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ABC Show Stats: Futurity

"In 1944 Fred Hamm, midway in his six-year tenure as ABC President, appointed Jim Rosenjohn to head a new 'puppy sweepstakes' committee. The work and planning of this committee resulted in the creation of the Futurity in 1945. At that time, the Futurity was considered somewhat innovative. Originally just for puppies under one year of age, the 12-18-month classes were added in 1948, and because of the increasing numbers, colors soon also divided classes. The first ABC Futurity was held on February 11, 1945 at the Hotel McAlpine in New York City with our second independent specialty."    ~ Excerpt from the ABC 50th Anniversary Album

As the Futurity became more popular over the years, it grew from the small numbers at its inception. 1945 had 35 entrants, and there are currently well over 200.

In the first year the ABC Specialty Judge, Mrs. Alfred E. Cousins, also judged the Futurity. The next year a Boxer breeder was chosen to judge, and Dr. S. Potter Bartley officiated. Today not only breeders, but also Boxer handlers with strong Boxer experience have been selected by ABC membership vote.

In 1969, the Futurity entry topped 100. In 1977 the ABC National Specialty moved from New York City to the Woodbridge Armory in NJ, and the next year (1978) ABC became a two-day event. The entries in the Futurity increased to over 150. As both the entries for the Specialty and Futurity grew, so did the timeframe. The Specialty now spans five days with the Puppy Futurity Classes judged on the first day, and the Junior Futurity and Grand Prize Futurity judged the second day. The largest Futurity entry to date was 274.

* denotes Grand Prize Futurity Winner     (D) denotes Dog     (B) denotes Bitch     (P) denotes Puppy Judge     (J) denotes Junior Judge

