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Sires and Dams of Merit
(Updated June 2022)

The American Boxer Club presents awards for the following accomplishments for Boxers. A DOM (Dam of Merit) is a female Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced 4 AKC Champions. A SOM (Sire of Merit) is a male Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced 7 AKC Champions. A POM (Producer of Merit - no award is given at this time) is either a male Boxer registered with the AKC or a female Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced a SOM or a DOM. SOM, DOM and POM first appeared in print by the ABC in the 1987 ABC Specialty Catalog.

In 2013 two new SOM/DOM catagories were created, the DOMG and SOMG. A DOMG is a female Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced 4 AKC Grand Champions. SOMG is a male Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced 7 AKC Grand Champions.

Sires of Merit with 7 AKC Grand Champion get to their credit:

Sire of Merit with 7 AKC performance get to their credit:

CH. Avalon's Code Red, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Bentbrooks Image of Highnoon, SOM, LOM
GCHP. CH. Cherkei's Dick Tracey, SOM
CH. Cinnibon's Know When to Hold'Um, SOM
GCHS. AM/CAN CH. Duba-Dae's Who's Your Daddy, SOM, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Encore's Bismark, SOM, LOM
GCHG. AM/CAN CH. Irondale's Look At Me Now, SOM, LOM
GCHG. CH. Irondale's Thunderstruck, SOM
GCH. CH. Justawyn Ding Time at Heartacres, SOM, LOM
GCHG. CH. Marburl and Illyrian's Lone Ranger, CGC, SOM
GCHB. CH. Naja's Mi-T Alliance, SOM
CH. Nantess Just Try It, SOM
CH. Pearlisle Standing-O for Bix-L, SOM
GCHP. CH. R and G's Mystical Dancer, SOM, LOM
GCH. CH. Raineylane-Studio DaVinci, SOM
GCH. AM/CAN CH. Raklyn's The Bronx MVP at Third, SOM
GCHG. AM/CAN CH. Shadigee's Sequel to Legends, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Silverlane's Excalibur, SOM

CH. Breezewood's Lord of Wystmont, CDX, RE, CGC, TDI, SOM, LOM

SIRES of Merit
(Verified by the ABC Sires and Dams Committee)

CH. Adellin's Simply Nantess
CH. Adellin's
CH. Aimeebee's Apoppin
AM/CAN CH. Amerglo Bell Ringer, UD
CH. Apollo of San Joaquin
CH. Araby's Black Watch
CH. Araby's Shortstop
CAN CH. Aracrest's Epic
AM/CAN CH. Aracrest's Jered
AM/CAN CH. Aracrest's Kaylib
CH. Aracrest's Talisman
GCHG. CH. Archangel's Ring Keeper of Vincenza, CA, RATN
CH. Archduke of Valcar
CH. Arriba Talisman Ego
CH. Arriba Talisman Epitome
CH. Arriba Talisman Satisfaction
AM/CAN CH. Arriba's Associate of Karjean
CH. Arriba's Cherkei Oh Boy
CH. Arriba's Crescendo
CH. Arriba's Footloose
CH. Arriba's Knight Revue
CH. Avalon's Code Red
CH. Avalon's Excalibur of Turo
Avalon's Justice of Windsong
CH. Avalon's X-Factor

CH. Baldr's Black Tie and Tails
CH. Baldr's Sun Smoke
CH. Bang Away of Sirrah Crest
AM/MEX/CAN CH. Bar-K's Tribute to Barlow TT
GCH. CH. Barbiloc's Dart Image at Happy Tails, CD, RA, NA, NAJ
CH. Barisle's Dash of Magic
CH. Barisle's Special Premium
ICH. Barrage of Quality Hill
AM/CAN CH. Bayview Clean Sweep
CH. Bayview Strides Ahead
CH. Becrelen's Import
CH. Bee-Mike's One Night Stand
CH. Belco's Coppertone, RN
AM/CAN CH. Belco's Longkiss Good Knight
AM/CAN CH. Bellcrest Just Watch Me
CH. Benjoman of 5T's
AM/CAN CH. Bentbrooks Image of Highnoon
AM/CAN CH. Bentbrook's Time to Ascend
CH. Berena's Gemini Splashdown
CH. Berena's Tribute to Fa-Fa
AM/CAN CH. Berlane's Causin An Uproar
AM/CAN CH. Berlane's High Voltage
AM/CAN CH. Berlane's Joint Venture
CH. Bix-L's Richochet to Greyhawk
AM/CAN CH. Bjay's Traveling Man
CH. Bladan's U-Chetnik
CH. Box M Irving De Keefer
CH. Boxrmor N Renno Here's Johnny
CH. Braemerwood Happy Tracks
CH. Brandiwine If By Chance at Minstrel
GCH. AM/CAN CH. Bravo N Sunset Stealing Time
CH. Brayshaw's Masquerader
CH. Breezewood's Equal Time
CH. Breezewood's Lord of Wystmont CDX, RE
AM/CAN CH. Breho I Bee Shinin'
AM/CAN CH. Breho Sanjac E Z Travlin
CH. Breho Some Legends Are Told, RN
CH. Brettendale's Gold Medal
CH. Brettendale's Stampede
CH. Bridgewood's B K Kahuna
CH. Brookwood's Dream Dancer
CH. Brookwood's Full Moon
CH. Brookwood's Place of Dreams
CH. Brookwood's Mystic Warrior
CH. Bropat's Red Alert of Asgard
CH. Bubbling Over of Lilac Hedge
CH. Budsobrav's Happy Days CD
AM/CAN CH. Burlwood's Drive 'M Wild Dreamweaver
CH. Burlwood's Loverboy
CH. But Good of Lilac Hedge

CH. C-Era Dar's Keil's Marley
CH. Cachet's Casablanca of Turo
CH. Cachet's Mad Max of Turo
CH. Cachet's Turn'n on the Charm
CH. Cajon's Calling Card
CH. Canyonair Hickory Dick, CD
CH. Canyonair's Man on Fire
CH. Canzonet's Musical Matinee
CH. Capri's Woods End Spellcaster
CH. Capriana's Bragabout
AM/CAN CH. Capriana's Renegade
CH. Captain Lookout of Thorhall
CH. Carillon's Number One Draft Pick
CH. Carlwen's Sean of Erin
GCH. CH. Carma's Nightwatch at Lattalane
CH. Castro's Midnight Special
CH. Cava-Lane Moving On
CH. Caymans Black Bart
CH. Caymans Texas Ranger
CH. Cedar Hill's Capital Classic
CH. CherKei's Desperado
GCHP. CH. CherKei's Dick Tracey
CH. CherKei's High Cotton
CH. CherKei's Son-Of-A-Gun
CH. CherKei's Ultimate High
GCHB. AM/CAN CH. Cinbar's Just Call Me Handsome
CH. Cinnibon's Know When to Hold'um
CAN CH. Cinnrhee Hiriveroler Heartacre
CH. Cochise of Cherokee Oaks
CH. Crysto's Image of Arriba

