American Boxer Club Annual Awards/Plaque Information

Categories Updated April 10, 2017 

Note: Awards are calculated using official AKC reports from January 1 through December 31. The ABC is not responsible for AKC acknowledgements of a title earned outside of these dates.

Dogs Defeated

The following award categories are determined using AKC Records for dogs defeated in the calendar year:

  • Most Best of Breed Wins
  • Most Best in Specialty Wins
  • Most Working Group 1st Wins
  • Most Best In Show Wins

Newly Titled Champions

The following award categories use the AKC Newly Titled Champions Report for the calendar year:

  • Sire Producing The Most Champions
  • Dam Producing The Most Champions
  • Kennel Breeding The Most Champions

Bred By Exhibitor

The following awards are determined using the AKC Conformation Reports for the calendar year. All points must be with competition and the dog or bitch continues to get points in the same show if they continue to defeat multiple dogs. For instance, if they were to take 1st in the bred by class and had competition in that class, they would be awarded 1 point. If they then go on to be awarded winners dog or bitch, they would get an additional 1 point. If they were to get best of winners they would continue to get an additional point, and so on:

  • Most Bred By Exhibitor Dog Wins
  • Most Bred By Exhibitor Bitch Wins

Junior Showmanship

The following award is determined from the AKC Junior Showmanship Report for the calendar year and points are accumulated for each level they win in a show, as long as there is competition at that level:

  • Most Junior Showmanship Wins With A Boxer


The following awards are determined using the AKC Performance Reports for the calendar year. No performance titled get is used more than once, rather only get that receive their first performance award are counted. The get do not have to be champions.

  • Sire of Merit With The Most Performance Titled Get
  • Dam of Merit With The Most Performance Titled Get

Unsung Hero Awards

ABC Members are solicited for nominations for both a person and a Boxer. Once nominations are received, they are put out to a committee of ABC members dispersed geographically around the country. Each member of the committee votes for one person and one dog from the nominations.

ABC Best of Winners Plaque / ABC Obedience High In Trial Plaque

The below items must be up to date with the ABC Secretary before the application for the ABC Best of Winners and/or ABC Obedience High In Trial plaque will be sent.

  1. Minutes – All approved Club minutes, board and general. The minutes should be sent the month they are approved. In a month in which no meeting is held, a notice must be sent to the ABC Secretary stating such. If a meeting is held at which there is not a quorum for conducting business, a notice must be sent to the Secretary stating such.
  2. Officer & Membership List – After each annual election, send one (1) copy of an up-to-date membership roster and new club officers. The club officers can be listed on the membership roster. For example: Joe Boxer (President), Jane Boxer (Secretary), etc. The ABC Secretary will forward a copy of the membership roster to the Futurity Chairman so that nominations can be validated.
  3. Membership Updates – New members as they are added as well as members who leave the club during the year should be sent to the ABC Secretary. This information can be listed in the minutes. The ABC Secretary will forward this information to the Futurity Chairman so that nominations can be validated.
  4. Show Applications/BOW plaques/High in Trial plaques – All show applications must receive ABC approval prior to AKC approval. At least six (6) months before your show (AKC requires show applications 4 months prior to closing date), send the ABC Secretary an email or fax requesting show approval. Please include the name of the club, the show date, the show location, request for Best of Winners and/or High In Trial plaque, and the name and address of the person who should receive the approval letter and forms. The ABC Secretary will approve it if all minutes and rosters are up-to-date and forward a letter to the club and AKC stating approval has been granted. The ABC Secretary will also send the club an application for the ABC Best of Winners and/or ABC Obedience High In Trial plaque.

a. A copy of the premium list must be sent to the ABC Secretary.

Best Of Winners
Plaque Committee

LuAnn Gardner
Phone: 508-252-6153

Obedience High In Trial
Plaque Committee

Sherry & Todd Buchla
Phone: 770-514-7346

ABC Secretary
Sandy Orr
Fax: 402-787-4262
Cell: 402-659-8484

ABC Performance Award Plaque

CHAMPION BOXERS owned by ABC members or members of ABC affiliated Clubs earning the first AKC OBEDIENCE title (CD), the first AKC AGILITY title (NA or NJA), or the first AKC TRACKING title (TD) are eligible for the ABC Performance Plaque.

ANY BOXER earning the UD, either MX or MXJ, or VST is eligible to receive the ABC Performance Award Plaque. The dog does not have to be a conformation champion.

Any Boxer earning the OTCH or MACH should receive a Performance Plaque at the ABC Awards Banquet. ABC membership or Member Club membership is required. No conformation title is required.


  • The owner of the Boxer must be an ABC member or a member of an ABC-affiliated Boxer Club at the time each title was earned
  • Non-ABC members must provide verification of membership in an affiliated Boxer Club at the time each title was earned.
  • One plaque will be awarded per title, although ABC or Boxer Club member co-owners may purchase an additional plaque at cost plus postage.
  • Engraving on the plaque is the responsibility of the owner.