1st Futurity
Mrs. A. E. Cousins *Clipper of Cynshirit (D) 9-12 Falcon Prinz v. Ludwig (D) 6-9 35
02-10-1946 Dr. S. Potter Bartley *V-E Admiral of Renrew (D) 9-12 Topper of Mossmont (D) 6-9 29
02-09-1947 Mrs. William Breed *Nonita of Cross Acres (B) 9-12 Victory Song of Rye Top (D) 12-18 51
02-08-1948 Mr. Anton Korbel Pandemonia of Cross Acres (B) 9-12 *Claredda's Coquette (B) 12-18 68
02-13-1949 Mr. Keith Merrill *Mark's Man O' War Citation (D) 6-9 Necho Dede of Little Nook (B) 12-18 46
02-12-1950 Mr. Charles Herbertz *Master Langtze of Doll House (D) 9-12 Jared of Charos (D) 12-18 64
02-11-1951 Mr. Charles Spannaus *Roc-Eden's Bottoms Up (D) 6-9 Tall Elms Torchy Tattersal (D) 12-18 66
02-10-1952 Mrs. Mazie Wagner *Truce Talk of Clover Downs (D) 9-12 Scarlet of RaineyLane (B) 12-18 75
02-08-1953 Mrs. R. C. Harris *Surroy's Shooting Star (D) 9-12 Va-Gore's Anchors Aweigh (D) 15-21 61
02-07-1954 Mrs. Mary Cousins *Barrage of Quality Hill (D) 9-12 Beaulaine's Fantasy (B) 12-18 41
02-13-1955 Mrs. Estelle Slesinger *Jered's Sovereign (D) 9-12 Rene's Prima Donna (B) 12-18 45
02-12-1956 Mrs. Alice Wood *Eldic's Darius (D) 6-9 Wyndyway's Early Bird (B) 12-14 38
02-10-1957 Mrs. Marjorie Rankin Jhinjheir's Sumpin' Extra (D) 6-9 *Brayshaw's Mr. Morgan Robert's (D) 12-18 61
02-09-1958 Mr. Len Ludwig Mill River's Key Factor (D) 9-12 *Braemerwood's Rock-A-Billy (D) 12-18 48
02-14-1959 Mr. Stuart Sliney Huck Hill's Van Dink (D) 9-12 *Marquam Hill's Comanche (D) 12-18 55
02-07-1960 Mr. Robert Salomon Ackland's Student Prince (D) 9-12 *C-Ton's Kall Girl (B) 12-18 36
02-12-1961 Mrs. Helen Starkweather My-R's Magic Spell (B) 9-12 *Hollee's Shari (B) 12-18 55
02-11-1962 Mr. Joseph E. Gregory Salgray's Fanfare (B) 6-9 *Ch. Flintwood's Rabble Rouser (D) 12-18 49
02-10-1963 Dr. Lloyd Flint *Jo-El's Absolute Admiration (D) 9-12 Mill River's Kwamina (B) 12-18 34
02-09-1964 Mrs. Phyllis Hamilburg *Skyrealms Bubbling Over (D) 9-12 Muzzy's Highland Jack (D) 12-18 60
02-14-1965 Mrs. Eleanor Haeberle Brettendale's Abbe (B) 9-12 *Amity Hall's Mischief Maker (D) 12-18 72
02-13-1966 Mr. John Connolly Playboy of Woodcrest (D) 9-12 *Blazon's Fancy Pants (B) 12-18 93
02-12-1967 Mrs. Lorraine Meyer *Salgray's Ambush (D) 9-12 Salgray's Diamond Lil' (B) 12-18 88
02-11-1968 Mrs. Virginia Salomon You Too of Woodcrest (B) 9-12 *Kreyon's Firebrand (B) 12-18 81
25th Futurity
Mr. William Keeley Ha-Mar Fashion Flame (B) 6-9 *Aimeebee's Jubilee (B) 12-18 103
02-08-1970 Mrs. Lois Matthews Salgray's Good Grief (D) 9-12 *Salgray's Buckaroo (D) 12-18 107
02-14-1971 Mrs. Aimee Acklen *Crescent Lane's Ramrod (D) 6-9 Windsor's Oxford Don (D) 12-18 115
02-13-1972 Mr. Carl A. Wood Sir Ivan-Ho of Camelot (D) 9-12 *Holly Lane's Winter Forecast (D) 12-18 115
02-11-1973 Mrs. Eileen McClintock *Aracrest's Velvet Sensation (B) 9-12 Ruhlend's Swiss Franc of D'orr (B) 12-18 84
02-10-1974 Mr. Ben DeBoer *Moss Wood's Ontario (D) 6-9 Donfaral's Vanity Fair (B) 12-18 102
02-09-1975 Mrs. Patricia Connolly Lindsay Elm's Dr. Ted (D) 6-9 *Ch. Merrilane's Holiday Fashion (D) 12-18 114
02-08-1976 Theodore Fickes, DVM Maid Marion of Camelot (B) 9-12 *Salgray's Minute Man (D) 12-18 117
02-13-1977 Mrs. Margaret Lynch Merrilane's April Fashion (D) 9-12 *Thorwood's Rubicon (B) 12-18 151
02-11-1978 Mrs. Dorothy McNulty *Trefoil's Esquire of Snuff Box (D) 9-12 Mac-A-Nor's Lady Marine (B) 12-18 171
02-10-1979 Ruth Lee (P)
Betty Jo Phillips (J)
*Missy's Gallant Lad (D) 9-12 Wilderson's Image of Rocco (B) 12-18 142
05-07-1980 Jo Thomson (P)
Frances Abercrombie (J)
*Donessle's Night Wind (B) 9-12 Ch. Pinebrook's Added Attraction (D) 12-18 173
05-06-1981 Eleanor Linderholm (P)
Mary Frances Burleson (J)
Von Schaum's Throckmorton (D) 9-12 *Dean-Erik's Fisty Future (B) 12-18 142
05-12-1982 Robert L. Phillips (P)
Patricia Edwards (J)
*Donessle's Cassino (D) 9-12 Cherkei's Desperado (D) 12-18 181
05-10-1983 Earl Overstreet (P)
Norah McGriskin (J)
*Bee-Mike's Ebony 'N' Ivory (B) 6-9 Ch. D.J.'s Hot Lips (B) 12-18 185
05-09-1984 Jane Forsyth (P)
Charles E. Steele (J)
*Bellcrest's Just Watch Me (D) 9-12 Ch. Janeda's Stage Door Johnny (D) 12-18 180
05-08-1985 Johnny Johnson (P)
Richard Baum (J)