Danrick's Done it Again
CH. Dapper Dan III, CD
CH. Dauber of Tulgey Wood
CH. Debut's Desperado, CD
CH. Dempsey's Copper Gentleman
AM/CAN CH. Doggone Ounce Of Gold
CAN CH. Doll Announces Veni Vidi Vici
AM/CAN CH. Donessle's Cassino
ICH. Dorian v Marienhof of Mazelaine
CH. Dormac's Gunslinger
AM/CAN CH. Dornlea's Free Spirit
AM/CAN CH. Draymia's Total Package, CD
CH. Duba-Dae's Buster Brown
GCH. AM/CAN CH. Duba-Dae's Who's Your Daddy
CH. Duke Cronian
Dusty Road's Perfect World

AM/CAN CH. Echo's Believe It or Not
CH. Edjer of Baldr
CH. Ein-Von's Causin Kaos
ICH. Eldic's Darius
CH. Eldic's Landlord
AM/CAN CH. Elharlen's Yachtsman
CH. Elixir of Raineylane
CH. Ell Bee's Just Watch Out
AM/CAN CH. Ell Bee's Sooner Bee Travlin
CH. Ellis' Laissez le Bon Temp Rouler
CH. Encore's Atticus A-Braxx-Us
AM/CAN CH. Encore's Bismark, SOMG
CH. Encore's Crimson Tide
CH. Encore's Ferrari
CH. Encore's Judgment Day
CH Encore's Matrix
CH. Encore's Paths of Glory
GCH. CH. Encore's Propaganda, CA
GCHB. CH. Encore's Renegade
GCHP. CH. Encore's Sovereign
CH. Endymion of Mazelaine
CH. Ensign's Architect
GCHS. CH. Ensign's Justified
CH. Evergreen Big Shot Elanwood
CH. Evergreen Krugerand Elanwood
CH. Evergreen's Bogart
CH. Evergreen's Class Act
CH. Evergreen's Orion
CH. Evo-Wen's Impressario
CH. EWO's Nice and Easy
CH. EWO's Reflection of Breaker
CH. EWO's Tie Breaker

GER CH. Fachinger v Neu Drosedow
GCH. CH. Faerdorn Dust Buster
CH. Falmark's Diamond Mine
AM/CAN CH. Fiero's Tally- Ho Tailo
CH. Firestar's Indian Outlaw
CH. Flintwood's Bag 'n Baggage
CH. Flintwood's Linebacker
AM/CAN CH. Flintwood's Rabbel Rouser
CH. Flintwood's Sundowner
CH. Frazer's Parade Meister

CH. Gaelic Greine O'Burks
GCHG. CH. Galaroc N Ewing's Showdown
AM/CAN CH. Garnsey's Mad Max
CH. Garnsey's Varsity Blues
CH. Gemstone's Diamonds 'N Jems
CH. Gerhard's Lamplighter
AM/CAN CH. Glennroe Rob Roy of Telstar
CH. Glennroe Rum Runner
AM/CAN CH. Golden Haze Tuxedo
AM/CAN CH. Gray Roy's Minstrel Boy
AM/MEX CH. Guapo Soto, TT

CH. Hallmark's Rumor Has It
CH. Happy Ours Fortune De Jacquet
CH. Happytail's Dart Impact
CH. Har-Vel's Gold Express
CH. Har-Vel's Josh's Gold, CD
Haberl's Love Over Gold, CDX, PCDX, BN, GN, RAE, CA, CGC, TKN
CH. Harlyn Bee-Vee Regal Heir
AM/CAN CH. Heart Acres Escort in Black
AM/CAN CH. Heart Acres Formal Attire
CH. Heldenbrand's Heartbreaker
CH. Heldenbrand's Jet Breaker
AM/CAN CH. Helixview Noble Knight
CH. Herndon's Peerless Panda
CH. Herndon's Pure Magic
Heromiari Faust at Ronin CGCB
AM/CAN CH. Hi Desert Bend It Like Beckham
CH. Hi-Tech's Back to the Future
CH. Hi-Tech Current Event
CH. Hi-Tech Johnny J of Boxerton
GCHG. AM/JAP/CAN CH. Hi-Tech The King of Sherry Shoot JP
CH. Hi-Tech's Aladdin of Cynra
CH. Hi-Tech's Arbitrage
CH. Hi-Tech's Aristocrat
CH. Hi-Tech's Basic Edition
CH. Hi-Tech's Sound Investment
CH. Hickory's Golden Glove
CH. High River's On Fire
CH. Highriver's Taylor Made of Backwoods
CH. Hollycrest's Farm Hand
CH. Hollycrest's Stage Hand
CH. Holly Lane Flamboyant Carlon
CH. Holly Lane's Baccarat Teohlin
CH. Holly Lane's Diamond Replay
CH. Holly Lane's Disk Wheel
CH. Holly Lane's Dream Peddler, CD
AM/CAN CH. Holly Lane's Fantan of Teohlin
CH. Holly Lane's Inherit the Wind
CH. Holly Lane's Irish Coffee
CH. Holly Lane's Prairie Chief
CH. Holly Lane's Spin a Dream
CH. Holly Lane's Wild as the Wind
CH. Holly Lane's Wildwind
CH. Holly Lane's Winter Storm
CH. Huck Hill's Rampage
CH. Huffand's Irish Rebel
CH. Huffand's Nice Enough

GCH. CH. Illyrian and Marburl's Hail tothe Chief
CH. Illyrian's Sharper Image
CH. Illyrian's Trilogy
CH. Ingo v Heger se Sumbula
CH. Interludes's Bavarian Hummel
AM/CAN CH. Irondale's Jagged Edge
GCH. AM/CAN CH. Irondale's Look at Me Now
GCHG. CH. Irondale's Thunderstruck SOMG
AM/CAN CH. Irondale's Uncommon Valor

CH. Jacquet's Brass Idol
CH. Jacquet's Bravo of Goldfield
CH. Jacquet's Drakkar
CH. Jacquet's Greggson
AM/CAN CH. Jacquet's Novarese
CH. Jacquet's Pulsar
Jacquet's Red Hawk
CH. Jacquet's Super Nova
AM/CAN CH. Jacquet's Urko
CH. Jacquet's Zephan
CH. JEMS Jack of Diamonds
CH. JEMS Pearl Jam
AM/CAN CH. JEMs Rock the House
CH. Jered's Sovereign
CH. Jered's Spellbinder
AM/CAN CH. Jodi's Jeremiah
AM/CAN CH. Jodi's Jubilation
CH. Jodi's Riptide
CH. Jopa's Great Gusto of Higo's
CH. Jo-San's Future Time
AM/CAN CH. Josha's Linebacker, CD
CH. Just-A-Wyn's Bumblebee Camaro
GCH. CH. Justawyn Ding Time at Heartacres
CH. Just-A-Wyn's Rolls Royce Silver Spur

