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JUDGING THE BOXER: History and Function
     Prepared by the ABC Judges' Education Committee

  • The Boxer originated in Germany in the late 1800's.

  • Boxers are a man-made breed. They descend from the "Brabant Bullenbeisser", a Mastiff type dog.

  • These dogs were later crossed with a smaller Mastiff type (originator of the English Bulldog)

  • The original dogs had strong undershot jaw.

  • The first Boxer to be registered in the first Stud Book in 1904 was Muhlbauer's Flocki whose sire was a white bulldog.

  • Milo Denlinger in his book, The Complete Boxer, calls Sigurd, Dorian, Utz, and Lustig, the "Four Horsemen of American Boxerdom" (p. 110). Even though they were German Boxers they must also be recounted in the American history because, in many ways, they were the foundation of American Boxers. Sigurd was the grandsire of the other three Horsemen.

  • CH. Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, LOM, SOM

  • Changed the look of the American Boxer.

  • Whelped April 17, 1949

  • Third boxer to win a BIS at Westminster - 1951

  • Sired the most champions
Bang Away
CH. Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, LOM, SOM
Bang Away
Bang Away - AKC Museum of the Dog
Bang Away
Bang Away wins BIS at 1951 Westminster

  • Developed to run down large game such as bear and wild boar, restraining his prey with the unshakable grip of his undershot jaw.

  • Strong teeth were needed in order for the Boxer to lock onto their prey and continue holding until the master arrived.

  • The tip of the nose was set slightly higher than the root, allowing the Boxer to breathe while holding onto prey.

  • The balance of front and rear angulation of the bones allows the boxer to cover ground with an effortless stride. This essential structure is designed to give the Boxer maximum power to chase and maneuver.

BOXER - The Modern Working Dog

Judging the Boxer

From the Standard ...

  • In judging the Boxer first consideration is given to general appearance and overall balance.

  • Special attention is then devoted to the head ...

  • ... the individual body components are examined for their correct construction, and ...

  • ... the gait evaluated for efficiency

Points to Remember

  • Have a mental vision of type.

  • Look at the complete dog.

  • Do the physical characteristics form a harmonious whole?

  • Does the dog give the impression of nobility, alertness, strength, and grace?


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