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Articles of Interest

How Came These Friendships?

By Friederun Stockmann This article by the famous author of My Life With Boxers, was published in the 1935 AKC Gazette It would be interesting to know what causes friendships among animals. Of course, there are natural enemies, and those enmities are based on self-preservation. [...]

The Boxer as a Machine

By: Ivor Ward Davies This article first appeared in the Boxerama, Edition 4, Autumn 1974 Construction is a very difficult subject to tackle from an original viewpoint. My work has always been in engineering and I have often mentally compared the Boxer with a machine, [...]

The German Boxer

A reprint of the translation of Philip Stockmann's writings in Der Deutsche Boxer (1937) that was published in the ABC's "Boxer Club News" in 1949/50. Introduction by Carl A. Wood [1949] All the books and many of the articles which have appeared in this country [...]

The Greatest!!!

By: John Connolly Who was the greatest American Boxer of all time? The answer is easy. The Boxer who won the most, sired the most Champions and changed the look of the breed was the great CH. Bang Away Of Sirrah Crest. Boxers came to [...]

Wry Mouths

By: Cheryl Robbins After noticing several postings on mouths, I thought I would throw out my opinion and my experiences. A wry mouth, in my understanding, is one that the lower jaw is slanted down on one side. I have never seen one that doesn't [...]

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