Carl A. & Alice Grove Wood – WOODCREST

Carl A. & Alice Groves Wood of Woodcrest Boxers joined the ABC in 1945 and became life members. They had acquired their first Boxer in 1943 and started showing in 1944. Alice Groves Wood was a highly successful business woman in her own right with offices in New York City. She owned and operated one of the first business run by a woman – she was a “head hunter” (executive personnel placement).

Shortly after joining ABC they put her to work as Secretary to the Show Chairman for the 1946 show. She was then Editor of the parent club magazine Boxer Club News for one issue in 1946 and full time from 1949 – 1951. That publication folded when it became too expensive for the ABC to support it (just in time for Boxer Review to come on the scene). She was training coordinator for the Gotham KC of NYC for several years and served as President of the New Jersey Boxer Club.

Alice was Bench Show Chairman for the 1953 and 1954 shows and was then elected to the board for 4 three-year terms from 1951 – 1963. During her time on the Board she served as Secretary from 1957 – 1960; Vice-President in 1954 and in 1963; Dinner Chairman – 1965; Regional Chairman – 1964; and Education Chairman from 1960 – 1969. She and Carl received the first Larry Downey Service Award in 1981.

She was an avid exhibitor and became a very competitive owner-handler who finished almost all of their dogs and put points on the rest. Carl & Alice bred close to 50 litters and produced 24 champions. They occasionally employed handlers – Jane Kamp & Stu Sliney among them. Eleanor Rowe also handled some of the early day Woodcrest dogs.

They purchased a fawn bitch, Ysolde of Mazelaine, by CH Archduke of Valcar (Dorian x CH Valwa von Dom) from the Wagner’s. She was shown at the 1945 ABC and placed 2nd in her Futurity class. She finished her championship in the next year and was bred twice to CH Warlord of Mazelaine. The first breeding produced CH Aftermath of Woodcrest and the second breeding CH Bottle Baby of Woodcrest. Bottle Baby was bred to CH Mazelaine Gallantry (by Archduke) and produced CH Dancing Lady of Woodcrest owned by Beaulaine Kennels and Delilah of Woodcrest owned by the Woods. Dancing Lady was the dam of CH Beaulaine’s Bandleader by Bang Away.

The Woods purchased the Warlord son CH Escort of Dorick in 1948 or early 1949 from Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kettles. He finished in 1952 and stood at Woodcrest in Alpha, NJ until his death. He is the sire of Nuff Said of Woodcrest, the dam of CH Upnatem of Woodcrest, Reserve Junior Futurity in 1960 (by Philanderer).

Eleanor & Richard Haeberle bought one of their first show Boxers from Woodcrest – CH Eveready of Woodcrest who finished in 1953. Bred to Bang Away she produced Eldic’s Beau Brite the dam of CH Eldic’s Darius. Darius in turn sired CH Philanderer of Woodcrest out of Katydid of Woodcrest, CH Aimeebee’s Apoppin out of CH Upnatum of Woodcrest and CH Eldic’s Landlord SOM whose dam also went back to Beau Brite. Philanderer is the sire of CH Aristotle of Woodcrest (sire of CH I-Full of Woodcrest) and CH Busy Body of Woodcrest out if Nuff Said.

Beau Brite’s granddaughter, Eldic’s Onederful went back to Woodcrest and was bred to Philanderer to produce CH Exuberant of Woodcrest. She in turn was bred three times to CH Capriana’s Renegade. This combination produced CH Utmost of Woodcrest, CH Playboy of Woodcrest, CH Utterly Utterly of Woodcrest and CH Audacious of Woodcrest. In 1967 Utterly Utterly was first Reserve Futurity in her age group with Alice handling and Playboy won his class. Utterly Utterly was bred to CH Flintwood’s Live Ammo and produced CH Hanky Panky of Woodcrest, the sire of CH Super Duper of Woodcrest.

The next year CH You Too of Woodcrest was first in the class and CH You Said It of Woodcrest, Reserve Futurity in the age group. They were by Ringo of Woodcrest CD out of Empress of Woodcrest who also produced CH Imprompt II of Woodcrest. You Too was sold to newcomers, Nancy & Richard Shields in 1969. You Said It was bred to CH Salgray’s Ambush LOM and produced CH King Kohl of Woodcrest.

