Tim Hutchings – Winiwuk Boxers

A noted Boxer breeder from the UK, Tim has traveled internationally learning and sharing his knowledge of Boxers. He has attended the ABC for over 25 years- originally as a spectator and as the years progressed he has frequently been selected Judge, not just at the National, but also at the companion events and many Specialties throughout the US.

In past several years Tim has generously given both his time an experience to the growth and development of BOXER U, the ABC Breeder Education project. Each year the creative concepts that he and co-presenter Dr. Bill Truesdale share with the attendees encourages the growth and development of both the seasoned and new Boxer enthusiasts. He has shared his knowledge of structure and movement and presented illustrative descriptions of both.

Tim’s knowledge of Boxer bloodlines-UK, European and American and the resulting progeny has been the foundation of his lectures. Tim was raised from his early teens in the Boxers breed by Marion and Ivor Ward Davis, Winuwuk Boxers, legendary breeders in the UK – his involvement with the breed throughout the world spans over 30 years.

His definitive PowerPoints, vast knowledge, and presentations have become an ABC highlight. Tim, as a regular columnist for the UK Dog World, has kindly allowed several of his articles to be shared with ABC thru “In the Know”, and given us an open invitation to use any of his well received articles.

The passion and love of the Boxer is international, and we are lucky to have an internationally respected breeder, judge and writer to share and define the breed on all levels as a part of the Boxer education.