American Boxer Club Champion of Merit

Champion of Merit – COM

Guiding Principles of the Program:
The ABC Champion Of Merit Program is designed to recognize and support the superior qualities embodied in a well-bred boxer. The COM program seeks to award a boxer that is correct in conformation and can demonstrate the characteristics required to be a stable, loving companion and a trainable partner in service, sport or work.

The goal of the Champion of Merit Program is to help make known to breeders and potential boxer owners and handlers alike, that a boxer with a COM title has exhibited not only talent, but a high degree of trainability and work ethic. The program hopes to assist potential conformation and sport and/or service boxer owners and breeders in making more informed breeding and purchasing decisions.

The three tenets at the core of the American Boxer Club Champion of Merit program are:
★ Structural Soundness
★ Proper Temperament
★ Trainability
The program is designed to award those dogs that have demonstrated all three by achieving an AKC Conformation Championship and a Companion, Performance or Working title.

How the COM Program works:
Once a Boxer is an AKC Champion of record and has obtained a Companion/Performance or Working title from the list of acceptable titles, the owner of the dog will submit an application and the required documentation to the Chair of the COM program. The COM Chair will verify the titles and send the owner a title Certificate from the ABC and the COM suffix may be included behind the registered name in all instances where one would also list a DOM, SOM, or LOM.

Titles Qualifying for a COM:
The definition of a qualifying title:
A title achieved for an activity that exhibits a high level of trainability and teamwork in disciplines that relate to the historical, and all around, utility of the Boxer.

Qualifying titles do not include instinct tests or certifications. The titles listed below require significant training and exhibit a working relationship between handler and dog. Many of the titles exhibit an off-leash component, such as a CD, RA or BH. Many Agility, Tracking, Herding, Scent Work, Barn Hunt and IGP titles also meet the programs criteria of exhibiting trainability and a close working partnership.

Qualifying COM Titles
Minimum titling level required
• Obedience: CD
• Rally: RA
• Agility: NA/NAJ
• Tracking: TD/TDU
• Herding: Started
• Scent Work: SWN**
• Barn Hunt: RATO
• IGP: BH/BT***

* No title awarded using any qualifying legs acquired virtually can be used.
** Individual elements are not included.
*** Includes individual tracking and obedience phases and search titles.
The COM title will be retroactive upon application, to assist in recognizing breeders and owners that have these fine boxers, now past, in their pedigrees!

How To Apply:
The application must include copies (not originals) of title certificates, or in the case of working titles, a copy of the particular score book pages as identified on the application.

You can print out the application and email or mail it to the COM chairperson with the required documentation.

Submit Applications To:
Reegan Ray, COM Chairperson 734 San Dieguito Drive Encinitas, CA 92024 Email:

IMPORTANT: Please note that applications containing multiple Boxers listed on the form, will not be processed. You may apply for multiple dogs, but only one per application to avoid confusion. Only applications received along with all the required supporting documentation, at the same time, will be accepted. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide everything required in one email or in one envelope to avoid confusion and timely processing for all applicants.

COM Application