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The American Boxer Club (ABC) is the national parent club for Boxers within the American Kennel Club. The ABC promotes the showing, responsible breeding, performance training and competition, and versatility of the Boxer breed.

Our Club is also responsible for the written Breed Standard — a description of the ideal Boxer. The ABC encourages interested Boxer lovers to join any of its more than 50 member clubs throughout the country.

Most notable characteristic of the Boxer is his desire for human affection. Though his spirited bearing, square jaw, and cleanly muscled body suggest the well-conditioned middleweight athlete of dogdom, the Boxer is happiest when he is with people–especially children, watching protectively over their play. His short smooth coat, handsome chiseled head, and striking silhouette never fail to excite comments from passersby as he trots jauntily by your side with neck arched and tail held erect. He is truly a “dog for all seasons,” suiting the need for household guardian, attractive companion, and children’s playmate and loyal friend.

Here you can learn about the breed as both companions and competition dogs, and about the breed’s history, temperament traits, and overall health and care. You can also learn more about activities and upcoming events, and about our club, with resources to connect with breeders and fellow Boxer fanciers.

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The American Boxer Club National Specialty.

2025 National Specialty

The Mission of the Foundation is simple. It is simply to raise money to be used to fund research into the health-related issues that face our beloved breed. This means all of our breed … from the fine show dogs, to the Obedience, Agility and Performance dogs, beloved family pets and even the abandoned Rescue Boxers that break our hearts. It benefits Boxers with cropped or uncropped ears … as well as fawn, brindle and white Boxers. We are about the health of our breed! All of our breed.