ABC Sires of Merit Grand & Producer Sire of Merit

In 2013 two new SOM/DOM categories were created, the DOMG and SOMG. A DOMG is a female Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced 4 AKC Grand Champions. SOMG is a male Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced 7 AKC Grand Champions.

Sires of Merit with 7 AKC Grand Champion get to their credit:
Sire of Merit with 7 AKC performance get to their credit:
CH. Avalon’s Code Red, SOM CH. Breezewood’s Lord of Wystmont, CDX, RE, CGC, TDI, SOM, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Bentbrooks Image of Highnoon, SOM, LOM GCHB Breho Cadance Have You Heard DOMG BN RE AXPAJP CGCTKN RN FITB OAP
CH Capri’s Woods End Spellcaster, SOM, LOM CH Ensign’s Supernova at Sei Bella DOMG
GCHP. CH. Cherkei’s Dick Tracey, SOM CH Rubyglen’s Freedom Rings DOMG
CH. Cinnibon’s Know When to Hold’Um, SOM
GCHS. AM/CAN CH. Duba-Dae’s Who’s Your Daddy, SOM, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Encore’s Bismark, SOM, LOM
GCH Ensign’s Architect SOM SOMG
GCHG. AM/CAN CH. Irondale’s Look At Me Now, SOM, LOM
GCHG. CH. Irondale’s Thunderstruck, SOM
GCH. CH. Justawyn Ding Time at Heartacres, SOM, LOM
GCHG. CH. Marburl and Illyrian’s Lone Ranger, CGC, SOM
GCHB. CH. Naja’s Mi-T Alliance, SOM
CH. Nantess Just Try It, SOM
CH. Pearlisle Standing-O for Bix-L, SOM
CH. Pearlisle N Standing O Risk Factor SOM SOMG LOM
GCHP. CH. R and G’s Mystical Dancer, SOM, LOM
GCH. CH. Raineylane-Studio DaVinci, SOM
GCH. AM/CAN CH. Raklyn’s The Bronx MVP at Third, SOM
GCHG. AM/CAN CH. Shadigee’s Sequel to Legends, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Silverlane’s Excalibur, SOM
CH Wildcrest N Irondale’s Walking on the Wildside,SOM