We try to introduce young dogs to various obstacles, but don’t start competition training until the dogs are obedience trained and somewhat mentally seasoned. Agility requires a lot of focus, and most Boxers (and other working breeds) just don’t reach that focus until a little bit older. Of course training can start at a young age, but considering that physical strength and stamina is required, I prefer that they are old enough to have preliminary hips done before serious jumping begins. I personally think 2 to 3 years old is a good age with a solid obedience foundation.

For Competition Training when do we start? Teach the basics first and then it is only a matter of familiarity and experience. We stress accuracy over speed; speed will come with time and experience. A time fault will most often still give you a qualifying run, but a missed contact or a downed bar will get you disqualified regardless of the time.