CH. Karmel's Dream Weaver
GCH. CH. Katandy's Fast Forward
CH. Keil's Dynasty
AM/CAN CH. Keil's Vision
AM/CAN CH. Keil's Wimbledon
GCH. AM/CAN CH. KG Halcyon Fire King
CH. Kenasher's Divine Wind
CH. Kimkar's Hi-Tech Traveler

CH. King's Mojave
AM/CAN CH. KJ's Box-Sin Rebel of Ruffian
CH. Kobang of Sirrah Crest
CH. Kreyon's Easy Money
CH. Kricket's Jonathan

CH. LaRich Stars to the Maxl
CH. Laurel Hill's Evening Star
CH. Leblanc's Back Door Johnny
CH. Lewgin Lane's Whizz Bang
GCHS. CH. Liston's Hi-Tech DaVinci Code
Liston's Ritchie Valens
AM/CAN CH. Logan Elm Runs At Heart Acre
ICH. Lustig von Dom of Tulgey Wood

ICH. Mahderf's El Chico
GCHG. CH. Marburl and Illyrian's Lone Ranger
GCH. CH. Marburl's Brazos of Shadigee
CH. Marburl's Hidalgo
ICH. Marburl's Joshua
CH. Marjack's Golden Windjammer
CH. Marquam Hill's Comanche
CH. Marquam Hill's Traper of Turo
AM/CAN CH. Marquam Hill's Trigger of Turo
CH. Mar-Ray's Dashing-Lee
GCHB. CH. Mason Hill's Eye of the Tiger
CH. Maxl's Golden Boy
CH. Maxl's Premiere of Dreamweaver
GCHS. CH. Maxl's Stay Gold
Mazelaine's Kapellmeister
CH. Mazelaine's Masterpiece
CH. Mazelaine's Zazarac Brandy
Ch McCoy's Hide Your Hearts
Me-Don's Special Revue
CH. Mel-O-D'S Living By The Word
AM/CAN CH. Memorylane's Avenger
AM/CAN CH. Mephisto's Rosenkavalier
ICH. Mephisto's Soldier of Fortune
ICH. Mephisto's Vendetta
CH. Merrilane's April Fashion
CH. Merrilane's April Holiday
CH. Merrilane's Holiday Fashion
CH. Merrilane's Knockout
CH. Merrilane's Mad Magic of Jofra
ICH. Merry Monarch
GCH. AM/CAN CH. Mi-T'S Believe It or Not
ICH. Millan's Fashion Hint
CH. Milray's Winsome of Will-Ve's
CH. Mistyvalley's Curtain Call
ICH. Monarch's Ego of Garakonti, CD
CH. Moon Valley Main Attraction
CH. Moon Valley No Doubt
CH. Moon Valley No Foolin'
ICH. Moon Valley's Solar Flare
ICH. Moon Valley's Sun'N Shadow
CH. Moon Valley's Sunsation
CH. Moreleen Meralota v Imladris
CH. Moreleen's Al-Le-Lu-Ia
ICH. Moss Wood's Zinger Zapper
CH. Murbe Chew Irondale Just Josh
CH. My-R's Haybinder of Holly Lane
CH. Mystery's Show BIS

AM/CAN CH. Naja's Enterprise of Summer
GCHB. CH. Naja's Mi-T Alliance
CH. Nantess Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
CH Nantess Drizzling Zeppole at Rico's
GCHG. CH. Nantess Foolin Around
CH. Nantess Just Try It
CH. Nantess Myde High Roller
CH. Nantess Royal Flush
GCHS. CH Nantess Royal Hot Rod
CH. Nemrac's Ali Bey
Niklof's Columbo
CH. Norhaven's Gladiator
CH. Notelrac's Major Beau

CH. Omega's Rockfire
CH. Omega's Solid Gold
CH. Omega's Tycoon

CH. Paramount's Boogie Nights
CH. Pearlisle N Standing O Risk Factor
CH. Pearlisle Standing-O for Bix-L
GCH. CH. Pheasant Hollow's Kryptonite
CH. Pheasant Hollow's Macho Camacho
CH. Philanderer of Woodcrest
CH. Piccolo v.d. Stuttgarter
CH. Pinebrook's Innuendo
CH. Pinebrook's Radiation
CH. Pinebrook's Unique Blend
AM/CAN CH. Pinepath's Night Watch
CH. Popham's Firebrand
AM GCH. CH./MEX CH. PRO's Original 501 Blues, TT
CH. Nantess Drizzling Zeppole at Rico's

CH. Quisto's Cornerstone

GCH. CH. R and G's Mystical Dancer
GCH. CH. R and G N' Aloha's Wild Knight, CD, BN, RA, CGCA
CH. Raineylane Jubar's Acquisition
GCH. CH. Raineylane-Studio DaVinci
CH. Raineylane's Marshall Dillon
CH. Raineylane's Paladin
CH. Raklyn's High Stakes at Ivylane
CH. Raklyn's Showboat
CH. Raklyn's Stealing the Show
GCH. CH. Raklyn's the Bronx MVP at Third
CH. Regal Hitech Picasso of Darvick, RN
AM/CAN CH. Renee's Brooklyn Bruiser
CH. Renno's Country Kid
GCH. AM/CAN CH. Rikar's Crime of the Century
AM/CAN CH. Rikar's Renegade Law Man
CH. Rochil's Call of the Wild
CH. Rochil's Grande Marshall
CH. Rockalane's Country Sunset
CH. Rockett's Red Glare
Ronin Plainly Wrapped
CH. Rosend's After Midnight
CH. Rosend's Bo Diddley
CH. Rosend's Booker T
AM/CAN CH. Rosend's Corporate Raider
CH. Rosend's Key Largo
CH. Rosend's Right on the Money, RN
AM/CAN CH. Ruffian's Alleged
CH. Rummer Run's High Noon
CH. Rummer Run's Ticker Tape
Rummer Run's Tug of War

