AKC RACH Title History

The Rally Champion title (RACH) was established on November 1, 2017. After approximately one year in the titling progression, the title requirements were revised effective February 1, 2019 and the new title requirements were grandfathered back to November 1, 2017. The title requirements were grandfathered since the change to the RACH title was completed in the title’s infancy, and they were backdated to the beginning of the titling program.

AKC Rally® Champion: The letters RACH may be added preceding a dog’s name when it has achieved a minimum of 300 championship points from the Advanced B, Excellent B and Master classes, with a minimum of 150 points from the Master class; and 20 triple qualifying scores obtained from the Advanced B, Excellent B and Master classes.

As of 05/11/2023

1MACH RACH Sunchase's Spin The Bottle UD PCD BN RM2 RAE2 MXB MJS NF CGCA10/22/2013DOG10/19/2019Tracy Hendrickson & Rhoda Goselin-Brouillette1st RACH Boxer
2GCH CH RACH Savoy Sicilian Love Me Thunder CDX BN RM3 RAE2 RATN CGCA TKA ATT12/26/2015BITCH3/21/2021Michele R. Valente & BJ Barnhart
3CH RACH Sunchase's Signature Black UD RM2 RAE2 MX MXJ MJB NF CGC TKN9/17/2016DOG9/11/2022Tracy Hendrickson & Rhoda Goselin-Brouillette
4RACH Sunchase's Fifth Ace UD RM2 RAE2 MX MXB MXJ MJB CGC TKN9/17/2016DOG9/12/2022Tracy Hendrickson & Rhoda Goselin-Brouillette
5PACH RACH Olympic's Take It Away CD PCD BN GN RM5 RAE3 FDC MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX MFP T2BP CA BCAT SCN CGCA CGCU TKN2/20/2015BITCH10/8/2022Debora & Randall Hall & Julie Wilmore-Martinez
6CH MACH RACH Sunchase's Trade Secret UD PCD BN GN RM2 RAE2 MXS MJS CGCA TKI3/3/2015DOG10/28/2022Rhoda Goselin-Brouillette & Tracy Hendrickson