Online Futurity Bitch Nomination Form

I hereby nominate the following bitch for the American Boxer Club Futurity. Payment of fifteen ($15.00) dollars for said nomination (plus a $1.00 processing fee) to be paid via PayPal. Said nomination is subject to the "Conditions" governing the said Futurity. The below submission represents that the information is correct and true.

*Submit name and address of ONLY ONE owner/breeder. This form is for nomination only and not info that will appear in the catalog. It is the responsibility of the nominator to provide all of the information requested. The below form must be complete and submitted (with payment) prior to the date that the bitch whelps. If you do not get acknowledgment of nomination within 28 days you should contact the Futurity chairperson at the address or one of the numbers listed at the bottom of this page.

Online payments will have a $1.00 processing fee added to the total payment.

Fields in red are required in order to receive a response.

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  • Online nominations can only be accepted when accompanied by an online payment via PayPal Credit Card or PayPal eCheck.
  • After recording the nominations the ABC Futurity Bitch # will be returned to you via email as your receipt and acknowledgment. This number should be placed in the space indicated on the puppy nomination form.

Ms. Jeannie Hoffman - Futurity Chairman
50 Wolfle Street, 1st Floor
Glen Cove, NY 11542
Cell: 917-859-5426      Email:

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