Vintage Boxer DVD

The first in a series of videos which will feature Boxers over the years Vol. 1 The World's Greatest Show Dog -- Bang Away AND The Boxer: an Historical and Informative Film Presentation by Mr. & Mrs. John P. Wagner of Mazelaine Kennels.

$15.00 (Plus Shipping)

NOTE: These DVDs were produced with the home DVD player in mind. The newer "Progressive Scan" DVD players are recommended and should be problem free. Due to editing and encoding processes involved to bring you the most entertainment time in the highest quality for your dollar, some computer DVD drives especially the older ones or DVD players installed on computers with lower memory (ram) may not play 100% issue free, primarily because of the hardware limitations as the computer was designed to use these discs to store data to, not play endlessly like a home DVD was designed to do. NOT compatible with drives that only support the DVD+R/RW media.

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