CH. Sajac's Royal Savage
CH. Salgray's Ambush
CH. Salgray's Balladeer
ICH. Salgray's Battle Chief
CH. Salgray's Bojangles
CH. Salgray's Expresso
CH. Salgray's Fashion Plate
ICH. Salgray's Flying High
CH. Salgray's Good Grief
ICH. Salgray's Hijinx O' Thorn Crest
CH. Salgray's K.O. Aracrest
CH. Salgray's Market Wise
CH. Salgray's Ovation
CH. Salgray's Royal Flush
CH. Sam-El's Maker's Mark
CH. Santi Me Hay Wire, NA NAJ
CH Sarkel's True Grit
CH. Scarborough Norman Knight
CH. Scarborough Silversmith
CH. Scarlet Oak Rocco
ICH. Scher-Khoun's Abednego
ICH. Scher-Khoun's Meshack
ICH. Scher-Khoun's Shadrack
CH. Schoolmaster of Mazelaine
CH. Schoolmaster's Easter Noah
ICH. Seaside's EWO Surf Breaker
Sergi's N BJ's Junior Strut
GCHS. (AKC) GCH. (CKC) AM/CAN CH. Shadigee's Calculated Risk
GCH. AM/CAN CH. Shadigee's Protege
GCHG. AM/CAN CH. Shadigee's Sequel to Legends
CH. Shadow's Nairobi
Shalsade's Handyman, TD
AM/CAN CH. Sherilyn's Sheridan
CH. Shieldmont's Dimension
CH. Shieldmont's Game Plan
CH. Shieldmont's Issues N Answers
CH. Shieldmont's Judge 'N' Jury
CH. Shieldmont's Let's Make A Deal
ICH. Sigurd von Dom of Barmere
AM/CAN CH. Silverlane's Excalibur
CH. Sir Galahad of Bladan, CDX
AM/CAN CH. Sirrocco's Sing it To Me
GCH. CH. Solidrock's Major Ensemble At Pure Pride
CH. Sorrelane's Student Prince
CH. Sortilair's Flaming Star
AM/CAN CH. Spark Plug
CH. Special K's A Jet of My Own
CH. Standing-O Dallas at Harmson
GCHB. CH. Starlyn-South Willow's Family Tradition, CAA, CGC, CA, ACG
GCHG. CH. Streamline N Inspiration's Crime Boss
CH. Storybook's Page after Page
CH. Storybook's Rip It Up
AM/CAN CH. Strawberry's Caballero
AM/CAN CH. Strawberry's Medalist
CH. Strawberry N Reo Gold Country
AM/CAN CH. Summer's Blackjack of Shadigee
AM/CAN CH. Summer's Dash Riprock
CH. Summit View's Fuzz Buster
CH. Summit View's Legal Tender
CH. Sundarby's Fleetwood Mac
AM/CAN CH. Sunset Fonz of Five T's
AM/CAN CH. Syrr Run's Line of Credit
AM/CAN CH. Syrr Run's Online Heart Acres

AM/CAN CH. Talisman Arriba Silverado
CH. Talisman's Vigilante
CH. Tall Oaks Desert Dazzler
CH. Tejelo Reflection of Hunter
CH. Telstar's Claim Jumper
CH. Telstar's Dixieland Band
CH. Telstar's Front Runner
CH. Telstar's Good Time Charlie
CH. Telstar's Gorgeous George
CH. Telstar's Handsome Harry
CH. Telstar's Highflyer
CH. Telstar's News Maker
CH. Telstar's Starmaker
CH. Testwood a Kind of Magic
CH. Tolfan's Total Eclipse
AM/CAN CH. Tradonalee's Bismark
CAN CH. Tradonalee's Classic Sensation
AM/CAN CH. Treceder's Jazzy Jet, CD
CH. Treceder's Selection
CH. Treceder's Sequel
CH. Treceder's Shine Boy
CH. Trefoil's Choir Boy
CH. Trefoil's Dylan of Donessle
Ch Triple Crown's Prince of Thieves
CH. Telstar's Gorgeous George
AM/CAN CH. Trifecta's Touch Gold
CH. Tudosal's Whizzard of Laurel Hill
CH. Turo's Accolade
AM/CAN CH. Turo's Dakota of Shar-Rea
CH. Turo's Empire
Turo's Escappade
CH. Turo's Native Dancer
CH. Turo's Overture
WW CH. Twinkle Star v Eurozone, IPO 1, ZTP, BH
GCHS. AM/CAN CH. Tybrushe's Ain't No Saint
GCH. AM/CAN CH. Tybrushe's Sultan of Swing

ICH. Ursa Major of Sirrah Crest
ICH. Utz v Dom of Mazelaine

CH. Van Riper's Pretty Boy Floyd
CH. Vancroft's Primetime
CH. Vandown-King's Fire Alert
AM/CAN CH. V-E Admiral of Renrew
CH. Vel-Kel's Big Ben
CH. Vick Wick of Sirrah Crest
CH. Vihabra's Gold' N Zephyr
AM/CAN CH. Vimar's EST
AM/CAN CH. Vimar's We Believe In Magic
CH. Virgo's Market Boomer
GCHP. CH. Vixayo's Golden Hammer
AM/CAN CH. Von Schorer's Moonshadow

AM/CAN CH. Wagner Wilvirday Famous Amos
CH. Warlord Of Mazelaine
CH. Wedge Hollow's Hasty Harry
CH. Weston's Cry for Freedom
CH. White Pines Willie B Invited
CH. Wichita of Cherokee Oaks
GCH. CH. Wildcrest N Irondale's Walking on the Wildside
CH. Wilderson's Demos
AM/CAN CH. Wincaster's Tyger of Huffand
GCHG. CH. Wit's End Night Reveler
GCHS. CH. Wit's End Te Amo
ICH. Woods End Crown Sable
ICH. Woods End Million Heir

AM/CAN CH. Yankee's Patriot At Hi-Tech
CH. Yobang of Sirrah Crest
CH. Yours True Lee

CH. Zack von Dom
Zorn von Dom

Dams of Merit with 4 AKC Grand Champion get to their credit:
Dams of Merit with 4 AKC performance get to their credit:

CH. Breho Emerson Voodoo Doll, DOM
GCH. AM/CAN CH. Counterpunch's Lucid Dream, DOM
GCHEx. AM/CAN CH. Ensign's Futura Vita of Tybrushe, DOM, CDOM, LOM
CH. Envision Talk is Cheap, DOM
GCH. CH. Fourbear's Never Hungry, DOM
GCH. CH. Gingerbread Christmas Cookie, DOM, RN
Haberl's Golden Child, DOM, BN, RN
CH. Irondale's Moment for Life, DOM
CH KP's She's Got the Look, DOM
GCH. CH. La Pawz Good Luck Charlee, DOM, CGC
AM/MEX. CH. Lonetree's Good Girl for R and G N' Belmar, DOM
CH. M R Gingerbread Genny, DOM
CH. O'Bravo N South Willow's Red Hot Chili Pepper, DOM
CH. Pritchett's Murbe Chew's May-Ewe, DOM
CH. Pure Pride Keenen How Can I Refuse, DOM
CH. Sarkel's Setum Up Again At Nantess, DOM
CH. Shadigee's Fashionably Late, DOM
AM/CAN CH. Shadigee's Lady Luck, DOM
Starfrost Ermine N' Pearls, DOM
GCH. CH. Strawberry's Golden Cinnibon, DOM
CH. Symphony's Pussycat Doll, DOM
AM/CAN CH. TJ's Miss Parker, DOM

Sunchase Simply Eclipsed, RN, CGC

DAMS of Merit
(Verified by the ABC Sires and Dams Committee)

CH. 3R's 4D Tin Lizzy

Ackland's Sheherazade
CH. Ada v. Trauntal of Barmere
CH. Adellin's Annie with Luv by Bridger
CH. Adellin's Black Diamond's Jewel
CH. Aeronay's Lady Boneva
CH. Alcyn's Bayou Bijou
GCH. CH. Alerissa's Reflection of Charron
Aljo's Beauty Spot of Armac
CH. Aljo's Stardust of LaRich
CH. Allstar's Gemini
Amber Lady III, CDX
CH. Amity Hall's Mariposa
CH. Anchic's Passion of Turo
Anitra of Mazelaine
CH. Aries Golden Tiffany
Aries Just Too Cute
Armaugh's Kashmir of Notelrac
CH. Arriba's CherKei Fancy Free
CH. Arriba's Lady Revue
CH. Arriba's Obladee of Huffand
Ch Arriba Talisman Isis
Arriba's Ultimate
CH. Arriba's Zechin
CH. Artistry's Give me S'More Loven
CH. Asgard's Southern Belle
CH. Avalon 'N Windsong's Ooh La La
CH. Avalon's Windsong

