2015 National Results

05/02 – 05/08
72nd Annual Specialty
Wyndham West, Indianapolis, IN


Futurity: Michelle Yeadon
Hal Biermann
Terry Berrios
JS: Hal Biermann
Agility: Jean Munger
Obedience: Dianne Allen
Obedience: Suzanne Hemminger


Futurity: 155
JS: 3
POC: 65
Obed: 52
Obed: 47
Rally: 41
Rally: 37
Agility: 159

Catalog Results:

Jr Showmanship
Parade of Champions & Titleholders
Agility – Monday
Agility – Tuesday
Obedience – Saturday
Obedience – Sunday
Rally – Saturday
Rally – Sunday

BOB: GCH. CH. Shadigeee’s Sequel To Legends
BOS: GCH. CH. Mephisto’s Speak Of The Devil
SD: CH. Cherkei’s Dick Tracey
SB: CH. R and G N Hunter Creeks Mystical Attraction
AOM: GCH. CH. Hijinx This Is How I Roll
AOM: GCH. CH. Marburl and Illyrian’s Lone Ranger
AOM: GCH. CH. Brisbane “N Blue Monday’s Diamonds Are Decadent
AOM: GCH. CH. Emerson Breho Soul Patrol of Windwood CD BN
BOW/WB: Irondale’s Look Of Love
WD: Liston’s Hi-Tech DaVinci Code
RWD: Streamline N Sapphire’s Sonic Boom
RWB: Vixayo’s All That’s Left For Garnsey
VET(D) 6yrs under 8 yrs: GCH. CH. Emerson Breho Soul Patrol of Windwood CD BN
VET(D) 8yrs under 10 yrs: CH. Rummer Run’s Box’N Blitz At Peja’s
VET(D) 10 yrs & Older: GCH. CH. Raineylane-Studio DaVinci
VET(B) 6yrs under 8 yrs: She Shines Like Black Diamonds
VET(B) 8yrs under 10 yrs: CH. Desert’s She’s Everything
VET(B) 10 yrs & Older: Winmere Black-Eyed Susan RN OA OAJ AXP AJP XFP
Stud Dog: CH. Pheasant Hollow’s Kryptonite
Brood Bitch: CH. Breho Emerson Voodoo Doll
BJH: Brooke Moyer
BF/BJF: Liston’s Hi-Tech DaVinci Code (15-18 mos)
BPF: Pheasant Hollow’s Devil In A Dress (9-12 mos)
HIT/HI STD: MACH Ava Josephine von Waldstadt RN MXS MJS XF T2B2
HI JWW: MACH CH. Lemko’s Shootin’ Star at Rocket CD RA MX MXJ XF
Obed HIT/HC: Sunchase’s Little Pink Ribbon UD BN RE AXJ OF CA CGCA (Sat)
Obed HIT: Bosckoph Bringing The Heat RN (Sun)
Obed HC: CH. Happy Tail’s Let’s Get This Party Started UD OA AXJ RE (Sun)
Obed HSCH: CH. Happy Tail’s The Best Is Yet To Come BN (Sat & Sun)
Rally HC: Sunchase’s Lightning Strike’s Twice MX MXJ CA UDX RE OF CGCA (Sat)
Rally HC: Tealcrest’s Beck and Call CDX AX AXJ (Sun)