Character and Temperament

These are of paramount importance in the Boxer. Instinctively a "hearing" guard dog, his bearing is alert, dignified and self-assured. In the show ring, his behavior should exhibit constrained animation. With family and friends, his temperament is fundamentally playful, yet patient and stoical with children. Deliberate and wary with strangers, he will exhibit curiosity but, most importantly, fearless courage if threatened. However, he responds promptly to friendly overtures honestly rendered. His intelligence, loyal affection and tractability to discipline make him a highly desirable companion.

The Boxer Wants To Meet You
In fact, the Boxer's strongest characteristic is his desire for human affection. This may come as a surprise to those at first impressed by his striking appearance. The spiritied bearing, square jaw and cleanly muscled body suggest the well-conditioned middle-weight athlete of dogdom so fitting for his role of alert family guardian. Others, perhaps will be first taken by his arresting beauty. The short, smooth coat, handsomely chiselled head and square silhouette never fail to excite complements from passersby as he trots jauntily by your side with neck arched and cropped ears and tail held erect. Yet the Boxer's greatest wish is to be with the children, watching protectively over their play.

And so, we see the Boxer as a "dog for all season" -- suiting the need for household guardian, attractive walking companion, and especially, children's playmate and protector.

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