CH. Backwoods Shakin' My Booty
GCH. CH. Baibrook's Gold in a Penny Arcade
CH. Bainridge O' Suzana of Karlyna
Baldr's Angela Shoreline
CH. Baldr's Superchic
CH. Banta-Riegel's Sizzlin Sensation, CD RN
CH. Bar-K's One and Only
Barbiloc's Autumn Splendor, CD, RN
Bavaria's Breakfast at Tiffany's
CH. Bavaria's Take a Chance on Me
Bayview Kona Extra Fancy
CH. Bayview Tequila Hi of CherKei
CH. Bayview Tips the Scales
CH. Beate's Sabrina
CH. Beacon's By Way of a Star
Beacon's Fueling the Fire
Beaupix's Shennanigans
CH. Belco's Reflection of Two Cs
AM/CAN CH. Berlane's Mirror Image
AM/CAN CH. Berlane N Bravo Hear Me Roar
CH. Berlane's N Rosend's Diva
AM/CAN CH. Berlane's Wish Upon A Star
CH. Bitwyn's Star of Kings Pt.
CH. Black Dymond's French Girl
Blanka v. Fohlnhof se Sumbula
Blue Monday's All American Girl
CH. Bonita of Cross Acres
CH. Brookwood's Majestic Star
Bourbonhill's Summer Mist
Box M Cover Girl of Seawest
CH. Boxerton Crown Imperial
CH. Boxerton Hollyhock, CD
CAN CH. Boxrmor Butler's Rant and Rave
GCH. CH. Boyle's Destiny Dream Girl of Nantess
Braemerwood Comin' Thru
CH. Braemerwood Joy of Heritage
CH. Breezewood's Diamonds R Forever
CH. Breezewood's One Mo' Time
GCHB. CH. Breho Cadance Have You Heard, BN, RA, AXP, AJP, CGC, TKI
CH. Breho Emerson Shock'n Y'all
CH. Breho Emerson Voodoo Doll, DOMG
GCHP. CH. Breho Fortuity Shared Treasure, CD, RN, RATO, CGC
CH. Breho Heldenbrand E Z Lovin', CD
AM/CAN CH. Breho I Bee Blazin
AM/CAN CH. Breho I Bee Jam'n at Keepsake
CH. Brettendale's Sidekik Karalot
CH. Brier Court's Independence
CH. Britlyn's O'Wendy
GCH. CH. Britlyn's Puttin' on the Glitz @ Goss, CA
Britlyn's Steel Magnolia
CH. Brookwood's Ivy in Snow
CH. Brookwood's Majestic Star
Brookwood's Place Your Bets
CH. Bropat's Fandancer
CH. Bruhnwall's Venus
CH. Brush Hill's All Riled Up, UD RN
Brush Hill's Bellisimo
CH. Buemar's Flashdance
Buma's Champagne Lady
CH. Burlwood's Chick Flick
CH. Burlwood's Fame and Fortune
Butler's American Pie of We-R
CH. Butler's One Shot

C-Era's Soul Serenade
CH. Cachet's Reflection
CH. Cameliard's Casting Shadows
AM/CAN CH. Cameliard's Color Me Gone
CH. Can-Cia's Shake Your Bon Bon
CH. Can-Cia's Voodoo Mama
Canyonair Diamond Lil, CD
CH. Canyonair Honey Chile
Carbara's Sara Strike a Pose
CH. Carillon Elegance Rummer Run
CH. Carillon Ellie's Grand Finale
CH. Carlon's Classy Chasis
CH. Carlon's Sassy N Classy
GCHB. CH. Carma's Treasure at Sapphire
Carlwen's Joie de Vivre
Carlwen's Juliet v Barrage
GCH. CH. Castle's Miracle Story
Cava-Lane's Velvet Touch
Caymans Darlin Mena
CH. Caymans Sweet Nandi
CH. Champagne Touched by an Angel
GCH. CH. Charron's November Rain
Cedar's One Special Night
CH. CherKei Arriba Wicked Calita
CherKei's Hot Issue
CH. Chessel's Calypso's Song N Dance
Chessel's Wild Rumors
CH. Chocolatina de Miro
GCH. CH. Cinnibon N 4M's Shameless
Cinnibon's Sweet Sensation
AM/CAN CH. Cinnrhee Belle of Heart Acre
Cj's Final Answer
CH. Cj's Red Hot Chili Pepper
Claremont's Hickory
Clinaude's Ginger Snap
Clov Lan's Miss Counter Sue
CH. Conquest-Rosend's Rich Girl
Cora v. d. Blutenau
AM/CAN CH. Counterpunch's Lucid Dream, DOMG
Country Time's Archangel of Ardor, CGC, TD, READ
CH. CR's Belle of the Ball
CH. Creekwood's New Beginning
CH. Crona v. Zwergeck
Custom Designed by Bar-Row
CH. Cynra's Chanel
CH. Cynra's Confetti
Cynthia v. Tal

AM/CAN CH. D'Nicmar Sparkling Diamond
CH. Dagmar of Mazelaine
CH. Dar's Divine Miss M
CH. Darvick's Dreams Never Cease
CH. Dasel's Attitude is Everything
Dasel's Cristel Star
CH. Dasel's Spring Fantasy, CD
GCH. CH. Daybreak's Glamorous
DC's Alabama Girl from Jerico
CH. Debut's Private Dancer
CH. De-Miro's Rosa de Lejos
Den-Bar's Highway Robbery
CH. Denbar's Diamond Diva
CH. Denbar's Dolce Vita
CH. Denbar's Market Maker
Denbar's Millenial Dream Girl
Denevi's Ketel1 Chocolat Shak'Notstrd
CH. Desert's All Summer Long
CH. Desert N Sundance's Summertime
Desert Winds Ace of Base
GCH. CH. Desert Winds The Joy of Life
DiLiso's Omega
GCH. CH. DLG Rainbow's End
CAN CH. Donessle's Miss Fancy
AM/CAN CH. Donoway Wild Rose of Mephisto
CH. Donray's Mist of the Lake
AM/CAN CH. Donoway Wild Rose of Mephisto
AM/CAN CH. Dorado's Roses and Chrome
Dormac's Risque
CH. Draco y Nantess Last Dance
CH. Dreamweaver's Gold Lace O' Maxl, CD
CH. Dreamweaver's Past Perfect

