Anybody with a puppy should train it. Preferably before the puppy arrives, or as part of the decision process of acquiring a puppy, people should contact local breed and /or obedience clubs, get names and references and attend a few classes with different trainers (as visitors) to see who they would be comfortable with. Inquire about prices and what’s offered for the price.

Many people use in-home training or have someone else train the dog. We truly believe in the owners training their own dog. It encourages bonding. Many basic things such as sit, down, stay, heel can be taught at home before the puppy goes to a class. Socialize your puppy with people, not with other dogs. After all, you want your dog to be a people dog, right?

We do not feel that puppies need to play with other dogs, unless they have been removed from the litter prior to 8 weeks or were a single puppy with no opportunity to play with other (older) dogs. This method has shown us that dogs will ignore other dogs and focus more on the human. It comes in handy, since our dogs do not tend to go and play with other dogs during the long sits and downs. But they are not dog aggressive either; they simply don’t care to be with other dogs, they prefer to be with us.