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American Kennel Club Announces New Grand Champion Title
Thursday, April 15, 2010

The American Kennel Club is pleased to announce that it will begin offering the Grand Champion title at AKC Conformation events. This new title will be available to AKC Champions of Record, giving the opportunity for Champion dog owners to return to the show ring with their dogs and further showcase the quality of their breeding stock. Competition for this new title will begin at AKC all-breed, group and specialty shows on May 12, 2010, concurrent with the implementation of the 2010-2011 AKC Point Schedule.

“AKC Conformation is meant to be an evaluation and showcase for breeding stock. Many Champions are retired after earning their titles and this creates a dilemma for breeders. We are excited to offer the Grand Champion title as a way to encourage these quality dogs to return to the ring,” said Robin Stansell, AKC Vice President of Event Operations. “AKC Companion and Performance events offer multiple titles to celebrate achievement in competition at various levels in the sport. It is only natural to offer a Grand Champion title to Conformation exhibitors so that they too can compete and excel with their dogs at a whole new level.”

Competition for this new title will be judged during the Best of Breed/Variety competition at all-breed, group and specialty shows. All Champions of Record entered in the Best of Breed/Variety competition will be eligible to compete for Grand Championship points. There is no additional entry fee. Grand Championship points are awarded, at the judge’s discretion, to the following placements: Best of Breed/Variety, Best of Opposite Sex, Select Dog and Select Bitch. Select Dog and Select Bitch are Champions that were recognized as the top quality of their sex after BOB and BOS have been awarded.

Grand Championship points are calculated using the same AKC Point Schedule as is used for Championship points. (Dogs entered in non-regular classes are not counted in the computation of Championship or Grand Championship points.) Champions of Record including champions that are non-regular class winners (i.e. Veterans Class Winners) or dogs that have been “moved up” to Best of Breed competition for the show are the only dogs eligible for Grand Championship points. Although Winners Dog or Winners Bitch can win Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex, in no case will they be eligible for Grand Champion competition.

Grand Championship points may be awarded to eligible dogs as follows:

  • Best of Breed — All dogs of both sexes in the breed or variety exhibited in the regular classes and Best of Breed competition will be counted
  • Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed — All dogs of the same sex in the breed or variety exhibited in the regular classes and Best of Breed competition will be counted
  • Select Dog or Select Bitch — The total number of dogs of the same sex in the breed/variety defeated in the regular classes and BOB competition will be counted. (i.e. 2 dogs less than the total number of the same sex)

Completion of the title requires all of the following:

  • Twenty five Grand Championship points
  • Three “majors” (three or more points earned at a single show) won under three different judges
  • At least one or more of these points won under a fourth judge
  • Must have defeated at least one other AKC Champion of Record at three shows

Starting in 2010, dogs who earn their Grand Champion title will receive an invitation to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.

How to Count Grand Championship Points at AKC Dog Shows 

For more information about the AKC Grand Champion title please see the AKC Rules Applying to Dog Shows and to submit questions and comments about the new AKC Grand Champion title contact: eventplans@akc.org.

Grand Championship Achievement Levels
Platinum 5 — 4,000 GCH Points
Platinum 4 — 3,200 GCH Points
Platinum 3 — 2,400 GCH Points
Platinum 2 — 1,600 GCH Points
Platinum — 800 GCH Points
Gold — 400 GCH Points
Silver — 200 GCH Points
Bronze — 100 GCH Points
Grand Championship Titles      Grand Championship Points Ranking

Boxers To Receive The Title Of Grand Champion By Year

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  • The 2010 ABC National is the FIRST Show/Event where points were attained for the Grand Champion title.
  • First Boxer Grand Champion: GCHG CH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream
  • First Boxer GCHB, GCHS, GCHG, GCHP: GCHP CH R and G’s Mystical Dancer SOMG (1550 pts – 10/072011)
  • First Boxer GCHP2: GCHP2 CH Winfall’s I Dream of Style (10/11/2013)
  • Oldest Female Boxer to Gain GCH: GCH CH Yankee’s Trina of Harmson (11 Years 22 Days — 6 Majors/5 Defeats)
  • Oldest Male Boxer to Gain GCH: GCH AM/CAN CH River Ridge Man About Town (11 Years 28 Days)
  • Oldest Sire of Merit to attain GCH: GCH CH Faerdorn Dust Buster SOM (Import UK) (10 Years 5 Months 10 Days)
  • Youngest Female Boxer to attain GCH: GCHP CH Breho Fortuity Shared Treasure CD RN RATO CGC DOM (11 Months 2 Days)
  • Youngest Male Boxer to attain GCH: GCHG CH Irondale’s Thunderstruck, SOM (9 Months 30 Days)