Ebony Image of Ellen's Alley
CH. Eedee-K's Moxie Lady
Ein-Von's It's a Dream Again
Ein-von's Kiss N Tell
CH. El Encanto's Chantaje Jacquet
CH. El Sirrah's Cayman Gold
CH. El Wendie of Rockland
AM/CAN CH. Emerald Luciana at Eastwind
AM/CAN CH. Emerald's Mad About You
CH. Encore's Allure
AM/CAN CH. Encore's Chianti
CH. Encore's Coup de Grace
GCH. CH. Falmark's Thin Lizzie
CH. Encore's Forbidden
CH. Encore's Godiva
CH. Encore's Heirloom
CH. Ensign's Impression
AM/CAN CH. Encore's Jet Setter
CH. Encore's Kithara
CH. Encore's Notoriety
GCHS. CH. Encore's Over the Moon
Encore's Undeniable
CH. Encore's Xanadu
CH. Encore's Xquisite, CA
GCHEx. AM/CAN CH. Ensign's Futura Vita of Tybrushe, DOMG, CDOM
CH. Envision Talk is Cheap, DOMG
Esta v.d. Wurm
Evergreen's Bleeding Heart
Evergreen's Flurry
CH. Evergreen's Rebecca
Evergreen's Wild Thing
CH. EWO's Crystal
Excalibur Rummer Run's Ali
CH. Excalibur's Whitney's Star
CH. Exuberant of Woodcrest

CH. Fanfare Lady Marmalade
Fanfare N' Sonoran's Bare Naked Lady
GCH. CH. Fanfare Spice It Up at South Willow
GCH. CH. Fantom's Power Play Goal
CH. Firestar's Indian Summer, CD, RN
Flintwood's Banned in Boston
Flying Apache's Santa Ana
FLB Sarmeda Unforgettable
CH. Flying Apache Up Rising
GCH. CH. Fourbears' Never Hungry, DOMG
CH. Fowler's Goodgolly Ms Molly
Fowler's Sweet Surrender of Josha
Foxwood's Katybeth of Jaimax
CH. Foxwood's Krystal Karosel, CDX, AX

CAN CH. Gaymitz Dash O' Fire
CH. GC's N Schmidt's Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
CH. Gerhard's R' n 'R Encore
CH. Gerhard's String of Pearls
GCH. CH. Gingerbread Christmas Cookie, DOMG, CGC, RN
CH. Glennroe Alexandria
CH. Glennroe Ingenue
CH. Glennroe Opensesame
CH. Glennroe Tequila Sunrise
CH. Golden Glove's Celebration
CAN CH. Golden Haze April Showers
CH. Gorgeous of Jofra
GCH. CH. Gretel v. Hohenneuffen

CH. Ha-Mar Hint of Shady Lady
CH. Halcyon Garnsey Rendezvous
Hallmark's Chanel of Barisle
Hancock's Sabatha of Kameo
AM/CAN CH. Hansparke's Fashion Fair
Haberl's Florida Edition
Haberl's Golden Child, BN, RN, DOMG
GCH. CH. Harmson N Standing-O Crazy in Love
Harmson N Standing-O Telling Secrets
CH. Hazlyn's Zippity Do-Dah
CAN CH. Heart Acres Dogwood Hot Line
CAN CH. Heartacre's Cinnrhee of Kadenza
CAN CH. Heart Acres Satin Lining
Heartstrings I'm No Angel
Heigh Ho Bramble
CH. Heldenbrand Raven Holly Lane
Heldenbrand's Jetta Jovina
CH. Heleva Heart Stealer, CD TT
CH. Herndon's Desert Flyer
AM/CAN CH. Hi Desert N Mephisto's Lolapalooza
GCH. CH. Hi-Five's N Midnight Sky's
CH. Hi-Hill's Rave Review
CH. Hi-Tech's Aurora of Cynra
Hi-Tech Brisbane Diamond Star
CH. Hi-Tech's Coco Chanel
GCHB. AM/JAP CH. Hi-Tech Hi-Drama of Sherry Shoot JP
CH. Hi-Tech's New Hope
CH. Hi-Tech's Signature
CH. Hi-Tech's Starlet
Hi-Tech's Stormy Weather
CH. Hi-Winds Grand Illusion
CH. High Crest's April Showers II
High Spot Letti
AM/CAN CH. Hillyard N Ablaze Put a Spell on You
CH. Ho-Pa's Penny For Your Thoughts
Hollycrest's Little Bit, CD
CH. Holly Lane's Cookie
Holly Lane's Spring Breeze
Holly Lane's Taskaloosa
CH. Holly Lane's Windstorm
CH. Holly Lane's Winter Fantasy
Homeplace Dash-N-Dancer's Mystical Maiden
Howcurt's Autumn Jubilee
CH. Huffand's Arriba of KK N'K
CH. Huffand's Charade
CH. Huffand's Chi Chi
CH. Huffand's Harley Girl
CH. Huffand's Obsession of Arriba
CH. Hy Hope's Sweet Stuff

CH. Illyrian and Marburl's Joie de Vivre
GCH. CH. Illyrian's Charmed I'm Sure
Illyrian's Ready to Charm
CH. Impact's Chantilly Lace
CH. Imperial's Texoma Tilley
Indian Bend's Cissy
Indian Bend's Maria
CH. Inspiration's Envy of Hi-Tech
CH. Inspiration's Hush Money
CH. Interlude's Barbwire-N-Roses, RA
CH. Interlude's Finders R Keepers
Irondale's Cheap Treat
GCH. CH. Irondale's Jersey Shore
CH. Irondale's Moment for Life, DOMG
CH. Irondale N Rodela's Flash Forward
CH. Irondale's What You Got

CH. Jacaway's Satin Doll
CH. Jacquet's Canterbury Belle
CH. Jacquet's Goldfield Rubi Doux
CH. Jacquet's Jolie
CH. Jacquet's Jousseline
Jacquet's Kiri te Kanawa
Jacquet's Little Miss Faith
CH. Jacquet's Pangea
Jacquet's Perigal
Jacquet's Roux
Jacquet's Shasta D Shamrock
CH. Jacquet's Sierra El Encanto
CH. Janeda's Nokomis
J-Lyn's EZ Double Trouble
CH. Ja-Rus' Swamp Fire
GCH. CH. JenBur's Justified Grace N Glory
Jered's Sky Siren
CH. Jerelyn's Kopykat of Har-Vel
Jo-San's Sassy
CAN CH. Jocolu's Charming Fashion
CH. Just-A-Wyn's Mustang Sallie CR
CH. Jojac's Magic Moment
GCH. CH. Jokar's Blonde Ambition's of Happy Tails
GCH. CH. Jokar's N Happy Tail's Blonde Moments, CD, RE, MX, MXJ
GCHS. CH. Jokar's N Happy Tail's Fergalicious
CH. Jopa's Electrice Sensation
Jopa's Tirnanog of Abbeylands
CH. Jopa's Twilight Romance
CH. Jopa's Weekend Fantasy
Julian Farm's I'm A Bad Bad Girl

