AKC Working Title Recognition

Announcing Special News about Boxer Working Title Recognition in the US

Throughout the Boxers’ history, it was used as a working dog in the German Military and recently as a police dog. Today, the sport that most closely simulates the desired traits of those police and army dogs is ” IGP or Schutzhund”, whereby dogs must track human scent, and perform obedience and protection exercises. These working dog sporting events are not held by AKC but rather through other organizations like American Working Dog Federation (AWDF) and the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA). Boxers have been competing in these venues and earning titles for many years.

July 2021, the American Boxer Club board approved and sought out allowing AKC recognition of Working Dog titles for the boxer in the USA. AKC has recently completed the programming needed to accept those titles.

This can be found here AKC WORKING DOG TITLE FORM

What does this mean: If your Boxer has achieved one of the following titles and you seek to have it recognized on your Boxer’s AKC pedigree, you can apply through this program to have that completed. This is retroactive so you can apply on behalf of any boxer of which you owned and achieved these titles.

Titles: BH, IPO1-3, SchH1-3, FH1-2, AD, TR1-3, Apr1-3, OB1-3, IGP-V, IGP1-3, BH-VT, VPG1-3, FPr1-3, Upr1-3, SPr1-3, StÖPr1-3, GPr1-3, IFH-V, IFH1-2, IGP-FH

How do I proceed with getting my working dog title recognized on my boxer?

  1. Verification of your title must be done by sending by email to USABOXTitles@gmail.com with the following documentation:
    A Completed Copy of the AKC Working Title Application (without CC information) OR submission of this Online Form Submission Form
  2. A Copy (JPG, PDF, etc.) of your “working dog” scorebook verifying the title earned. This must include the title page listing the dog’s information and results page showing the date, club, title earned, and official’s signature.
  3. USA-BOX Title Recognition Committee will verify the title and send you a PDF Certificate, which will then accompany your AKC Working Title Application and appropriate recording fees.

Questions? Please reach out to USABOXTitles@gmail.com we’re here to help!