U-All of Woodcrest was bred twice – the first time in 1980 to CH Omega’s Rockfire and her puppy – CH Zat’s So of Woodcrest, became the first champion for Dr. Larry Dosier (Fourbears). The second breeding was to CH Sam-El’s Maker’s Mark and produced CH Abbie of Woodcrest owned by Paul & Shirley O’Donohu. Abbie was the last Woodcrest champion to finish.

Carl Anton Wood was born in 1903. His father was an American professor of German and was working in Europe when he met the Prussian Baroness that became Mrs. Wood. This area of northeast Germany was the location of vast agricultural estates – home to breeders of horses, dogs and warriors par excellence for centuries. The land Barons (von denotes a title) – who had a heavy dose of Russian aristocratic blood also – supplied many of the officers for the General Staff of the German Army for the Great War and World War II. Carl was related through his mother to about half of them and was restricted to the US during the wars.

Most of Prussia was given to Poland when Germany was broken up after the first World War. Many of the Barons also had property in Germany. The German Army was reduced drastically in size but they retained all of the officers with rank (including Philip Stockmann) with every intention of staging a comeback in the future. These men trained for 10 years and were the officer core of Hitler’s Third Reich. Hitler stupidly purged most of them early in the War (Rommel was one of the last). Carl offered his services during WWII but was still related to too many of them and his services were politely declined with “You will stay in touch? We will be able to find you at …?” – right?

This explains his unique ability (to us) of rolling those jaw breaking German names off (“It’s not von der Worm, it’s von der Weurm with the umlaut on the O”). Carl was the “Voice of the ABC” for many years. He had a wonderful, mellow tone and handled the announcing duties at the specialties and Parades from the forties into the late eighties. He was MC for the Bang Away Dinner in 1956. In the 1980’s he began to share the duties with Dr. Samuel Bitler and Dr. A D Mason, Jr (past President of ABC).

Carl planned, directed and edited the commentary for the first Parade in 1952 where he staged the now-famous shot of Warlord, Brandy and Bang Away together. His knowledge of the dogs, handlers, and owners resulted in many interesting tidbits of information making their way into the commentary. Carl became Historian for ABC in 1957 – a position he retained until his death in 1990. He was Librarian from 1957-1973 and in charge of the complete German Studbooks and the catalog library (later given to AKC).

He started the Life Member program and was Life Member Chairman from its inception in 1971. He did the histories on the inductees. He twice did ABC histories for publication in the Catalog and did one for the Futurity when he was on the committee. These short biographies and pictures were provided to Suzie Campbell and included in the ABC 50th Anniversary Album. It is thanks to these efforts that we have information and pictures of many of the early-day officers and officials. Carl also turned his pen to the then monthly AKC Gazette column from 1971 -1980. He chaired or served on the Standards Committee 1977 – 1989; Publicity Chairman 1969 – 1975 & 1977 – 1980; ABC Board from 1964 – 1977; Vice-President form 1974 – 1977 & Honorary Vice-President in 1987. Alice & Carl Wood received the Larry Downey Award for service in 1981. Lorraine Meyer (who was hand-picked by Alice for the job of Secretary) did a wonderful tribute to Carl in the 1990 catalog, reprinted here in full. To which we can only say AMEN – would that we could ask Carl!

Carl & Alice both obtained judging licenses early on. She obtained a judging license in 1956, the same year she judged the Futurity. GFW was Eldic’s Darius from 6 – 9. BJ was Wyndyway’s Early Bird from 12 – 18. Alice did the Regional in 1964 hosted by the Boxer Club of Arizona, with BOB going to CH Helixview Jewels Fashion & BOS CH Cochise of Cherokee Oaks. Carl judged ABC in 1959. BOB was CH Hollee’s Top Preview, BOS CH Terudon’s Kiss Me Kate. Carl did the Futurity in 1972. GF was Holly Lane’s Winter Forecast from 12 – 18. Best Puppy was Sir Ivan Ho of Camelot from 9 – 12 by Fashion Hint. They both did the Regional. Carl judged the 1967 Regional. BOB was Trecedor Always & BOS CH Rockwood’s Big D.