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Boxer U

Boxer U is a program designed to provide information and education about the Boxer breed. It will include forums, presentations and participation events on the Boxer -- its history, health, conformation, show presentation, performance, and breeding. Boxer U has been planned with 4 goals in mind. These are:

  1. To provide a learning resource for new and current ABC members
  2. To share the experience of successful breeders, handlers, exhibitors, and members
  3. To encourage improved communication among all ABC members
  4. To provide the most up to date information on the breed

Boxer U is intended to bridge gaps in knowledge and understanding for new members, life members, and all ABC members. The curriculum of Boxer U will draw from the following subjects.

  • History of the Boxer breed
  • The early days of the Boxer
  • Early icons of the Boxer breed
  • Early Boxer kennels
  • Influential breeders of the 50's, 60's 70's
  • The breed standard -- its purpose
  • History of the ABC
  • Bangaway -- one of a kind and why?
  • The Boxer head -- unique to the canine world
  • Static balance -- the foundation
  • Movement and dynamic balance
  • Training for the show ring
  • Secrets of show grooming
  • Show ring etiquette and behavior
  • Secrets of presenting the Boxer
  • The changing AKC point system
  • AKC rules and regs -- a beginners manual
  • AKC Boxer registrations over the years
  • Campaigning a BOB dog
  • SOM and DOM statistics
  • Legion of Merit
  • So you want to be a Boxer judge -- what next?
  • Obedience for the Boxer
  • Agility for the Boxer
  • Herding for the Boxer
  • Nutrition for the Boxer
  • Raw diets
  • Boxer health testing
  • Ear cropping -- what the vet does
  • Ear taping secrets your vet never told you
  • Genetics 101
  • Dominant and recessive Boxer traits
  • Breeding for success
  • Puppy whelping
  • Raising a litter
  • Puppy training and socialization
  • Solutions to Boxer behavior problems
  • Boxer rescue
  • BSL and the Boxer
  • Legislation on cropping, docking worldwide
  • Boxers around the world
  • Boxers as service dogs
  • Boxers in search and rescue
  • Community education with the Boxer
  • Personality profiles of Boxer owners
  • Boxer IQ -- how smart is your Boxer?
  • Animal rights and the Boxer
  • Boxers -- urban legends and old wives' tales
  • The future of the Boxer

Suggestions for additional course topics should be sent to Virginia Shames, Dean of Boxer U, at

The ABC recognizes and thanks the following faculty members of Boxer U who have volunteered to lead forums and give presentations.
Dr. Dan Buchwald
Beth Coviello-Davis
Diego Garcia
Clay Haviland
Tim Hutchins
Ann Keil
Cheryl Robbins
Dr. William Truesdale
Virginia Shames - Dean of Boxer U

If you are willing to share your knowledge in one or more of these areas and become a part of the faculty of Boxer U, please respond to Dean Virginia Shames at


National Specialty 2020, Indianapolis, IN, Tuesday, May 5
To Be Announced


National Specialty 2019, Indianapolis, IN, May 2019
"The View From Inside The Ring" -- Presentations by Wendy Bettis, Diego Garcia, Tim Hutchins, Jack Ireland, Tami Mishler & Sharon Steckler

National Specialty 2018, Indianapolis, IN, May 2018
Due to additional activities and scheduling conflicts at ABC 2018, BOXER U has deferred the time to the Health & Research Committee for their presentation.

National Specialty 2017, Indianapolis, IN, May 2017
"Interactive Master Class" -- Presentation by Dr. William Truesdale & Tim Hutchins

National Specialty 2016, Indianapolis, IN, May 2016
"Discussion on Type" -- Presentation by Dr. William Truesdale & Tim Hutchins.

Regional 2015, Boxborough, MA, October 2015
"Breeding and Whelping"

National Specialty 2015, Indianapolis, IN, May 2015
"Topline, Underline & Rear Assembly" -- Dr. William Truesdale & Tim Hutchins
"Performance Boxers" -- Jobs and Sports Boxers Do With Excellence

National Specialty 2014, Indianapolis, IN, May 2014
"Front Assembly" -- Presentation by Cheryl Robbins, Dr. Dan Buchwald, Ann Keil, Virginia Shames
"The Boxer Head" -- Presentation by Dr. Dan Buchwald, Beth Coviello-Davis, Clay Haviland, Virginia Shames

Regional 2013, Gettysburg, PA, October 7, 2013
"Presenting your Boxer" -- Presentation by Diego Garcia
"The Boxer Head" -- Presentation by Dr. Dan Buchwald, Beth Coviello-Davis,Clay Haviland, Virginia Shames

Boxer U -- Watch for it at upcoming ABC events!!!

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