Late Futurity Bitch Nomination Form

I hereby submit a late Futurity nomination for the following bitch. Payment of fifteen ($15) dollar nomination fee along with the one hundred ($100) dollar late fee for a total of one hundred fifteen ($115) dollars for said nomination (plus a $4.75 processing fee) to be paid via PayPal. Said nomination is subject to the “Conditions” governing the said Futurity. Said nomination is also subject to the “Conditions” governing the said Maturity. The below submission represents that the information is correct and true.

All nominations are subject to the conditions listed in the link “Futurity Stakes”.

The deadline for late bitch nominations will be a postmark or timestamp no later than 2 months before the first day of regular classes at the ABC National Specialty.

After recording the nomination, an ABC Futurity Bitch # will be returned to you at the e-mail address submitted as your receipt and acknowledgement. This number will be needed to submit your puppy Futurity nominations.

If you do not receive acknowledgment of nomination within 4 weeks you should contact the Futurity chairperson at the address or one of the numbers listed at the bottom of this page.

Korinne Vanderpool – ABC Futurity/Maturity Chairman
9160 Fishtrap Road
Cross Roads, TX 76227
Phone: 214-755-4296     Email: