2013 National Results

05/03 – 05/09
71st Annual Specialty
Wyndham West, Indianapolis, IN


Futurity: Wendy June Morawski
Alberto Berrios
Ann Gilbert
JS: Alberto Berrios
Agility: Katherine Rudolph
Obedience: Suzanne D. Hemminger
Obedience: Dianne L. Allen


JS: 5
Obed: 56
Obed: 58
Rally: 18
Rally: 22
Agility: 199

Catalog Results:

Jr Showmanship
Agility – Monday
Agility – Tuesday
Obedience – Saturday
Obedience – Sunday
Rally – Saturday
Rally – Sunday

BOB: GCH. CH. Hi-Tech The King of Sherry Shoot JP
BOS: GCH. CH. Sapphire’s Violet Sky in Vegas at Streamline
SD: GCH. CH. Ho-Pa’s Grand Slam
SB: GCH. CH. Draco Greets Dassin With Fourbears
AOM: GCH. CH. Breho Fortunity Shared Fortune
AOM: CH Daybreak’s Bad Influence
AOM: GCH. CH. Dorado’s High Hope of Essence
AOM: GCH. CH. R and G’s Mystical Dancer
BOW/WD: Shadigee’s Sequel to Legends
RWD: Encore’s Avenger
WB: Rummer Run’s Black Magic
RWB: Mephisto’s Speak of the Devil
BVD: CH. McGee’s The Gambler
BV/BVB: GCH. CH. Breho Emerson Dream Walkin’ RN BN
Stud Dog: CH. Marburl’s Hidalgo
Brood Bitch: GCH. CH. Jokar’s Blonde Ambitions of Happy Tails
BJH: Brooke Moyer
BF/BPF: Rummer Run’s Black Magic (9-12 mos)(B)
BJF: Irondale’s Moment For Life (12-15 mos)(B)
HIT: Boxnen’s Jet von Waldstat OAP MJP
HI STD: MACH5 Cherkei’s Too Hot To Handle CD RE BN MXC MJB2 T2B2 CA
HI JWW: MACH Anja Von Waldstadt VCD2 RE MXS MJB OF
HIT: Sunchase’s Little Pink Ribbon (Sat & Sun)