*Keil's Krystle (B) 9-12 Philadel's Cincinnati Gambler (D) 12-18 204
05-07-1986 Larry Sinclair (P)
Ann Keil (J)
*Berena's Gemini Splashdown (D) 6-9 Talisman's Irish Eyes (B) 12-18 163
05-07-1987 Alvin N. Lee, Sr. (P)
Eugene Haupt (J)
*Hartobe's Bounder Trub Candy K (B) 6-9 Shieldmont's Judge'N' Jury (D) 12-15 234
05-11-1988 Dixie McCauley (P)
Leon DePriest (J)
*Marburl's Chamisa (B) 9-12 Berena's Lil Angie (B) 15-18 224
05-09-1989 Jack Ireland (P)
Dorothy McNulty (J)
*Thanque Joy of Interlude (B) 9-12 Vancroft's Valentino (D) 12-15 229
05-09-1990 Dr. Theodore Fickes (P)
Lorraine Meyer (J)
*Turo's Solitaire (B) 9-12 Lyndell's Music Man (D) 15-18 216
05-08-1991 Luella Steele (P)
Peter Baynes (J)
*Karmel's Dream Weaver (D) 6-9 Brettendale's Gold Meda (D) 15-18 214
05-06-1992 Elliott Federman (P)
Stephanie Abraham (J)
*Karmel's Calendar Girl (B) 6-9 Ewo's Cinnamon (B) 15-18 216
05-12-1993 Mrs. Mary Frances Burleson Turo's Futurian of Cachet (D) 6-9 *Ch. Holly Lane's Free As The Wind (B) 12-15 274
50th Futurity
Mr. Stanley Flowers Whirlwind's Smooth Operator (D) 6-9 *Crossroad's Movin On Up (D) 12-15 213
05-10-1995 Mr. David Abraham Skidoo's Sillouette (B) 6-9 *Virgo's Celebration (B) 15-18 216
04-29-1996 Mr. Alvin N. Lee, Sr. *C-Era-Dar's DejaVu (B) 6-9 Brantmar's Morning Light (B) 12-15 250
05-05-1997 Mrs. Pat Edwards *Mistyvalley Vancroft Bo Derek (B) 9-12 Ch. Kreyon's Let's Dance (B) 15-18 221
05-06-1998 Daniel Buchwald, DVM *Zephyr's He Said, She Said (B) 9-12 Syrr Run's Line Of Credit (D) 12-15 240
05-09-1999 William Truesdale, DVM *Rummer Run's Major General (D) 9-12 Ch. Syrr Run's Omega Connemara (B) 15-18 249
05-01-2000 Mrs. Shirley Bell *Raypat's Queen Of Hearts (B) 9-12 Moon Valley That's My Story (D) 12-15 227
05-06-2001 Mr. James L. Eden Muellers Little Ms Broadway (B) 6-9 *Nastinan's Lovelace (B) 12-15 247
05-05-2002 Mr. Jack I. Brown *Dreamweaver's Future Perfect (B) 6-9 Ch. Bjay's Traveling Man (D) 12-15 213
05-04-2003 Ms. Christine Baum *Bayview Strikes Again (D) 9-12 Hi-Tech Terrons Snap Decision (D) 15-18 272
05-03-2004 Mr. Melvin Holloman Darvick's HiTech Regal Explorer (D) 9-12 *Ch. Rosend's Time After Time (B) 12-15 268
05-09-2005 Mr. Robert L. Phillips Lynbary's Signature Supreme (D) 9-12 *Crysto's Breathless (B) 15-18 268
05-08-2006 Mr. Gary Steele Belco's Copper Moon (B) 6-9 *Arriba Talisman Satisfaction (D) 12-15 243
05-07-2007 Daniel Buchwald, DVM Utopia's Goddess Of The Hunt (B) 6-9 *Denevi's Dbl Chocolate Absolute (D) 15-18 201
05-06-2008 Virginia L. Shames *Keilann's Twisted Kiss @ Celebrity (D) 9-12 Can-Cia's Hard Act To Follow (D) 12-15 242
05-05-2009 Marylou Hatfield *Victory Rippin Thorpedo (D) 6-9 CH Irondale's Name Your Game (B) 15-18 189
05-10-2010 Clifford Steele Telstar's All That Glitters at Cinni-Bon (B) 6-9 *Sapphires Violet Sky in Vegas of Streamline (B) 12-15 203
05-10-2011 Michael Shepherd *Nivek's Stolen Treasure of Sharledar (D) 6-9 Ch Mel-o-D's Razzle Dazzle From Myde (B) 15-18 163
05-07-2012 Bridget J. Brown *Jestic N Toprank's British Sterling (B) 9-12 Symphony's Brand New Day (B) 12-15 185
05-06-2013 Wendy June Morawski *Rummer Run's Black Magic (B) 9-12 Irondale's Moment For Life (B) 12-15 189
05-05-2014 Tami Mishler *Irondale's Forty Shades Of Green (D) 6-9 Sonoran N Symphony's This Little Light Of Mine (B) 15-18 206
05-04-2015 Michelle Yeadon Pheasant Hollow's Devil In A New Dress (B) 6-9 * Listons Hi-Tech Davinci Code (D) 15-18 155
05-09-2016 Medley Small *La Pawz OMG Look At Me (B) 9-12 CH Irondale's Just A Good Ole Boy (D) 15-18 170
05-08-2017 Diego Garcia *Sapphire 'N Streamline's Just Prissy Pants (B) 9-12 Tybrushe N Rikar Crazy Dreams (B) 15-18 214
05-07-2018 Debbie Struff JG's Sorry I'm Not Sorry (B) 6-9 *Irondale's Chick Flick (B) 12-15 178
75th Futurity
Terri Galle Castle And Marburl's Now Or Never At Glo-Star (B) 9-12 *GCH CH Midnight Sky's Dancing In the Moonlight (B) 15-18 144
10/12/2020 Guy Fisher Irondale's Get Off My Cloud (D) 9-12 *GCH CH Timeline's Sunshine 'N Whiskey (D) 12-15 86
10/13/2021 Pat Boyd *Pinnacle's Deep Eddy (D) 9-12 Marburl and Happy Tails Angel Fire (B) 12-15 55

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