Dr. Lloyd & Mary Flint – FLINTWOOD

Dr. Flint became enamored of Boxers watching them work at a base during World War II where he was Medical Officer. His wife, Mary, had always been a dog lover. They obtained their first Boxer in 1955 after reading the adaptation of the German standard, but never having been to a show. This not uncommon experience planted the seeds for Dr. Flint’s “Meet the Boxer” ten years later and the rewrite of the Standard for the evolving American “ideal”. Undaunted by this first experience, and with some knowledge of genetics, Dr. and Mrs. Flint decided to “go with the flow” and breed their own “more appealing” Boxer and yet preserve “type”. Four years later they won the first of what was to be four of the coveted ABC’s SIRRAH CREST AWARD for KENNEL BREEDING THE MOST CHAMPIONS over the seven-year period 1959 to 1967. They actively bred and exhibited for ten years averaging two litters a year.

The Flints began showing Boxers in 1954 and bred their first litter in 1956. Dr. Flint joined the Middlesex Boxer Club in 1958 where he was an active member for many years, serving several terms as Secretary and President. He is an Honorary Member of both Middlesex Boxer Club and Tarbell Boxer Club. He joined ABC in 1958 and is a Life member. He was Regional Director in 1966 and served on the ABC board in 1971 & 1972. He received the Larry Downey award in 1990. He was also active in the local kennel club, being the AKC Delegate for Framingham Kennel Club for five years.

Dr. Flint chaired the Standard Committee from 1967 to 1976 and did the rewrite of the Standard to update it from the “German” version. Accommodation was now made to the growing American preference for a taller, more “elegant” Boxer. Wording was made more succinct and realistic. In 1973 Dr. Flint produced the brochure “Meet the Boxer” This sepia tone, printed pamphlet included pictures, the standard and information on the breed for the newcomer. It was designed to answer the many questions of the newcomer with information that Dr. Flint remembers wishing he had had when they first got in it. Copies were provided for a small fee to the member clubs and mailed by the Secretary to persons wanting information on the breed. Response was so great, even from foreign clubs, that it required several reprints. It was reprinted and distributed until the 1990s.

Dr. Flint became an AKC judge in 1974 and judged over 20 specialties. He judged the ABC Futurity in 1963. The GF/BP winner was Jo-El’s Absolute Admiration a son of CH Eldic’s Darius SOM. Best Junior was the 12-18 Dog, Mill River’s Kwamina by Barrage. Dr. Flint judged Bitches at the Annual Specialty in 1989. He found his winners bitch in Luv-A-Lee’s Pink Lady, bred by Yetta Meisel.

Dr. Flint became very interested in Boxer genetics. His breeding program was the natural extension of this interest. The Flint’s breeding program was considered a classic and provided Dr. Flint with a mini-study in Boxer genetics. The Flint’s original breeding goal was to try to combine Morgenshern’s classic “type” with Sans Souci’s “elegance”. To limit the variables, both would first be bred to the same stud – a quality dog “in their line”. Therefore, both bitches were bred to CH Barrage of Quality Hill SOM LOM, a Bang Away son with another open pedigree, they then crossed sons and daughters of both back to them to their get plus two outcrosses to have an eventual total of 25 champions and 4 S/DOM (they owned 9 of the champions and 6 S/DOM).

The line is based on two littermates as their foundation bitches – CH Morgenshern of Kresthallo & CH Sans Souci of Kresthallo. They were Bang Away granddaughters out of a bitch that was a granddaughter of his sire Ursa Major and going back to CH Mazelaine’s Zazarak Brandy. These two bitches were also descended from ICH Karlo v Wolfsschlut and CH El Wendie of Rockland (the first bitch to hold a “BIS record”), thus placing them in the pedigree of many of the major modern producers.

The Flints based their breeding program on these two, crossing sons and daughters of both to get of the other to fix their type. This is a relatively “open” pedigree with one double on CH Ursa Major of Sirrah Crest and back massed on the foundation sires (Sirrah Crest back massed on CH Nocturne of Mazelaine). The breeding program that Flint pursued “fixed” the Flintwood type and made them recognizable in the ring. It also made them dominant in the breeding – what you see is what you get.

So, to begin, Sans Souci was bred to Barrage and produced their first 2 champions – CH Flintwood’s Places Please & Subtle Sequence. Morgenshern was also bred to Barrage and produced 4 champions – Flintwood’s After Hours, Darlin’ Jill, Maelstrom & Miss Mayhem. In the next generation Morgenshern was bred to Places Please and produced CH Bag ‘N Baggage and Banned in Boston. Taking stock after this fourth litter, “Baggage” seemed nearing the “goal” but “Banny” lacked head. Some traits seemed to be inherited together in “packets”, so the first of two “outcrosses” were deemed necessary.

Banned in Boston was bred to CH Brayshaw’s Masquerader SOM (a double grandson of Bang Away) and produced the top winners CH Flintwood’s Rave Notice (RWB ABC 1962, BOS ABC 1962 Regional) & CH Flintwood’s Rabble Rouser SOM. (More on the famous Rabble later). A repeat breeding produced CH Flintwood’s Curtain Call (BW ABC 1964) & CH Balconyrock’s Tonight Only (Eileen McClintock’s second champion). The last two were produced after Charles Fortune (Balconyrock) had obtained Banned in Boston.