  • All qualifying titles must be American Kennel Club (AKC) titles.
  • Sequence of AKC title earned is of no consequence. The dog must, however, be an AKC Champion of Record (except as exempted above).In addition:
  • Members who received the old BOW plaque for CD titles are NOT eligible to receive a duplicate award plaque.
  • Members who received the ABC Performance Plaque for AX or AXJ are NOT eligible to receive a award plaque for MX or MXJ.
  • It is the responsibility of the owner to provide the qualifying information to the ABC Performance Plaque Award Chairperson when requesting an ABC Performance Plaque. This information includes:
    * Dog’s registered name
    * Year requested
    * Category for award (UD, CD, NA or NJA, TD)
    * Photocopy of qualifying AKC title certificate (Showing CH and subsequent title earned, where applicable)
  • Owner’s name and address, telephone number, and email address, if available
  • Affiliation (ABC and/or member Boxer Club) and dates of membership
    (If Boxer Club, verification by Boxer Club Secretary of membership at time title is earned must be provided)

Send requests to:

Todd & Sherry Buchla
Performance Award Chairperson
1094 Gordon Combs Road NW
Marietta, GA 30064
Phone: 770-514-7346

Criteria For ABC Top Performance Awards

Jill Hootman – Chairperson


Top Agility Boxer of the Year

Goal: To award the boxer that has consistently attained the fastest (Score) and most consistent (Double Q’s) performance in AKC Masters Agility class (Highest class).

Dog will be selected from AKC records of the dog with the highest score for the calendar year in Masters Class.

Scores will be sorted and ranked highest to lowest by the Score (Double Q’s x 10) + MACH points.

Top Obedience Boxer

Goal: To award the boxer that has attained the highest level of skill, training and consistency needed to execute the AKC Obedience classes.

Dog must attain a minimum of three (3) qualifying scores in the calendar year per AKC records in the regular obedience classes (Novice, Open and Utility).

A formula has been derived that averages scores and weights the advanced classes like Utility over Novice. Therefore a dog with a score of 198 in Utility is weighted higher than a dog with 198 in Novice, awarding highest level of training and consistency in obedience.

Top Performance Boxer

Goal: To award the boxer that performs at the highest levels of the multi venues of AKC recognized performance sports. This is designed as a lifetime award rather than as a yearly award.

  • Nominations of dogs must be handed in on the form provided annually on the ABC website.
  • Dog must have earned titles in at least two (2) of the core sports: Agility (STD and JWW), Obedience, Herding and Tracking.
  • A point scale has been derived for each of the sports and is updated annually as more titles and sports are recognized by AKC. The points are awarded for titles earned; the more difficult the title, the more points the dog receives. The award will be given to the dog with the highest scores who also meets all the criteria.
  • The owner must have significantly trained and handled the dog to its titles (this does not include conformation titles and will give consideration for handler injury and/or physical impairment). Dog must have one at least one of its titles in the year it is nominated.
  • Since this is a lifetime award, the dog is retired after winning and is not eligible to compete in subsequent years.

Download Performance Awards Criteria PDF

Download 2023 ABC Top Performance Dog Award Application PDF

Champion of Merit – COM


Guiding Principles of the Program:
The ABC Champion Of Merit Program is designed to recognize and support the superior qualities embodied in a well-bred boxer. The COM program seeks to award a boxer that is correct in conformation and can demonstrate the characteristics required to be a stable, loving companion and a trainable partner in service, sport or work.

The goal of the Champion of Merit Program is to help make known to breeders and potential boxer owners and handlers alike, that a boxer with a COM title has exhibited not only talent, but a high degree of trainability and work ethic. The program hopes to assist potential conformation and sport and/or service boxer owners and breeders in making more informed breeding and purchasing decisions.

The three tenets at the core of the American Boxer Club Champion of Merit program are:
★ Structural Soundness
★ Proper Temperament
★ Trainability

The program is designed to award those dogs that have demonstrated all three by achieving an AKC Conformation Championship and a Companion, Performance or Working title.

How the COM Program works:
Once a Boxer is an AKC Champion of record and has obtained a Companion/Performance or Working title from the list of acceptable titles, the owner of the dog will submit an application and the required documentation to the Chair of the COM program. The COM Chair will verify the titles and send the owner a title Certificate from the ABC and the COM suffix may be included behind the registered name in all instances where one would also list a DOM, SOM, or LOM.

Titles Qualifying for a COM:
The definition of a qualifying title:
A title achieved for an activity that exhibits a high level of trainability and teamwork in disciplines that relate to the historical, and all around, utility of the Boxer.

Qualifying titles do not include instinct tests or certifications. The titles listed below require significant training and exhibit a working relationship between handler and dog. Many of the titles exhibit an off-leash component, such as a CD, RA or BH. Many Agility, Tracking, Herding, Scent Work, Barn Hunt and IGP titles also meet the programs criteria of exhibiting trainability and a close working partnership.

Qualifying COM Titles
Minimum titling level required
• Obedience: CD
• Rally: RA
• Agility: NA/NAJ
• Tracking: TD/TDU
• Herding: Started
• Scent Work: SWN**
• Barn Hunt: RATO
• IGP: BH/BT***

* No title awarded using any qualifying legs acquired virtually can be used.
** Individual elements are not included.
*** Includes individual tracking and obedience phases and search titles.

The COM title will be retroactive upon application, to assist in recognizing breeders and owners that have these fine boxers, now past, in their pedigrees!

How To Apply:
The application must include copies (not originals) of title certificates, or in the case of working titles, a copy of the particular score book pages as identified on the application.

You can print out the application and email or mail it to the COM chairperson with the required documentation.

Submit Applications To:
Reegan Ray, COM Chairperson     734 San Dieguito Drive     Encinitas, CA 92024     Email:

IMPORTANT: Please note that applications containing multiple Boxers listed on the form, will not be processed. You may apply for multiple dogs, but only one per application to avoid confusion. Only applications received along with all the required supporting documentation, at the same time, will be accepted. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide everything required in one email or in one envelope to avoid confusion and timely processing for all applicants.

COM Application