Dog Disease Research at Broad Institute - Suki's Study
March 6, 2006

Broad Institute at Harvard and MIT

The Broad Institute are interested in mapping genes predisposing to lymphoma, degenerative myelopathy (DM) and juvenile renal dysplasia (JRD) within the Boxer breed. To accomplish this we have the following aims:

  1. Determine the mode of inheritance for each disease and the exact phenotype criteria
  2. Collect samples from affected and unaffected dogs for each disease (some healthy controls can be used for multiple studies)
  3. Determine the number of samples needed for each study (dependent on results of 1)
  4. Identify the region of the genome containing the disease gene by association mapping using our arrays
  5. Find the exact gene and mutation
  6. Genetic tests can then be developed either by the Broad or a company performing clinical testing

Aims 1-3 cost little and are currently ongoing. As soon as we have results from 1-3 (within the next couple of months), we will submit a CHF grant to do 4-5. Aim 6 can then be done by us or a commerical entity. The amount of money requested in the grant is very dependent on the number of samples needed, which is why we have delayed asking for money until we know what we need.

If you are interested in participating please go to our website:
There you can find GENERAL information on how to submit samples. Over time we will also post more specific informaiton about the boxer study. If you have questions please email:

At the moment we are mostly interested in recieving blood samples from:

  • Any boxer with either lymphoma, JRD or DM
  • Healthy dogs 8 years or older (can be used as controls for mutiple diseases)
  • Parents and siblings of dogs with JRD

Participate in Dog Disease Research
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