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Legion of Merit

The Legion of Merit Award went into effect at the ABC National Specialty Show in May of 1998. A Sire of Merit, in order to join the Legion of Merit ranks, must sire FOUR or more producers (either Sires of Merit or Dams of Merit). A Dam of Merit, in order to join the Legion of Merit ranks, must produce THREE or more producers (either Sires of Merit or Dams of Merit). Neither the sire or the dam have to be a Sire of Merit, Dam of Merit or a Champion to qualify for this recognition.

This is a coveted award, as it is quite an outstanding sire or dam that can accomplish this. Listed are the Sires and Dams that have been awarded this honor. If you have been involved in showing Boxers at all, you should recognize this as the Who's Who of Boxers!

Legion of Merit - Sires
Update June 2022

Sires with 16 Producers
CH. Hi-Tech Johnny J of Boxerton, SOM

Sires with 15 Producers
AM/CAN CH. Golden Haze Tuxedo, SOM

Sires with 12 Producers
AM/CAN CH. Marquam Hill's Traper of Turo, SOM
ICH. Millan's Fashion Hint, SOM

Sires with 11 Producers
AM/CAN CH. Bayview's Strides Ahead, SOM

Sires with 10 Producers
CH. Berena's Gemini Splashdown, SOM
CH. Bridgewood's BK Kahuna, SOM

Sires with 9 Producers
AM/CAN CH. Berlane's Causin an Uproar, CDX, SOM
CH. Capri's Woods End Spellcaster, SOM
GCHS. AM/CAN CH. Duba-Dae's Who's Your Daddy, SOM, SOMG
ICH. Scher-Khoun's Shadrack, SOM

Sires with 8 Producers
ICH. Dorian v Marienhof of Mazelaine, SOM
CH. JEMS Pearl Jam, SOM
CH. Maxl's Golden Boy, SOM
CH. Shadow's Nairobi, SOM

Sires with 7 Producers
CH. Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, SOM
CH. Barrage of Quality Hill, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Fiero's Tally-Ho Tailo, SOM
CH. Heldenbrand's Jet Breaker, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Josha's Linebacker, CD, CGC, SOM
CH. Salgray's Ambush, SOM
CH. Shieldmont's Let's Make A Deal, SOM

Sires with 6 Producers
CH. Arriba Talisman Ego, SOM
CH. Hi-Tech's Arbitrage, SOM
GCHG CH Irondale Look at Me Now, SOM, SOMG
CH. Salgray's Market Wise, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Wagner's Wilvirday Famous Amos, SOM

Sires with 5 Producers
CH. Benjoman of Five T's, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Bentbrooks Image of Highnoon, SOM, SOMG
CH. EWO's Tie Breaker, SOM
CH. Hi-Tech's Aristocrat, SOM
CH. Highriver's Taylor Made of Backwoods, SOM
CH. JEMS Jack of Diamonds, SOM
CH. Keil's Dynasty, SOM
CH. Marburl's Hidalgo, SOM
CH. My-R's Haybinder of Holly Lane, SOM
CH Pearlisle N Standing O Risk Factor, SOM
GCH. AM/CAN CH. Rikar's Crime of the Century, SOM
CH. Turo's Native Dancer, SOM
ICH. Woods End Crown Sable, SOM

Sires with 4 Producers
CH. Aracrest's Talisman, SOM
CH. Breezewood's Lord of Wystmont, CDX, RE, CGC, TDI, SOM, PSOM
CH. Brookwood's Dream Dancer, SOM
CH. Cachet's Mad Max of TuRo, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Encore's Bismark, SOM, SOMG
ICH. Gray Roy's Minstrel Boy, SOM
CH. Huffand's Nice Enough, SOM
CH. Illyrian's Trilogy, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Irondales's Uncommon Valor, SOM
GCH CH Justawyn Ding Time at Heartacres, SOM
ICH. Lustig v Dom of Tulgey Wood, SOM
ICH. Marburl's Joshua, SOM
ICH. Mephisto's Vendetta, SOM
CH. Merrilane's April Fashion, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Moon Valley's Sun 'N Shadow, SOM
CH. Moreleen's Al-Le-Lu-La, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Moss Wood's Zinger Zapper, SOM
CH Nantess Just Try It, SOM, SOMG
GCHP CH R and G's Mystical Dancer SOM SOMG
CH. Raklyn's Stealing the Show, SOM
CH. Rochil's Grande Marshall, SOM
CH. Rosend's Key Largo, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Salgray's Flying High, SOM
CH. Salgray's Ovation, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Scher-Khoun's Abedengo, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Seaside EWO Surf Breaker, SOM
CH. Storybooks Rip It Up, SOM
WWC ICH Twinkle Star V. Eurozone, IPO 1 ZTP BH SOM
ICH. Utz v Dom of Mazelaine, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Von Schorer's Moon Shadow, SOM

Legion of Merit - Dams
Update June 2022

Dams with 5 Producers
GCHEx AM/CAN CH. Ensign's Futura Vita of Tybrushe, CGN, DOM, DOMC, LOM, LOMC
CH. Rosend's Uptown Girl, DOM
AM/CAN CH. Shadigee's Lady Luck, DOM, DOMG, DOMC

Dams with 4 Producers
Brookwood's Place Your Bets, DOM
CH. Cynra's Chanel, DOM
CH. Raklyns Celebration, DOM

Dams with 3 Producers
AM/CAN CH. Berlane N Bravo Hear Me Roar, DOM, DOMC
AM/CAN CH. Berlane's Wish Upon a Star, DOM
GCH. CH. DLG Rainbow's End, DOM
CAN CH. Heart Acres Satin Lining, DOM
CH. Holly Lane's Windstorm, DOM
Illyrian's Ready to Charm, DOM
CH Just-A-Wyn's Celtic Princess, POM
CH KP's Turnin' Me On, DOM
Luckyjade's Vision X Standing O, DOM
Merrilane's Mad Passion, CD, DOM
Moon Valley's Merry Weather, POM
GCHG CH Sapphires Violet Sky in Vegas of Streamline DOM

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