AKC Top 25 2011 Agility Boxers
Starting January 1, 2011 and ending December 31, 2011

Sorted by Points and Double Q's
1. CH MACH6 Kelly's Cruise On Up Shalsade CD RE MXF TQX
Susan Kelly
Dog 1,594 44
2. MACH Cherkei's Too Hot To Handle CD BN RE XF CA
Todd and Sherry Buchla
Bitch 1,451 36
3. MACH Wilmor's Smart Cookie CDX RE XF
Alison Vicuna
Bitch 1,134 34
4. MACH5 Riegel's Diamond Of Savoy CDX RAE MXF TQX
Ileana Nadel
Bitch 799 33
5. MACH Sweet Smell Of Success CD
Peggie Makowski and Wayne Novak
Dog 709 20
6. MACH Sherwood's Tristan Of Camelot UD RE OF
Colleen Fleury
Dog 508 13
7. Ava Josephine Von Waldstadt RN MX MXJ OF
Elisabeth Lonegran
Bitch 382 3
8. Anja Von Waldstadt CDX RE MX MXJ OF
Renee Flucer
Bitch 347 4
9. Amazing Cody Montana MX MXJ NF
Celeste Bell
Dog 333 8
10. CH Firestar's Flicker Of Faith CDX RN MX MXJ OF
Mary Drennen
Bitch 309 3
11. Wiley's Back At You George AX AXJ NAP NJP OF
Hokie Wiley
Bitch 279 3
12. CH Triple Crown's Triple Dare MX MXJ
Trish Alexander and Cathy Sylvester
Dog 250 6
12. Harpo Jacquet's Harry Potter MX MXJ OF CA
Rachel Tennant
Dog 250 6
14. Ydk's Desert West Wind RE MX MXJ XF
Jennifer Yates
Dog 226 4
15. Emberstouch Lagran Contessa MX MXJ MXF
Carol Grasseschi and Jayde Beeching
Bitch 209 11
16. CH Tealcrest's Pennys From Heaven CDX RE MX MXJ
Jill Hootman
Bitch 186 12
17. Kalissa Forn Nya' MX MXJ
Chris Mahalek
Bitch 150 5
18. MACH3 Yates Absolute Pefection CD RAE AXP AJP MXF TQX
Jennifer Yates
Bitch 141 1
19. Tekoneva's Under The Tuscan Sun MX MXJ MXF
Adrienne Terrell
Bitch 119 3
20. GCH CH Windwood's Daring Soul Of Sherwood CD RA AX MXJ NF
Colleen Fleury
Bitch 116 1
21. Maywood's Eros Of Shelterwood CDX RAE AX AXJ
Denyse Watkins and Joe Hiner
Dog 112 4
22. CH Lemko's Shootin' Star At Rocket CD BN RA AX MXJ NAP NJP OF
Kerry Rodgers
Dog 91 3
23. Waverlys Flying Jada MX MXJ NAP NJP OF
Heidi Fischer
Bitch 81 0
24. Prizms Tazmanian Devilfire RA AX AXJ OF
Robyn Ginther
Dog 71 0
25. MACH3 Apollo Caesar's Palace MXP MJP MXF
Channan Fosty
Dog 70 2
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