The American Boxer Club

A member of the American Kennel Club, the American Boxer Club was founded in 1935 and is the parent organization of nearly sixty regional clubs throughout the United States. Individuals belonging to these clubs are dedicated to preserving the desirable qualities of the Boxer as set forth in the breed Standard.

Your local club may be found here at Member Clubs & Regional Directors.

The American Boxer Club Charitable Foundation

Begun in 1995, the non-profit ABCF is dedicated to the health and welfare of the breed. To that end, it seeks donations for educational and medical research projects to benefit the Boxer. Approved research grants are eligible for matching funds from the AKC Canine Health Foundation. To date, the American Boxer Club is the largest single breed contributor to the AKC’s CHF. To donate, and/or get updates to the newest research, go to


Despite our best efforts, some Boxers do not fall into good hands and end up in need of Rescue. Volunteers all over the USA are organized at the local level to take in those unfortunate dogs that need special care and placement. Sometimes, the Rescue organization spells the difference between another chance at a good life and euthanasia at a shelter. If you know a dog in need of Rescue, have one to surrender, or want to adopt click here to find a Rescue in your area.


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