamond ReplayCH. Treceder’s Shine Boy
CH. Holly Lane’s Disk WheelCH. Trefoil’s Choir Boy
CH. Holly Lane’s Dream Peddler, CDCH. Trefoil’s Dylan of Donessle
AM/CAN CH. Holly Lane’s Fantan of TeohlinCh Triple Crown’s Prince of Thieves
CH. Holly Lane’s Inherit the WindCH. Telstar’s Gorgeous George
CH. Holly Lane’s Irish CoffeeAM/CAN CH. Trifecta’s Touch Gold
CH. Holly Lane’s Prairie ChiefCH. Tudosal’s Whizzard of Laurel Hill
CH. Holly Lane’s Spin a DreamCH. Turo’s Accolade
CH. Holly Lane’s Wild as the WindAM/CAN CH. Turo’s Dakota of Shar-Rea
CH. Holly Lane’s WildwindCH. Turo’s Empire
CH. Holly Lane’s Winter StormTuro’s Escappade
CH. Huck Hill’s RampageCH. Turo’s Native Dancer, LOM
CH. Huffand’s Irish RebelCH. Turo’s Overture
CH. Huffand’s Nice Enough, LOMWWC CH. Twinkle Star v Eurozone, IPO 1, ZTP, BH, LOM
GCH. CH. Illyrian and Marburl’s Hail tothe ChiefGCHS. AM/CAN CH. Tybrushe’s Ain’t No Saint
CH. Illyrian’s Sharper ImageGCH. AM/CAN CH. Tybrushe’s Sultan of Swing
CH. Illyrian’s Trilogy, LOMICH. Ursa Major of Sirrah Crest
CH. Ingo v Heger se SumbulaICH. Utz v Dom of Mazelaine, LOM
CH. Interludes’s Bavarian HummelCH. Van Riper’s Pretty Boy Floyd
AM/CAN CH. Irondale’s Jagged EdgeCH. Vancroft’s Primetime
GCH. AM/CAN CH. Irondale’s Look at Me Now, SOMG, LOMCH. Vandown-King’s Fire Alert
GCHG. CH. Irondale’s Thunderstruck SOMGAM/CAN CH. V-E Admiral of Renrew
AM/CAN CH. Irondale’s Uncommon Valor, LOMCH. Vel-Kel’s Big Ben
CH. Jacquet’s Brass IdolCH. Vick Wick of Sirrah Crest
CH. Jacquet’s Bravo of GoldfieldCH. Vihabra’s Gold’ N Zephyr
CH. Jacquet’s DrakkarAM/CAN CH. Vimar’s EST
CH. Jacquet’s GreggsonAM/CAN CH. Vimar’s We Believe In Magic
AM/CAN CH. Jacquet’s NovareseCH. Virgo’s Market Boomer
CH. Jacquet’s PulsarGCHP. CH. Vixayo’s Golden Hammer
Jacquet’s Red HawkAM/CAN CH. Von Schorer’s Moonshadow, LOM
CH. Jacquet’s Super NovaAM/CAN CH. Wagner Wilvirday Famous Amos, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Jacquet’s UrkoCH. Warlord Of Mazelaine
CH. Jacquet’s ZephanCH. Wedge Hollow’s Hasty Harry
CH. JEMS Jack of Diamonds, LOMCH. Weston’s Cry for Freedom
CH. JEMS Pearl Jam, LOMCH. White Pines Willie B Invited
AM/CAN CH. JEMs Rock the HouseCH. Wichita of Cherokee Oaks
CH. Jered’s SovereignGCH. CH. Wildcrest N Irondale’s Walking on the Wildside, SOMG
CH. Jered’s SpellbinderCH. Wilderson’s Demos
AM/CAN CH. Jodi’s JeremiahAM/CAN CH. Wincaster’s Tyger of Huffand
AM/CAN CH. Jodi’s JubilationGCHS. CH. Windsong’s Blue Danube
CH. Jodi’s RiptideGCHG. CH. Wit’s End Night Reveler
CH. Jopa’s Great Gusto of Higo’sGCHS. CH. Wit’s End Te Amo
CH. Jo-San’s Future TimeICH. Woods End Crown Sable, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Josha’s Linebacker, CD, LOMICH. Woods End Million Heir
CH. Just-A-Wyn’s Bumblebee CamaroAM/CAN CH. Yankee’s Patriot At Hi-Tech
GCH. CH. Justawyn Ding Time at Heartacres, LOMCH. Yobang of Sirrah Crest
CH. Just-A-Wyn’s Rolls Royce Silver SpurCH. Yours True Lee
CH. Karmel’s Dream WeaverCH. Zack von Dom
GCH. CH. Katandy’s Fast ForwardZorn von Dom
CH. Keil’s Dynasty, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Keil’s Vision
AM/CAN CH. Keil’s Wimbledon
GCH. AM/CAN CH. KG Halcyon Fire King
CH. Kelly’s Give Me Some Courage
CH. Kenasher’s Divine Wind
CH. Kimkar’s Hi-Tech Traveler,