2009 Top Twenty DVD Order Form

Relive all the anticipation and drama of last year's fabulous Top Twenty by ordering your own copy of the 2009 American Boxer Top Twenty DVD set. This two disc DVD set is a keepsake that will be treasured by Boxer lovers everywhere for years to come and includes the entire 2009 Top Twenty event, from the introduction of the judges through the winner's announcement and trophy presentation! (Please note due to copyright laws, this DVD set does NOT include the copyrighted songs played during the event. Rather, royalty-free music has been used to comply with existing copyright laws.)

ALL proceeds from the sale of this DVD set will be donated to the American Boxer Charitable Foundation (ABCF). So order today and at the same time, help the ABCF towards fulfilling its' mission of furthering medical research on this breed we love so dearly.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: This 2 disc DVD set can be played on computers equipped with a DVD drive, as well as on TVs with a DVD player. The discs are formatted for the NTSC TV standard (North America) and are not available in a PAL TV version. (While some PAL DVD players can play NTSC DVDs, compatibility is not guaranteed.) The DVDs can be viewed on both regular and widescreen TVs. If viewing on a widescreen TV, it is recommended to use the TVs regular (4X3) setting. The discs can be viewed using the TVs widescreen (16X9) setting but by stretching the picture to fill the screen, viewers may find the dogs appear distorted.

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