2016 National Results

05/07 – 05/13
73rd Annual Specialty
Wyndham West, Indianapolis, IN


Futurity: Medley Small
Tom Latta
Shelli Sinclair-Wood
JS: Tom Latta
Agility: Abbie A Hanson
Obedience: David W. Haddock
Obedience: Fred Buroff


Futurity: 170
JS: 6
Obed: 57
Obed: 46
Rally: 40
Rally: 37
Agility: 196

Catalog Results:

Jr Showmanship
Agility – Monday
Agility – Tuesday
Obedience – Saturday
Obedience – Sunday
Rally – Saturday
Rally – Sunday

BOB: GCH. CH. Mephisto’s Speak Of The Devil
BOS: CH. Tybrushe’s Sultan of Swing
BOW/WB: Bar-K’s Bonnie Lass
SD: GCH. CH. Shadigree’s Protege
SB: GCH. CH. JoKar’s N Happy Tail’s Blonde Moment
AOM: GCH. CH. Bar-K’s Starina of Charmer
AOM: CH. Mircoa N Irondale’s Crushing It At Twinbrook
AOM: GCH. CH. Rosend ‘N Ringside’s She’s So Savvy
AOM: GCH. CH. Saphires Violet Sky in Vegas of Streamline
WD: Hi Desert N Mephistio’s Game Changer
RWD: Oscar World Of Chiba Daitoku
RWB: Triple Crown’s Off and Running
VET(D) 6yrs under 8 yrs: GCH. CH. DC’s Something To Talk About At Cinnrhee
VET(D) 8yrs under 10 yrs: CH. Firestar’s Indian Warrior, CD, BN, RN
VET(D) 10 yrs & Older: CH. Robinson’s Burnished Gold
VET(B) 6yrs under 8 yrs: GCH. CH. Saphires Violet Sky in Vegas of Streamline
VET(B) 8yrs under 10 yrs: GCH. CH. Winfall I Dream Of Style
VET(B) 10 yrs & Older: CH. Yankee’s Trina Of Harmson
Stud Dog: GCH. CH. Shadigeee’s Sequel To Legends
Brood Bitch: CH. Shadigee’s Lady Luck
BJH: Mackenzie Jones
BF/BPF: La Pawz OMG Look At Me (9-12 mos)(B)
BJF: CH. Irondale’s Just A Good Ole Boy (15-18 mos)(D)
HI JWW: MACH3 Anja von Waldstadt, VCD2, RE, MXS2, MJB2, MXP, OF, T2B
HIT/HI STD: Venician’s A Valley Knight Of Fire, RN, OA, OAJ, XF
Obed HIT: Sunchase’s Spin the Bottle, BN, CGCA, OA, OAJ, PCD, NF, RA (Sun)
Obed HC: Sunchase’s Little Pink Ribbon, UD, MX, MXJ, OF, RAE, BN, CGCA, CA (Sat)
Obed HSCH: CH. HappyTail’s The Best Is Yet To Come, BN, CD, RATO (Sat & Sun)
Rally HC: MACH3 Anja von Waldstadt, VCD2, RE, MXS2, MJB2, MXP, OF, T2B (Sat)
Rally HC: Sunchase’s Lightening Strikes Twice, UDX, MX, MXJ, OF, CA, CGCA, MXB, RAE (Sun)