CH. Joy's Joyous Lady
Jubar's of Sandy Hill's Ebony
GCH. CH. Just-A-Wyn Heart Acres Pink Cadillac
GCHS. CH. Just-A-Wyn's Ferocious Ferrari
CH. Just-A-Wyn's Four on the Floor
CH. Just-A-Wyn's Luv Bug II
CH. Just-A-Wyn's Tailgates N Tanlines

K-9's Twister
GCHS. CH. Kaja's Ruby Red Rascal at Maximus
CH. Kalua De Miro
Kami-Ko N'Kini Black Mischief
CH. Katandy's Kameo
CH. Katandy's Magic Pixie Dust
GCH. CH. Katandy's Time to Shine II
Karizma Seaside Cooberpedy
CAN CH. Karjean N Heart Acres BLK Crystal
AM/CAN CH. Karjean's Abilene at Heart Acres
Kar-Neil's Karma Kelly
Kaseba's Show Girl
Keilann's Newfound Legacy
AM/CAN CH. Keil's China Doll
CH. Keil's High Society
Keil's Katrina
AM/CAN CH. Keil's Renaissance
CH. Kelly's Darlin Deidra
Kenbru Flaming Star
CH. Kiebla's Tradition of Turo
CH. Koawood's Winter Holiday
Konchita of Cross Acres
KP-Burlwood's Shut Up N' Drive
CH. KP's Caught Ya Lookin'
CH. KP's She's Got the Look, DOMG
CH. KP's Made You Look
GCH. CH. KP's No Turnin' Back
CH. KP's Turnin' Me On
CH. Kreyon's Delta Dawn II
CH. Kreyon's In a Heart Beat, CD
GCH. CH. Krismyth's Spirit at Red Fern
Krismyth Wriiten in the Stars
CH. KT's Crème De Cacao

GCH. CH. La Pawz Good Luck Charlee, DOMG, CGC
Lady Charlotte of Box Run
Lady Margaret IV
CH. Lattalane's Cover Story
GCHS. CH. Lattalane's Irish Pot of Gold
CH. Lattalane's Wild Irish Rose of Tralee
CH. Lazy K's Dolci Baci
Leblanc's Just Allas
AM/CAN CH. Leblanc's Just Nicole
Legacy of Clover Downs
Lemko's Euro Star
CH. Liberti's Knells Bells
CH. LinMar's Kitty Hawk
LinMar Love Always O'Philadel
Liston's Hi-Maintenance
CH. Liston's Lucky Charms
CH. Lonestar's Tallahassee
AM/MEX CH. Lonetree's Good Girl for R and G N' Belmar, DOMG
CH. Lonetree's Phoenix Rising for Balmar N' R and G
Luckyjade's Vision X Standing O
CH. Lucy's Gold Thread

CH. M R Boxer Gingerbread Genny, DOMG
Manor Hill's Lady Ann, CD
CH. Marburl's Eclair
CH. Marburl's Scarlet Cord
ICH. Marjack's Golden Mist
Marlene v. Burcham
ICH. Marquam Hill's Flamingo
CH. Marwal's Satisfactual
CH. Maxl's Bombshell
GCHB. CH. McCoy's & Cancia's Cross My Heart
McCoy's Farther Along
CH. McCoy's Melt Your Heart
GCH. CH. McCoy's Tonic for the Heart of Rico
McKarge's Irish Jade
AM/CAN CH. Mephisto's Black Sabbath
CH. Merrilane's Hot Pants
Merrilane's Mad Passion, CD
Merwin Hill's Gibson Girl
Millan's Miss Palmyra
Minstrel's Half O'Chance
CH. Mircoa's Glitters with Attitude for Skyview
Miss Raheba of May-Will
CH. Missy's Debutante
CH. Misty Maid of Thorhall
CH. Moon Valley Smokin Hot
Moon Valley's Summer Shade
Moon Valley Who's the Boss
Moreleen's ESP
CH. Morgenshern of Kresthallo
Moss Wood's Frosty Morn
CH. Moss Wood's Sadie Thompson
CH. Moss Wood's Zing-A-Ling
Murbe Storm of the Century

Nagerroc's Boom Boom
CH. Nantess Awsome Dawsome
CH. Nantess Get R Done at Adellins
CH. Nantess Sasha of Jo-San's
CH. Nantess Simply The Best
CH. Nantess Southern Lady
CH. Nemesis of Mazelaine
CH. Newlaithe Enchantment
CH. Nocturne of Mazelaine
CH. Nu-Ros' Ruffles and Flourishes

CH. O'Bravo N South Willow's Red Hot Chili Pepper, DOMG
CH. O'Bravo N Starlyn's Desert Sands
CH. Oliver's Solid Gold
CH. Olympic's Healing a Heart Ache, CA
Omega's Windfire
CH. Orrkid's April Love

CH. Paddy v. Hohenneuffen of Barmere
CH. Parasol Moonwind Hallelujah
Patcha's Brocade
Ch Patriot's Liberty Belle
Payne's Romancing the Stone
Pinebrook's Forever Amber
Pinebrook's Temptation
CH. Pinebrook's You Must Love Me
Pine Run's Table Talk
AM/CAN CH. Primeau's Romancing the Rose
CH. Pritchett's Murbe Chew's May-Ewe, DOMG
CH. PRO's in Thy Image
Pure Pride's Cassiopia from Greenfield
CH. Pure Pride Keenen How Can I Refuse, DOMG

CH. R and G's Arizona Wildcat
GCH. CH. R and G's Brightest Star
GCH. CH. R and G's Dash of Class
CH. R and G's Diamond in the Skye
CH. R and G's Diamond Lil
CH. R-J's Twice as Nice
CH. Raineylane's Mustang Sally
AM/CAN CH. Raintree's Amazin' Grace
CH. Raintree's Sweet Dreams
CH. Raklyn's Celebration
Raklyn's Raindrop
CH. Raklyn's Showin' Off
CH. Ramarco's Liza of Paradocs
CH. Ramasun's Abi Hannah Montana
Raypat's It's About Time
CH. Raypat's First and Ten
GCH. CH. Raypat's Full of Grace, CA, CGC
AM/MEX CH. Regal X Ethiopian Princess TT
CH. Regal's Hearts Afire
CH. Regal's Xtian Heart of Gold
CH. Renno's Believe in Magic
CH. Renno's Precious Gem
Renno's Tiger Stripe
CH. Renno's TKO's Izzy My Daddy
GCH. CH. Rico's Tonic Gives Her Heart To Hot Rod
CH. Riverridge Freckled Playgirl
CH. Robinson-McGee Tomorrow's Hope
Rochil's Black Magic Woman
CH. Rochil's Grande Connection
CH. Rochil's Grande Tradition
CH. Rochil's Kallista of Marburl
AM/CAN CH. Rochil's Lady Slipper
Rocket N Focal Point's Written In The Stars
Rocket's Sky's the Limit, CD, RN
CH. Rococo's Bright Magic
CH. Ronard's Grande Image
CH. Rosend's Sophisticated Lady
CH. Rosend's Unforgettable
CH. Rosend's Uptown Girl
CH. Rosewood's Suncrest Silhouette
AM/CAN CH. Royal Palms Smarty Pants
UKC GCH. Roxy's Lucky Shooting Star, CGC
CH. Rubyglen's Freedom Rings
CH. Rummer Run's Mary Jane
Ry-Neal's Vision of Perfection
CH. Rynwards Calendar Girl
CH. Ryzingstar Trouble Maker