In the next generation Morgan was bred to Places Please and produced Ch. Flintwood’s Bag ‘N Baggage and Flintwood’s Banned in Boston. Sans Souci was bred to Bag ‘N Baggage and produced Short Shorts, Soothsayer and CH Flintwood’s Sundowner SOM (ABC WD 1961). Sans Souci bred to her son Places Please produced High Dudgeon (non-CH) Morgan and High Dudgeon produced Bespoken, dam of Through Talkin’, Tympany and Taffeta by Ch. Aimeebees Apoppin’ SOM. Taking stock after this fourth litter, “Baggage” seemed nearing the “goal” but “Banny” lacked head. Some traits seemed to be inherited together in “packets”, so the first of two “outcrosses” were deemed necessary.

But now back to San Souci’s side of the story. Sans Souci, bred to CH Flintwood’s Bag ‘N Baggage produced CHs Flintwood’s Short Shorts, Soothsayer and Sundowner (ABC WD 1961). Sans Souci bred to her son CH Flintwood’s Places Please produced Flintwood’s High Dudgeon. This dam-to-son “incest” breeding was accidental, when a kennel hand at the boarding kennel put them in the same pen, not noticing the bitch had just come in heat. Morgenshern and High Dudgeon produced Flintwood’s Bespoken, a plain bitch of excellent type. A second outbreeding was done with her using CH Aimeebees Apoppin’ by CH Eldic’s Darius (a Barrage son out of Upnatem of Woodcrest) yielding the three champions: Flintwood’s Through Talkin’, Tympany and Taffeta.

Returning to Morgenshern’s beautifully headed daughter, CH Flintwood’s After Hours. When bred to Rabble Rouser she produced almost her clone in CH Flintwood’s Fontessa. Fontessa was bred to CH Flintwood’s Sundowner to produce CH Flintwood’s Linebacker (RWD ABC 1966) and CH Flintwood’s Live Ammo, the sire of CH Arriba’s Prima Donna – the only Boxer bitch to go BIS at Westminster (1970) and give Jane Kamp (Forsyth) her first BIS there.

Another “first” was achieved by CH Flintwood’s Rabble Rouser (son of Banned in Boston, see above) when he was ABC BOB & Grand Futurity Winner in 1962. Handled by Jane Kamp, at first for the Bob Randalls, then for Mrs. Cheever Porter, Rabble finished the year as #1 Boxer and #8 Working Dog. Campaigning in the Eastern circuits he often ran up against his litter sister, CH Flintwood’s Rave Notice (owned by “Red” Crise) vying for top honors. Rabble was BOS to CH Treceder’s Painted Lady at ABC in 1963 and 1964. Bob Forsyth showed him at ABC 1967 in Veterans for owner Jane Kamp Forsyth.

Sundowner is also the sire of CH Holly Lane’s Cookie who, when bred to Masquerader, produced CH Holly Lane’s Windstorm LOM, Dam of the Year 1972 (6 CH). Other producers and kennels with Flintwood breeding in their background are: CH Holly Lane’s Wildwind SOM, his son CH My-R’s Haybinder LOM, the Holly Lane “Winter” and “Replay” litters, Moon Valley Merry Weather LOM (by 1972 GF CH Holly Lane Winter Forecast) and her three sons CH Moon Valley Son N’ Shadow, CH Moon Valley Solar Flare & CH Araby’s Shortstop; Tudosal & the brothers CH Benjoman of Five T’s LOM & CH Notelrac’s Major Beau; Turo (Traper & others), Kiebla, Laurel Hills; Capriana; Arriba (with too many to count); Huffand; Rococo; Aimeebee; Rogue Hill; Beaulaine; Harrim; Gray Roy; Scarborough and others.

Dr. Flint was one of the leading urology specialists at the Lahey Clinic in Boston. He retired from active practice and became Clinical Professor of Urology at the Medical University of South Carolina, Myrtle Beach, SC. He was medical director on INTRAV tour – upper crust tours – got CEUs for medical license – out of St Louis, Had been to SA Peru, Buenos Aires, Brazil, etc. at 72 yrs. old.

Dr. Lloyd Flint Obit
Lloyd D. Flint, physician, Myrtle Beach, SC, passed away on February 2, 2010. Flint was born on March 25, 1917, in Paterson, N.J. He was a graduate of Yale Medical School and a WWII veteran, having served as a medical officer aboard the USS Shreveport. During his career in Boston, Flint’s pioneering work in the diagnosis and surgical management of adrenal gland diseases was widely published in medical literature and surgical texts. He staffed several post-graduate courses for the American College of Surgeons and in 1973 was president of the New England Section of the American Urological Association. Flint originally retired to Myrtle Beach in 1982 after a 35-year career as a urological surgeon at Boston’s Lahey Clinic. He then accepted a clinical professorship at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston until 1990. In Myrtle Beach, Flint was education director for the Long Bay unit of the U.S. Power Squadron. He also was a judge of the Boxer dog breed. Flint and his wife, Mary Dreher Flint, founded the Flintwood Kennels of Boston, having raised many champion Boxers. Flint was predeceased by his wife on March 8, 2008 and is survived by his niece, Eleanore Dreher.