CH. Salgray's Auntie Mame
Salgray's Autumn Years
CH. Salgray's Call Me Madam
CH. Salgray's Jitterbug
CAN CH. Salgray's Roulette
CH. Salgray's Star Duster
Sandhill's Meet the Press
CH. Sans Souci of Kresthallo
CH. Santi Me Encore Encore
Sapphire's Tulane Trip
GCHG. CH. Sapphire's Violet Sky in Vegas of Streamline
AM/CAN CH. Sapphire's Wild Pitch of Bur
Sarazak's Sister Smudge
CH. Sarazak's Sizzle
CH. Sarkel's Promise of Cross Bar's, CD
CH. Sarkel's Promising Future
Sarkel's Step thru the Looking Glass
CH. Sarkel's Setum Up Again at Nantess, DOMG
CH. Savoye's Goldana Royalé
Savoye's Savan Deville
AM/CAN CH. Savoye's Shantilli Lace
Savoy Sicilian Thunder Bunny
Savoye's Siren Song of Lattalane
CH. Scarborough Living Proof
Scarborough Soliloquy
CH. Scarborough Takeittothelimit
CH. Scenicvu's Southern Charm
CH. Schoental's Fraulein Krystal
CH. Schoental's Fraulein Monika
CH. Schoental's Fraulein Viktoria
School's Simple Addition
CH. Seaside's Suncrest Sinner
Seawest Athena's Box M Madness
Seefeld Limited Edition
CH. Sergi's Classic Design
Sergi's N BJ's Original-Design
GCH. CH. Shaddai N Charron's Double Edge Sword
CH. Shadigee's Fashionably Late, DOMC, DOMG, LOM
AM/CAN CH. Shadigee's Lady Luck, DOMG
Shalsade's Cajun Show Girl, NA NAP NJP
CH. Sharledar's Simply Divine
CH. Sheer Magic of Jeamar, CD
CH. Sher'Ed N V Me Too
CH. Shilo's Dreamboat Annie at Raklyn
CH. Shilo's Tequila Sunrise at JJN's
CH. Shoreline's I'm A Draymia Imp, RN
Siegel's Honey Babe
CH. Silkwood's Abyssinia
AM/CAN CH. Sirrocco's Do Applaud
CH. Sirrocco's Far More Fair
Sirrocco's Kiss 'N Tell
CH. Skidoo's Charlie's Angel
Skidoo's No Frills
CH. Skidoo's Sincerely Yours
GCH/CAN AM/CAN CH. South Willow n Firefly's Made You Look
Spring Willow's My Tammy Too
CH. Standing O Ladyluck of Shilo
Stapleton's Beau Allure
Starfrost Ermine N' Pearls, DOMG
Starlyn's Vegas Ladye
AM/CAN CH. Stevenstar's-N-JEMS Crown Royal
CH. Strawberry's Blythe Spirit
ICH. Strawberry's Flamenco
GCH. CH. Strawberry's Golden Cinnibon, DOMG
CH. Strawberry's Legacy
CH. Streamline's Life of a Mafia Queen
Sultan's Diamond Belle
Summerbird Leading Lady
Summit View's Blaze of Glory
AM/CAN CH. Summit View's Mya of Ruffian
UATCHX, U-CDX, ICH. Sunchase's Fashionably Late, PDOM, UD, BDA - CD, NAJ, OA, NAJP, NAP, OAJP, OAJ, AXJP, TDI, HIC, CGC, TT
CH. Suncrest's Dreams of Gold
CH. Suncrest's I'm a Knockout
CH. Sundarby's Liliuckalani Bropat
Sundawn Shine On
Swagger of Mazelaine
CH. Symphony's Brand New Day
CH. Symphony of Mazelaine
CH. Symphony's Pussycat Doll, DOMG
CH. Symphony's Summer Wind
AM/CAN CH. Syrr Run's Gold Card

Tadd's Cowgirl Seranade
Tafkan's Image in Time, CD
CH. Talisman's Arriba Sonata
Tallassee's Enough's Enough
Tara Farm's Lady in Red
Tara's Sparkling Diamond
CH. Telstar's and the Emmy Goes to...Rosehill
CH. Telstar's Dancing in the Rain
CH. Telstar's Moon Pebbles
CH. Telstar's Prudent Choice
Tenebo's All Decked Out
CH. Tenebo's Sable Doll
Terra Oak's Gal Sal
Thanque Poko
Thanque Yankee Doodle Joy
GCH. CH. TJ's Breath of Life
CH. Thorwood's Rubicon
Tierarzt's Heart of Gold
AM/CAN CH. TJ's Miss Parker, DOMG
TNT's Gracie Allen
CH. Touchstone's Shaia
CH. Trademark's Booming With Pride, AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP
Trail's End For One Reisling or Another
Trefoil's Flashpoint
CH. Trefoil's Lili Marlene
CH. Triple Crown's Alacazam
CH. Trusty's Crystal Ball
Tudosal's Ruffels
CH. Turo's Angel Fire of DJ
CAN CH. Turo's Ebony of Anchic
Turo's Katrina of Cross Bar
Turo's Locket of Harelhaus
CH. Turo's Magic Spell
CH. Turo's Tigger of Five T's
CH. Turo's Touche
CH. Turo's Truffian
CH. Turo's Vanity Fair
CH. Turo's Whisper of Five T's

CH. Upstream's Once Upon a Time, NA, NAJ, CA

CH. Valkyrie's Hera
CH. Valley Hi's Rainmaker of Sunar
CH. Vandown's Black Velvet
CH. Vandown's Laguna Rose
Vendetta's Charmed I'm Sure, CA
Verand's Cloudy Dawn
CH. Vihabra's Magin's Irish Gold
CH. Vihabra's Stardust
CH. Virgo's Destiny
CH. Virgo's Moon Zapper
CH. Von Schaum's Panhandle Rose
CH. Von Schorer's Miss Knock About

CH. Warjoy's Kismet
CH. Weber's High Falutin
Wesan's Faith Alone
CH. Wesan's Sun Daze
CH. White Pines Brooke
CH. White Pines Front Paige
AM/CAN CH. Wil-elen's Fashion-Plate
Wilky's Isn't It Ironic of Ano
CH. Wilmor's Second Hand Rose Kan-To
CH. Windsong's Greatest Gift of Avalon
Windwood's Bec Mon Chu
CAN CH. Winfall I've Got Syle
GCH. CH. Winfall JenBur's Style an Grace
GCH. CH. Wish-N-Wells Ticket Winner
Wit's End Total Eclipse, CGC
CH. Woods End Moon Whisper

Xcel's Portrait of a Lady

CH. Yankee's Homecoming
CH. Yller of Mazelaine

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